Volunteer Coordination

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I have taken the role of volunteers and open this thread to start organizing Volunteers Signup.


I have thought of a different process to move forward with the modality of signup, you could follow this link ,to check it out, however, there is no time to implement that system. I leave the proposal online so to pick it up somewhere in the future.

How will volunteer coordination work in 2021?

  • So this year we will have the regular Spreadshit 馃槅, If you have any concerns, or you have a better idea to implement in the next 4 days for volunteers to sign up, please be my guest and take the lead.

  • We will be helping to recruit as much as we can, but it's expected you also form your own crew of hippies. We will be directing people to you if they are interested in the area you are leading.

  • I am also managing the telegram channel and I'm happy to support Realizers recruit through that channel, lets keep good communication on the needs, and lets coordinate Facebook posts related to volunteers so as to not explode FB with daily announcements about the same thing.

    Leads/ Realizers:

Soon I will be reaching out to you all to collect info about volunteers and how much help you need on-site . Mind the tight schedule we are managing, and be quick to answer otherwise we will be hunting you down the street with balls of fire and other things you don't want to know...馃槃

Volunteers Form for LEADS to inform how many volunteers they need

Sign up period starts:

7th of June

Sign up period Ends:

Whenever we have a full spreadsheet!!!

Any updates and details on this process will be posted here, subscribe to this thread if you have a Realizer role pretty please.

if anything, reach out in the comments or or or, write to:

Volunteers for build and strike

I'd like us to keep in mind that in August days will be a bit shorter and a lot warmer. This means our build and strike crew might need a bit of extra fluffing and maybe... a couple of more hands.

It's clear nobody performs the same way on high temperatures and we don't want to overload these lovely hippies.

I suggest opening at least 1 more shift per day for build and strike as support.

  • To gather input from volunteers kitchen (as there is budget assigned) @Cris @Melinda Gonzalez

Kitchen for Volunteers

Deine Mudda

  • Kitchen leads: Melinda.

  • Fluffing Lead: Juliana

  • We will give tokens per meal to all volunteers


due to the fact we don't have human transport, we expect more cars onsite. So that we plan to have a parking crew assigned.

I reach out to @Myriam TheWanderer & @Alejandro Pereda to confirm this information plus where this person can be in touch with you or read what participants should do on their shift etc etc etc.

  • these are shifts of 4 hours

  • 2 volunteers per shift

  • starting 10 am on the Wednesday till 10 pm

  • extended every day till Saturday.

Volunteers Tokens

Volunteers will receive a wristband or something like that with colored pearls Each color will entitle the person to a day of meals at Deine Mudda, for example:

Green: Saturday, Yellow Sunday, Blue Monday, Red Tuesday.

  • Participants dont need to give away the pearls nor the wristband but only have it visible when requesting the meal.

  • The Kitchen will have a poster with the colors assigned to each day

  • Volunteers can keep the wristband for themselves.

  • The Wristbands will also contain some form of ID for each participant, Maybe letters. To be decided.

Volunteer Spreadsheet onsite

I also request some budget to print the general volunteer Spreadsheet which in 2019 I printed myself in colored A4 and left at the gate for people to double-check their shifts if they dont remember the date & time. This cost around 20 bucks and I didn't request the refund back then cause I lost the receipt!

Do I have this year's budget for the printing?

Do I have budget to create the tokens?

I calculate a total of 50 euros in total for these two things

Asking @Professor Kaos


Veroca R. Sala Fri 16 Jul 2021 3:21PM

Alright then if there are previous unsuccessful experiences with the wristbands ill take a look at other alternatives!!! thanks for the info!


Veroca R. Sala Sat 26 Jun 2021 11:57AM

Ive made the shifts of 3 hours cause I feel like these people are gonna be very exposed to the heat, among the cars, and could be very exhausting. I hope it's okay I took the advantage of making the decision.

I also considered having 2 volunteers on Friday and Saturday so it's more fun, no?
The spreadsheet is not open until you give me final green light here is the sheet, if you want to modify something make a comment cause the sheet is blocked!


Myriam TheWanderer Sun 27 Jun 2021 5:08AM

Sounds great, thank you Vero!

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Alex Kaos Fri 16 Jul 2021 10:17AM

That should be fine. We can create a new volunteer tab in the budget and use the money from Covid.

Finance approves!


Purzel Fri 16 Jul 2021 12:26PM

I have those to offer, back from when I applied for jobs. Might be handy to pack up hand outs 馃槉


Melinda Gonzalez Fri 16 Jul 2021 1:14PM

Ok, seems fair enough. And since you've nicely gone ahead and taken the initiative on this, I'm quite happy to go along with it! I only remember Otto telling me in our kitchen orientation that "wristbands don't work..." (thoughts, @Otto?)


Melinda Gonzalez Fri 16 Jul 2021 12:32PM

I think the wristbands are a nice idea but won't it be kinda easy to cheat if ppl just "share" the beads? Seems like giving them enough beads for every meal and then getting them to give one up for each meal would be a bit more reliable.


Veroca R. Sala Fri 16 Jul 2021 12:38PM

oh I could set up the Arbeitsamt with these!! ehehe Ill confirm later how can we best use them! thanks!!!


Purzel Fri 16 Jul 2021 1:35PM

You can have them all except on or two, I want to make a "welcome and here are things you need to know about us" script for first aid personal. 馃槉


Veroca R. Sala Fri 16 Jul 2021 12:32PM

I think the wristbands are a nice idea but won't it be kinda easy to cheat if ppl just "share" the beads? Seems like giving them enough beads for every meal and then getting them to give one up for each meal would be a bit more reliable.

@Melinda Gonzalez I see ... however I want to trust we are not dealing with cheaters but with people that dont know that they are not entitled to food coz they were confused, or they mixed up general orga and kieze volunteer ( very common, ppl dont really see the difference) or maybe they see easy to sneak in and get some food. I guess this kind of people would stay away the moment they see there is a food token system, no?

I wanted to combine the token with a "gift" to them and I saw the opportunity here.

I could make any other token format that volunteers could give out at the kitchen but, I also thought, it has to be something they won't easily lose, and that they can have all the time with them and not packed in the tent... or get wet in their sweaty I came up with the idea of the wristband.

We could make them handover the pearls... but then they end up with an empty string and we keep the pearls ???馃槍 i see is very sad end!!! lol

By the way @Melinda Gonzalez i appreciate participation on this token thing cause im quite lost! thank you for passing by this thread!!!鉂わ笍

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