Any insurance cases?

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Since we'll have to notify the insurance companies timely about things that happened, please direct any cases into my direction. That would be:

  • heavy accidents of the heavy machinery people - accident insurance

  • insured gear got damaged (we might need a repair estimation), or stolen (police report?) - tech insurance

  • any accidents caused by setup/strike people during their work, or structures causing accidents to participants - liability insurance

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Owl Thu 19 Aug 2021 9:24AM

Well, if it is not on the tech insurance list this way might become difficult. Do you have an estimation of the cost of repair? The insurance has a case fee of 250€ (it is ment mostly for expensive gear), will the costs be above that?
I know that damages on burns are as sad as they are everywhere else. But the insurance companies are limiting their costs (payments), otherwise their fee would be much higher.
But: if that happened e.g. during disassembly, it could be a case for the liability insurance (it is so easy to drop a heavy thing like an oven). In this case the 250€ question still remains: is the repair expensive enough to bother with the insurance?


Kaliope Thu 19 Aug 2021 4:44PM

Ok, I'll talk to @Franzi when she's back in Berlin – maybe a case for Haftpflicht as well


Kaliope Wed 18 Aug 2021 7:12PM

Thx @Owl (Holger)! We managed to break the glass of Deine Mudda's sauna oven on Monday night... before the event I suggested @Franzi to have it insured 😂 I swear, this has been an unintentional coincidence – if you don't think so, sign me up for the next spanking list!

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