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Hola amigos!! Happy Tuesday :)

My name is Daisy (also known as CrazyDaisy) and I am leading the creation of the opening ceremony that will welcome all of us back home.

I did not have enough time to create a Dream for it, and I have a small budget that needs to be covered.
What do you guys think we should do ?

When I brought this up in the Dreamers meeting last week, Alex mentioned there might be some funds available from the Pre-Comp that I might be able to use.

This is the link where the Plan and Budget is :

So, dear friends, what would be the best way to deal with this?

Thank you!


Saskia Wed 15 May 2019 8:00AM

Hei Daisy,

TL/Dr: I think special treatment for a dream coming too late is a bad signal to all the dreamers who did come in time & did not get funded. Like the temple.
Also I think the concept of the dream has a MOOP problem. Still, I think opening ceremonies are important. I suggest a gofundme.

thank you for being so motivated, wanting to make an opening ceremony. I know these things are important for a lot of participants and they like to take part in it. It is an important cornerstone of the event for a lot of people, marking the transformation from build to event and that's just sooooo important! You are also so wonderfully motivated and I really like that.

I have no clear direction what you should do.
Alex already gave you a tip on where to go to ask. He is also finance lead.
But I can give you my input / my advice and my opinion according to the do-ocracy process and I hope this sparks a discussion and/or helps people to go and fund you so you can make this come true.

The first thing I would suggest to you us to use the 'invite members to discussion' button to the right. It helps to let people see this thread. Especially people you know were involved with Precom & finances & who might have special insights in this topic. Otherwise it might go unnoticed if poeple do not use talk a lot. ;)

The second thing I would like to add is a question: Did you just come up with the idea for the ceremony after the dream submitting period ended? I know that you had a dream yourself so you were aware of all the deadlines and the process of uploading a dream.

Being involved as a dream guide I think that this request is complicated as it gives special treatment to what is basically a dream coming way to late.
As dream guides we were pushing people constantly to load up their dreams in time and we were strict. F.e. the temple did not get minimum funded and then did not get any KB funding money and the project was pulled back by the creator. We will not have a temple because of this. I don't see how it makes sense from an ethical point of view to now go ahead and take some extra money and fund an opening ceremony when we did not do that to fund things like the temple. I am personally against special treatment of the opening ceremony. Not because it is not important, but because we are not able or willing to give the same special treatment to other event structures. I'd ask you, Daisy, to consider the impact to other people when making such a request. It is not just you getting money or not to make your dream come true or not. It is also feelings and hurt on the side of people who stayed in the deadlines but were unlucky. And it is also dream guides who have to explain the decision to their dreamers. It is also next years event which will have dreamers think that obviously it is not that important to stick with the process at all.

On a very personal level I would rather take the money for a temple. There I can get in touch with my spiritual side in a way I feel comfortable with. I am personally not a big fan of tribal musica and all that. But that's just my personal thing. However. If I have say I say we cannot give extra special treatment to the ceremony with KB money. If we start doing that, I'd vouch for @alina getting a share of it to for actually putting up her temple dream in time and all.

Third, I am personally not too keen about the concept. As in: If it had been on the dreams platform it would not have received a dream token from me. The reason for that is:

When it comes to the old discussion wether LNT means 'don't leave any BAD trace' or 'Leave no trace' I am on the side of 'Leave no trace'. Because it is way too hard to determine what is a bad trace and what is a 'good' trace.

And whereas I'd agree that there is a quality difference between leaving a plastic earbud on the ground & leaving a appleseed on the ground - it is still leaving stuff, leaving a trace and hence opens the whole "But biodegradable glitter is okay" (No. It is not.) discussion again.
I am not a biologist and I have no idea how 'alien' the introduced seeds would be to the ecological system of the Freiland area.

I have no idea about to compostability of origami-paper-balloons or how long they will lie around constituting a 'trace'. But I kinda feel like it is a bit too much with the paper, the seeds & a permanently planted tree.

THAT BEING SAID my personal suggetion for you to proceed would be: Using a gofundme or other funding options so the opening ceremony does not get preferred treatment compared to the temple.


Changing the concept to leave no trace and I will put some personal money into that gofundme if you make it happen! Even if the whole concept is way to hippie-tribal-esoteric for me. But I want to support your enthusiasm.


Daniel Regev Wed 15 May 2019 8:06AM

Hey @crazydaisy :) Cool that you are doing this! And nice that you ask for feedback, esp when it comes to the plan and the budget. My comments are in the Google Doc. Peace!


walto Wed 15 May 2019 12:58PM

I personally love the idea, but would agree with Saskia in regards to aligning this to the Dreams process and not making exceptions. In addition, we are financially very thight this year, with a very high likelihood we will go in the red (which has not happened the previous years).

If you set up something on gofundme, I would be happy to chip in some money.


Daisy Mon 20 May 2019 9:19AM

Holaaa! Sorry for the late reply.
Thank you for the great, honest feedback and the great attitude to find a happy middle point.
I will trim the budget (maybe get a tree from the forest near home) and create the go fund me for the rest.
I will also send a message to @alina inviting her to add her own temple magic to it, that way everyone can have their space and representation.Anyone else who wants to take part let me know .
Will post the updates soon! :)


Annette Tue 21 May 2019 1:34PM

When will the opening be and how long? Need to know for the UnderWorld program planning :)


walto Sun 2 Jun 2019 3:29PM

was there a crowdfunding thingy for this launched? looking for the link


Daisy Wed 5 Jun 2019 10:37AM

Holaa!! Sorry for the forum silence:)
Just got the okay from Freiland on the tree, now waiting on the seeds.
This is the nursery they recomended. I thought an apple tree would be fit great , here is link on what I'm thinking of :
As soon as I get the last okay I start the crowfunding :)


Daisy Wed 5 Jun 2019 10:40AM

The rest of the stuff is on the way! But to celebrate the first challenge : we got the YES for the new tree of life!!


Daisy Wed 12 Jun 2019 9:10PM

Holaa everyone!

Today I talked with Jan and got the final approval from Freiland for the tree and the seeds!
I am currently waiting to see which Tree Nursery Freiland wants us to get the tree from , but there should be one 30 km from site.
Other requierments :
- Tree protection : Build a small deer proof fence around it. With some help we can make it before and put it after the ceremony. Its four pieces of wood and a net that I will add to the budget

  • Adoptive Tree Parents/ watering : Jan has asked some of the people living next to the site to give some extra love to the tree and water it. To make their job easier there are some water things ( I'll put the link below) that we can use.

  • TREE TRANSPORT : Once I get an address, can someone drive with me to pick up the tree on MONDAY or TUESDAY? I do not have a car or drive but I will deal with all the other important parts.
    The tree will be around 180 - 220 cm, and the trunk height 120 cm.

    I will post it tomorrow when I talk to the nursery, but the tree should be between 30€ and 50€ .

    Buuuut in a not very excel document way :
    Tree (50€) + fence (19.71€) + water bag (16.9€) + transport (10€) = 96.61€

  • SEEDS . Freiland loved it! It was in the original plan and it would be beautiful , but I did not have time to make all the paper baloons that would hold them so they do not just fall directly on the floor. I could still give them away without baloons and flower up more the site but I do not want to push the "leave no trace/leave a better trace" issue so much haha.

What do you all think about this? Feedback? Ideas?


Daisy Thu 13 Jun 2019 11:25PM

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