Sun 4 Jul 2021 11:16AM

Kieze shared transport

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For Kieze that are interested in coordinating shared transport of material and gear

馃憠Fill in your needs in this >>> spreadsheet

Or get involved in the discussion down in the comments 馃憞


julia Mon 12 Jul 2021 1:21PM

@Annette does that offer stand for strike as well? Using the trailer to get stuff from site to storage? Also, we will definitely go with a big car from Berlin, unclear how much space we have / need but if you all have something that doesn't fit in your cars let us know and we can see if we can help out


julia Thu 8 Jul 2021 1:58PM

Love it, thanks @Annette This seems a good way to get an overview. Then we can just make direct contact for Kieze that have similar or complementary needs and save ourselves a larger call?


julia Mon 12 Jul 2021 1:19PM

@Stefan you are currently the only one also wanting to go back to Berlin, is that still the plan? We don't have a driver for strike, just for build. So if we don't find a Kiez to team up with we'll probably put our stuff in storage instead and get it later.


Jarlo Wed 7 Jul 2021 9:37AM

Hey Jan :) That would fit perfect for our needs , since we are a new Camp and have very little things in storage, we will have to bring up a lot from Berlin. But after that the Van would be there for picking things up at storage. Maybe we can talk on a call about it?


Jarlo Wed 7 Jul 2021 9:37AM

early next week sounds good to me.


Jan Thomas Wed 7 Jul 2021 10:51AM

Sure, you can reach me on O179 32O 7378 - thanks!


julia Tue 6 Jul 2021 2:43PM

Hi @Veroca R. Sala this is for Kieze material, no humans, no personal stuff (unless we have leftover space). The idea was to rent a transporter in Berlin, drive stuff to Freiland on the first day of build, returning the transporter to Berlin. Then some of us will go back on Sunday to Berlin, some stay for strike, one person that goes to Berlin rents a transporter in Berlin on Monday, drives to Freiland to pick up our stuff and bring the transporter (and stuff) back to Berlin.

Would be great to know of course if some large items could fit in the general production van, thanks for checking!


Veroca R. Sala Tue 6 Jul 2021 10:25AM

hi, is this human transport or kieze materials transport? these are two different things and probably two very different transports and prices. Also consider its not to easy as it sounds to rent a transport only for build and "re-rent it" for strike. Where would you leave the van during the event?

The general production van might be able to help Kieze to transport some essential stuff the Kieze might need to have a proper set up, this could be kitchen equipment for instance.

This is still to be confirmed. I cant give much detail, but certainly, production will not transport personal gear from the kieze members no mattresses, and also not human transport. will come back with some more info.


Annette Thu 8 Jul 2021 8:26AM

UnderWorld has a trailer on site you can definetly use for free to get things from storage to the site (open for all camps). We hope we can fit everything into the trailer + all the vans we have in the camp to get from Berlin to the site. But if big things in Berlin pop up that need to be transported to the site for build, we might also be interested in sharing transport to Freiland.


Mi Go Wed 4 Aug 2021 3:25PM

Hi @julia! Thanks for checking in. Sounds like @Stefan will be able to give us some space between Berlin and site. We shared some messages today.

Unfortunately our first three build crew don't arrive until Monday so we are still hoping to find a solution for moving stuff from storage. They have a driver's license.

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