Sun 25 Jul 2021 7:49AM

Talk Moderation features aren't working so well(?)

VRS Veroca R. Sala Public Seen by 22

Hey Dears,

I would need some help when possible, hoping to get some insights from Talk experts.

Im trying to moderate the space but I find it challenging some of the features on Talk dont work or perhaps I dont really know how to use them, Can someone help me?

I have gone through the Guide from Loomio and I couldn't find how to move comments from one thread to the other within the same group.

I am admin of Planning 2021 group. Often times conversations are misplaced in the wrong threads. I wish to move them but I end up taking captures of threads and pasting them in the "correct" thread, but the best practice would be to move the comments so as to also be able to use the links in the comments and continue the conversation/ replies etc.

The problem:

1st step, selecting the comment to be moved to another thread.

2nd. Step, selecting the new thread. This seems to be crashing (?). Not all threads are listed, and when typing the desired thread this dont appear either, making the whole procedure absolutely unsuccessful.

  • Made this very same comment on the Talk Moderation thread as a reference .

  • I dont want to mess with the Robot Ministry Talk space, I didn't know where to put my question. Maybe it would be nice to have a question box thread as we have in Planning 2021?