Mon 11 Mar 2019 4:29PM

Kiez kitchen recipes

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Let's compile a list of recipes that worked well. Might help new camps create tasty and healthy food for their members without breaking the bank and being too much effort


JCK Mon 11 Mar 2019 4:37PM

We skipped lunch and just had late breakfast and dinner in our camp. If someone was hungry in between we mostly still had leftovers and bread that was available.
Don't plan too much effort on the meals. People will be roaming around the area anyway. So prepare something that you can keep warm for some time and that still tastes good.
Our kitchen plan from last year:

- One pot pasta (pasta cooked in tomato sauce with vegetables, parmesan and fresh basil)
- Chili sin(con) carne
- Dal
- Vegetable stew

- Scrambled eggs
- Porridge
- Fruit
- Cereals
- Avocado