Wed 11 Mar 2020 12:02AM

Fuck That mediation - Kiez Burn version

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Sit, stand or lie comfortably

focus on your breathing

allow yourself to be here, fully, in this moment

feel the gravity slowly impact your eyelids

& close your eyes

in this inner world of tranquil, do not think of the pink elephant

instead, picture your magic stick


let the horseshit of the default world fade from your awareness

you find your mind wandering to Talk threads or mediation panels

don't let it concern you

just acknowledge that all that shit is fucking bullshit

You are here now, in this place, with your inner stillness

those bitches can't get under your skin anymore

Take a deep breath in,

now breath out

Take a deep breath in,

and say "fuck that"

Just feel the fucking nonsense float away

take deep, loud breaths

Breath in strength

breath out bullshit

breath in loudly

breath out silent burn

Allow your breathing to discover its own self-reliant, unhurried pace

If your thoughts drift to the three-ring shitshow of Talk, Dreams & Realities

bring your attention back to your magic stick of why

And with each breath you take, feel your body saying "fuck that"

Take a deep breath in

and say "fuck that"

With passive acceptance, just allow your pent-up frustration around not being able to convince everyone you are right, to float by

Take a deep breath in

and say "fuck that"

With each breath you take, you care less about sound regulations or advice processes

Take a deep breath in

and say "fuck that"

Breath in Talk moderation

Breath out advice process

Take a moment to appreciate the carelessness

Those lead meetings can't piss all over a purity like this

you are weightless, timeless, without beginning or end

completely relaxed & free of stress

and as you slowly open your eyes

look at your magic stick

look at all these people

great the world

And take a deep breath and say "fuck that"

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