Values and Principles

RH Richard Hodkinson Public Seen by 86

Kiezburn rests upon three (or more) values for decisionmaking and Doing Things. (can you think of any more? Please comment and discuss this below, maybe we can improve). We may fail in these, but we hope we can hold ourselves and each other to strive as much as possible to work according with these values.

  1. Transparency

  2. Let Fail what the community does not carry

  3. Focus on enabling the community to spot and fix responsibility gaps

These help inform act authentically in our actual doing of things in our Consensual Do-ocracy.

Here of course are the Burning Man Principles + Consent, the 11 principles that we have for the event:
Self- Reliance
No Commerce
Leave No Trace

Make this better

We realise this post is quite long. We are a consensual doocracy, please feel free to improve this post by making it shorter and clearer.


Alina, also known as Universe Sun 19 Jan 2020 7:58PM

Thanks for this, @richardhodkinson2!

I'm a bit confused by wording here. Is your proposal for KiezBurn Community Values or KB organisational and decision-making guiding principles? The two seem to be mixed together in here.

Additional comment would be that I would personally would like to see a value but then a tiny explanation what that means. Like, what does Transparency in decision making (or as a common shared value) mean here?

Let Fail what the community does not carry - love the ethos of this, but sounds hmm - more like a practical/tactical orga principle rather than a value?

Focus on enabling the community to spot and fix responsibility gaps - this one kind of lives with "Let Fail"? Or is it something different?

In terms of other stuff, I think it's important to change Leave No Trace into Leave a Better Trace (as this has been thrown around a lot in the last year?)

I think Sustainability has an important place for the community. Reducing wastefulness, choosing different transport methods than plains etc.etc.

My question is also, where does this come from? Is it your personal proposal or is this coming from the KB board or the community input?

Last note is, as we are choosing (?) as a community to not affiliate with Burning Man, I would prefer to reword specific KB community principles and refer to them as "burning Man inspired"

Thanks for doing this important work! <3