Sat 7 Mar 2020 1:23AM

Erich Fromm - The Art of Love (Die Kunst des Liebens)

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Summary: Erich Fromm explains why love is a skill that can be learned. He describes five different kinds of love and evaluates how humans fill the void of their disconnection from nature with stimulants of temporary satisfaction. Although this book does not give a step-by-step list on how to learn the Art of Love, it proves a deep understanding of what love is.

Relevance: One possible route to a nicer world is to dismiss the paradigm that love is an uncontrollable phenomenon that somehow happens to you if you're lucky. If we know that "to love" is a skill that can be learned, we can work on ourselves to change our perspective on the things we hate. There is this saying that "There are no enemies, only people whose story you don't know."

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