Dream guiding + how do we do reimbursement?

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I would like to address 2 topics:
- dream guiding
- how do we do reimbursement

dream guiding

below is a suggestion. However, we need to recruit dream guides in order to realize the goal below!

Dream guides assist dreamers with navigating the system, make calls in case of confusion and new rules if they are necessary.

They have two jobs.
1. Firstly to make sure your budget accords with the budget guidelines (discussion below) as well as address general feasibility and safety concerns so Kiez Burners will be able to give out their grants based solely on what they want to see happen at Kiez Burn.
2. Secondly they can help you with your project if you need to make contacts, present your project better, and so on if you need it.

how to do reimbursement/budget guidelines

see also:
Dream guides can play a big role in the reimbursement process. But not all dreams will need guidance. Therefore, orientating on Kiez Burn, we could stipulate dreams that are not guided, and dreams that are guided.

It might be a good idea to sit with Olivia, Remy & @alexxx to work out how we do this.

Some main points:
- we asked art grants to stipulate in detail what kind of expenses they are planning, so to keep a better eye on it. To check that dreamers do not spend the budget on things we do not want them to spend it on (e.g. food for the camp, their own car, things that fall outside of the art grant scope.... Do we still want to do this? How do we enforce it?
- do we want a detailed breakdown of the expenses? Afterall, it is about a lot of €€€... Example:

Here is some inspiration:


Remy Schneider Sat 9 Mar 2019 7:15PM

@waldo - if we decided to go with 100%, then cool - but I didn't read that anywhere?


walto Sat 9 Mar 2019 7:16PM

btw, we need to approve every single art project to be eligible for funding, so therefore, following a certain kind of approval process might make sense.


walto Sat 9 Mar 2019 9:21PM

Interesting document from Borderland 2018 which details the responsibilities of dream guides: