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Do we want to have showers this year OR we want smelly creatures on the playa?

Realizer 2019 Erin Jeavon Fellows

How did Erin do this in 2019? here

Showers are a nice thing to have on-site to keep humans well-groomed.

CONFIRMED; there are showers

The responsible for Showers will figure out what is available on site and realize either fancy or basic showers for the event!

Some of the tasks/ things to figure out would be;

  • Are there shower cubicles on-site already? ask water lead @Sven Dudink

  • Greywater. ask LNT lead ( Friso, not on talk )

  • Do we need an extra budget ( Dreams) to improve the installation?


  • Showers need to be cleaned. There is a shower schedule for volunteers on site.

  • Are Volunteers needed during the event? how many?

    Yes, 8 humans

  • If showers need to be installed. Where? s

    Showers will be fixed by the landowners by the 18th July, a Kiez Burn crew will visit the site to explore the state of these

  • If showers need to be improved. Are volunteers needed on Build Period? improvement of showers should be informed to the Build Lead, the build crew should take care of that.

  • Cleaning materials available on-site + instructive for volunteers onsite (where and how to leave cleaning materials for the next volunteer shift)

  • Communicate with Wastewater responsible @Friso


Veroca R. Sala Tue 15 Jun 2021 6:10PM

interested realizer in the pipeline @Bee 馃槑


Major Tom Tue 15 Jun 2021 7:48PM

Mr. Dushkopf is reporting for duty!
I also applied to take the lead as the head of shower or "showerhead" in this department.

  • Also I already had one positive response according to one member of our camp

  • I already bought some cleansing stuff.

  • I can bring environmentally friendly disinfectant


Veroca R. Sala Wed 16 Jun 2021 7:31AM

loved the showerhead role!!!!馃槅


Veroca R. Sala Mon 21 Jun 2021 10:41AM

@MajorTom after the site visit, we figured the showers are still there! Yayy!

  • 2 shipping containers with 8 showers in it + 6 sinks

  • shower curtains are there

  • Only one shower had the shower hose and shower head, the rest were vandalized.

  • Water connection will also be discussed with @Sven Dudink

  • Pictures find here soon. But imagine it's simply a shipping container flat and simple.

According to what eric said, there is gonna be an event at Freiland soon; the showers will be improved by then. Is this correct @Jan Thomas & @Bee

  • Do we know when exactly this event will be so as to plan accordingly?


Bee Mon 21 Jun 2021 11:35AM

16th July I believe is their event. We may be able to confirm a couple of days before if we are on site for their build at all. This is correct regarding showers but I think Jan got more details than me (much Deutsch).


Major Tom Mon 21 Jun 2021 11:33PM

Nice @Jan Thomas聽&聽@Bee that means we might not need to buy new hoses and shower heads. We might need to talk to the Freiland crew after July, the 16th.

I ordered the following equipment:

  • Bio degeneratable disinfectant

  • a mop (there might be a second one soon)

  • 2 pcs. rubber Wasserschieber (I don't know the english term).

  • Some sponges

  • Hydrogen Peroxide and Scheuermilch (for deep cleaning if necessary)

  • Protective material for volunteers might be also available

Besides the water connection @Sven Dudink and some electricity for light and heating, a trolley could become handy for the shifts. Do we have something like that?


Bee Tue 22 Jun 2021 8:01AM

Haha nice to learn the German word for squeegee ;)


Veroca R. Sala Tue 22 Jun 2021 11:06AM

馃尰Hey super, keep all receipts of these purchases please!

still we need to check how is the budget for this!!! hope the spent money can be fully returned to you @Thomas Arendt. To be safe let's consult any further expense with our Schatzmeister @Professor Kaos .


The volunteer sheet is still closed.

Lets call the showers on the hill "high showers" (HS) the ones by Deine Mudda: "down showers"(DS)

  • I think 15 mins cleaning shift will not be enough.

  • I also think 2 rounds is too little. Ideally we have one cleaning in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening, no?

  • 2 hour per shift? if they do it very slow nad they stop to chat here and there, & considering tey have to walk down with the stuff

  • 2 people per shift, they, for instance, could start off with the HS and walk down to do the DS. ( leave the trolley there). The following shift will start off on the DS (where the cleaning products were left) and continue with HS; and so on and so forth.

does this make sense???

Transport of products around the site :

  • Maybe we can have a supermarket trolley?

  • or a transport trolley, this can have a box attached to it and will manage well with moving around the site. The trolley can become very bizarre if you wish Lol...

    IMO, an indoor cleaning trolley will break off easily with the uneven surfaces of the land.

    If a transport trolley is required we need to figure a way this trolley is not "borrowed" by camps and not returned or left randomly. I have one but I don't want to risk it unless there is a clear procedure to avoid this to happen ( in 2019 my cargo bike container was taken from my camp without permission and used to demoop the site and tbh honest it wasn't very well treated. I had to chase hippies running behind my cargo GGGrr... if @Sven Dudink lets me lend out our trolley, make sure the box is well attached and decorated in a way that can be identified easily as the "shower trolley" . The trolley is coming out for use last-minute after all camps are set up ( so to avoid having the trolley "borrowed" and disappeared)


Sven Dudink Tue 22 Jun 2021 4:39PM

@Thomas Arendt yeah i got a solid trolley, i don't mind you using it, it would just need some kind of marking so its purposed for toilets, and transport from berlin would be good, just write me and we ll organize it


Cris Wed 23 Jun 2021 10:23AM

I hope you don't mind me throwing an idea or two here: maybe there's no need to set a time and a duration, but rather "twice a day" or sth. On the other hand, I wouldn't be very happy if I'd had to carry a trolley up and down the hill, what about having 2 cleaning sets in each shower? In that case nice hippies can also be shortly self reliant if they find the showers very dirty.


Major Tom Wed 23 Jun 2021 1:45PM

@all very very nice. Thank you all for the support in this topic. According to the comment of @Cris, there might be either the chance to lock all the cleansing equipment next to the containers or to have it stationed somewhere else, equip and send out the teams. For sure it might be possible to hang signs like "leave this place in a condition u want to have sex in" but checking twice a day is also a good idea.

@Veroca R. Sala I think 2x daily will be enough to the HS and DS locations.
In case 1, I will show the teams the locations, help them cleaning and resupply the missing stuff.
In case 2, I will make sure, that everything is available two times in trolleys, the stock is filled up and ready to go.

I would recommend inviting 4 persons per shift, splitting in 2 showers by 2 minions 谩 15-30 minutes each.

  • If volunteers are signing up, to the shower team we could simply tell them to choose 4 shifts (equals 1-2h of work).

  • I will also be around for checking and helping most of the times and perform a deep cleaning if necessary. So we solve the QA and QC issue here.

Second choice will be to have only 2 persons per shift, that are cleaning the showers HS and DS in one shot (-> 30-60min/shift). In that case, we only need one pyle of cleansing materials.

Finance: I will keep the bills and talk to @Professor Kaos if material stays in the Kiez or gets depleted. All together it will be less than 100鈧 I'd think. For all the rest, that might stay in my property after the event, I'll take the expenses on my own.

P.S. my name got changed somehow to my real name, I changed it back to MajorTom (in case u are confused).


Veroca R. Sala Wed 23 Jun 2021 5:23PM

it all sounds very nice...鉂わ笍 @Major Tom

  • IMO its good to give it a shift time because ppl get distracted and time passes...(2019 this did not work...

  • I think it's a good idea that the people that sign up for a shift also do it for a number of those...the bucket team and the Showerhead Lol.

  • Four people per shift sound fun, one pair in HS another pair in DS; no?

    Volunteers & Equipment:

    • 4 ppl per shift>>> needs double equipment

    • 2 ppl per shift >>> no need equipment but needs transport/trolley up and down

Recruitment option #1 ( like we do with welfare carebears)

  • we can do it via google form, we collect the crew, ask them if they are willing to take more than one shift over the duration of the event (some people don't go to the whole event but arrive on Friday perhaps)

  • We ask permission to put them together in a group chat or something ( if you like) to create commitment on their role i find it a good option also to connect with the bucket team in general...

  • How do they get to choose their shifts? or a a lottery? this system should be explained to them beforehand of course.

Recruitment option #2 Regular Sign up

  • on the open sheet we explain they should be taking 1/2/3 shifts per person. The risk is some people don't read these messages and might not follow it as you expect...

lemme know your thoughts


Major Tom Wed 23 Jun 2021 11:20PM

I like the option 1 with making them choose their shifts. Also I like the idea of the group chat (telegram or something) for tiny in situ deviations and it also works for the fun part of the cleansing event.
A bucket list is also a very nice idea. I'll keep that in mind 鉂わ笍.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Thu 24 Jun 2021 11:03PM

People leave ALOT of stuff in the showers. Large inflatable pineapples, towels, shampoo. Id recommend a box to dump the things in outside and also having a bin to throw away all the rubbish people leave. Alot of grass and leaves get in there too. Let me know if you want advice!


Cris Fri 25 Jun 2021 10:32AM

I love the idea of a "lost & found" box! Not that much the trash bin, tho. Because.., who will take care of that MOOP?


Veroca R. Sala Mon 5 Jul 2021 8:15AM

I heard some ideas for the showers:

  1. Some kind of structure before entering the showers. like a surface to put stuff or hang a towel. If you need something like this, please get in touch with the build Lead @Natacha Kromatik to coordinate the efforts.

  2. Music! >>>


Veroca R. Sala Tue 13 Jul 2021 4:26PM

HI HI, how is this going?
1. is Indig replaced already? I haven't seen a new member added to the telegram chat so far. Do you need help with that? lemme know, happy to assist.
2. Do you need to move cleaning materials to the site with the production van or do you transport this yourself, let us know here >>
3. There was a possibility to request through the build lead, Natacha Kromatic, renting benches to eventually be placed by the showers so people can put their towel/shampoo whatever. If you are willing to make this happen by connecting with the build lead. Otherwise, there is no single hook in the construction to do this. It gets quite messy in the showers, but it is not the end of the world馃檶
4. Any updates about the rubbish bins Erin suggested up there in the thread? is it gonna happen at all? Just curious, we dont really provide get these bins + rubbish bags, so his will have to be arranged by you in advance. Also, coordinate its transport. It doesnt need to be too complicated though.
Also, possibly to instruct the bucket team to care of these bins. I personally encourage you to not let these rubbish bins visible for everyone to use, because ppl will use them, we want them to care of their own rubbish and take it home, BUT, if the bucket team finds stuff ppl leave behind they will need to throw it somewhere! where this rubbish will go? to ask @Friso (?) connect with him via email /talk ( tags might not work so well)

If you need help to organize all these things, we can make a call out on the showers chat and see who is up to give some help, no? You dont need to do this alone 鉂わ笍

Next Monday we have pictures of the new showers on site!yay!



Major Tom Wed 14 Jul 2021 12:53PM

Hi @Veroca R. Sala

  1. I took Indig out of the group and started writing emails to participants marked blue in the list u sent me. I tried writing those first, who wanted to come early (Wednesday). Noone responded yet. --> I have also one person interested in taking action (but she wasn't able to apply earlier). May I invite her into the group and we settle the application form later?

  2. The materials I bought, I think I manage to bring by myself. I installed a top case on my car for stuff like that.

  3. The benches are a very good idea... I will contact @Natacha Kromatik and ask her for that. Thank you!

  4. Rubbish, trash and litter I like the bucket team to collect and bring it to a moop station (@Friso if there is any) I will contact him. I think this together with a sign remembering the principle of "leave no trace" will help keeping the area clean.

Following weekend I'm looking forward to review the site (If I don't get sick from the vaccination). If I can't come I ask the crew to take photos 4 me. :)


Veroca R. Sala Wed 14 Jul 2021 1:39PM

  1. Yes!!! No need to apply via form if you have already her contact just go ahead! 馃帀

  2. Sweet!

  3. 馃檶

  4. 馃憤

Thanks for all the info.


Veroca R. Sala Wed 14 Jul 2021 10:33PM

About freiland visit during the weekend, so as FYI they are hosting an event, so you need a ticket to enter.

They have released some tickets for us, so we help them o build + check the site again, but i dont think you are on the list. Double-check here and coordinate in this thread if you want to attend:

However you no worry, there is kiez Burn crew attending and the Showers are on the to-do list, someone will go and check! the to-do list is also listed in the thread mentioned above馃尭


Major Tom Thu 15 Jul 2021 12:45AM

I'm in the list or at least in the telegram group @Bee is managing. But if someone else wants to come, he/she could take my ticket/place. I'm gonna get vaccinated on friday and don't know if I will be sick for the weekend.


Major Tom Thu 19 Aug 2021 7:01AM

Dear Kiezies, I wanted to give a short review to make it easier organizing the shower shifts next year.
The situation this time was that only one shower container at DeineMudda was running (more or less) The sealings between the shower heads and the hoses went missing almost everywhrere but it worked with a little splashing fun in between.

According to match the hordes of hippies (that have found the shower) we decided to quatruple the shifts (2 persons 谩 15-30 minutes each shift) at 10am, 2pm, 6pm and 8pm. So it was me as lead (showerhead) + 16 volunteers (bucketeers). Everything was organized via Telegram and initially we've met to make a short introduction.

The shower was nice and clean almost every time (except once when the scourcing milk went low) and everyone made his/her/their job perfectly. Thank you again for everything.

Following stuff was brought to the site. Items marked with x turned out to be very useful, items with o could be spared completely:
x - 1 Squegee
x - 100 Nitril Gloves (L) 鉁
o - 1 Mop incl. bucket (not useful Sqeegee was sufficient enough)
x - 5 heart shaped sponges 鉂わ笍
x - 2l scourcing milk (place 1l seperately)
x - 5l bio degradeble disinfectant (could have been isopropanol too)
x - 1 refillable spray bottle
x - 2 shift plans (one for general shift board, one for the shower itself) including manual "what to do in 4-6 simple steps." -> see Link
x - 1 large box with lid (60x40x40 cm) to contain all the cleaning materials.

Useful additional items (for the next time):
Table or box (to put outside for lost and found stuff (clothing, towels, brushes, condoms, etc.))
Trashbag (not to leave there because otherwise it wa filled with moop) but to "hide behind the container 馃槈"
Gaffer tape (to fix everything at the walls and to block broken sinks)
Maybe sealings and 4 new showerheads. they are pretty worn.

Thank you all for oranizing this fabulous event. I'd like to be part of it next year too and see you all of you dirty hippies again. Your showerhead MajorTom.