Rubbish elimination as a group

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Hey lovely Burners.
I am LNT-lead of a Kiez with 20 people that also cook. So we will have a lot ecological rubbish (food waste) that we off course collect and bring away after Kiezburn. But 5 days (8 including Build) is a long time with this hot weather.
How do other camps handle this?
Does anybody know if it is possible to bring rubbish to a cooler place during Kiezburn before we bring it to the Wertstoffhof on Sunday or Monday?
Sorry for asking that late.
Best regards,


Till Tailor Thu 27 Jun 2019 11:48AM

The ultimate Solution for Bio-Waste/Compost is Bokashi... It is a Method, where you press the foodwaste and give them a mix of Microbs (EM). This will end up in a Fermentation Prozess, like Sauerkraut, instead of a rotting process... We were able to squeeze ALL Bio-Waste from 10 Days Lemon-Camp into one container of 40liters. The Container stood in plain sunshine everyday... no smell, no flies, no rot... We took it home and will keep it for another 4-6 week in the container, then use it for our garden. -- I am able and willed to share that knowledge for future burns!


River Aleks Thu 27 Jun 2019 1:05PM

i would love to learn this!


Kofi Thu 27 Jun 2019 4:05PM

Thanks a lot Till Tailor. I'd like to learn that as well for the next year.


Cris Thu 27 Jun 2019 9:34PM

F*cking rockstars!! :clap: