⚡Power Planning ⚡

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This thread is for asking power questions. Feel free to post anything that's still not clear, anything you need to have answered, anything you need help with regarding power, to this thread

Power is money

you need to pay for the power. We do this because power is the 2nd highest cost in Kiez Burn and to incentivize you to use less power & potentially move to greener alternatives (the price doubled vs. last year and will increase much more next year)
* When? Tuesday or Wednesday. The power team and the site lead will be in charge. We do not take credit cards (because Berlin). 
* How much?

site plan

Volunteer from Kieze

You need to dig some of your own power cables. We do this because if we ask the power volunteers to dig over 2km of cables, then they will drink all of the dehydration fluid, which is not very tasty.
* When? Monday/Tuesday, potentially Wednesday. #hours depending on how far away your Kiez is.
* How? Safe from burns and driving. Tools will be available at Toolhaus. If you do not secure them enough, we will not plug in your power cable.
* What if I don't arrive until Wednesday afternoon? Then you don't get power


Here's a roundup of what happened at Burning Pig and the questions that were floating around. If I missed something, that's what this thread is for :)

You will get one or more 230V "normal" power outlets to your Kiez. We guarantee that power will be near the edge of your Kiez (at max 10 meters away), so bring extension cords!

You need to help us with digging the trenches. We estimate this would take one person around four hours. It's not determined yet on which day help will be needed.

You need to ensure waterproofing of the electrical stuff in your Kiez! Be sure that no water gets into the connectors or the devices, as this could have short-circuity consequences.

If you don't have a power grant, unfortunately you probably won't get power. Write a mail ASAP to in this case, maybe it's still possible.

Don't use the electrical energy for cooking, don't use toasters or hair dryers. If it has heat elements with high power usage in it, it's probably a "no". Definitely ask first.

The price you pay (20€/Kilowatt) is a flat rate, it doesn't matter how much energy you actually draw from the power grid. Please note that in the end, the total costs of our power grid will depend on the energy used, but you only have to pay the flat rate fee. If you end up using more power, so that it breaks your connection, do not count on quick re-powering.

The generators should be very quiet, definitely not as load as the smaller ones used at small outdoor raves.

Happy discussing :)

EDIT1: clarified that you might get one or more 230V power outlets for your Kiez (if you made high power request)


walto Tue 8 May 2018 10:09AM

How do I make power cables water thight on their connecting points?


Aaron Kaay Fri 11 May 2018 8:58AM

is it possible to get a 6 amper Starkstrom power socket with 380volt to our Kiez/Underworld for our soundsystem. if not, we have to organize anouther system.


Aaron Kaay Fri 11 May 2018 1:34PM

oh yeah sorry, I forgot the 1 of the 16A! so yes, i mean this kind of power supply. and yes, it might increase our total power need, we are still calculating. if this is not possible, we can rent another soundsystem.


Richard Hodkinson Fri 11 May 2018 3:48PM

Im not sure how to do this on mobile @waldo but we're looking for 5-800w for Curious Magic in the location!


walto Fri 11 May 2018 5:29PM

Hey Folks, the power planning is FINAL! No further changes are planned at this point.


Jag Chadha Fri 11 May 2018 5:43PM

And where are the amounts posted? I'm still not clear on how much of the power I applied for is available for Starlight.


Jag Chadha Fri 11 May 2018 5:48PM

Oouf. This was true in the initial application a couple of months ago, but I was talking to my art contact person + the power team and got the impression I would have some power (as detailed in the health/safety sheet).

If I can't get power, I can try and work around it but it would reduce the complexity a lot :)


Jag Chadha Fri 11 May 2018 5:51PM

The max output would be 630W (but this is lasting only a matter of minutes during the day), with the load being around 120W the rest of the time @waldo


Jag Chadha Fri 11 May 2018 5:56PM

Awesome! Thanks so much for accommodating the change!


Olivia Ehe Fri 11 May 2018 6:00PM

Sorry if we missed this Jag!


Saskia Sun 3 Jun 2018 9:49AM

'I have no clue about electricity'- noob question:
A hot iron (lets say for fixating color on textile which is to be finished during build for .. lets say...greeter costumes) would classify as 'using too much power'. Correct?
Just asking for saves here, as I of course will do and try to finalize the costumes here at home.

This is really a question out of not having any clue rather than trying to sneak a high-power-demanding-thingie in. ;)


Karlo Walz Sun 3 Jun 2018 11:27AM

hi Saskia, just use a very old hot iron from a feamarket. youcan heat up this thing on a gas burner without electricity


Ezequiel Muns Sun 3 Jun 2018 2:14PM

Are people ordering IP44-rated outdoor extension cables? Any tips on where to get cheaper ones?


Henrik 🤖 Sun 3 Jun 2018 5:48PM

Any good tips on an outdoor cable drum? Is ~70€ an adequate price for one?


Ezequiel Muns Tue 5 Jun 2018 8:43AM

My kitchen team is watting to use a water boiler (max 2kW). We have enough power for it, but I wonder: Is there a specific policy in place against using electric water boilers?

I remember reading something about electric cooking somewhere and can’t find it.


Karlo Walz Tue 5 Jun 2018 10:11AM

water boiler is evil. do not bring it :-)


Henrik 🤖 Sun 3 Jun 2018 6:52PM

@ezequielmuns 10m and > 20m
thanks @waldo! we're going with extension cord and rainproof connectors now, pricewise that's rather feasible


walto Mon 4 Jun 2018 9:24AM

when you find the cheapest option, post it here:


Jan Regelmann Tue 8 May 2018 12:24PM

From experience, wrapping a trash bag around the connection point and putting an upside-down bin over it should suffice unless a massive flood occurs


Ezequiel Muns Sun 3 Jun 2018 6:13PM

How long are you talking?


walto Sun 3 Jun 2018 5:37PM

THis is pretty cheap:
If you are just doing it for extension cables, then just use ducktape to make it rainproof.


walto Sun 3 Jun 2018 5:35PM

there will most likely not be enough electricity during build to do this kind of thing since during build we'll run on small generators. Maybe during the evening... but these things use a lot of Watt, if you can do it at home, that would simplify things a lot.


Karlo Walz Sun 3 Jun 2018 12:49PM

better use an older one without microplastic ;-) and no powercord


Saskia Sun 3 Jun 2018 11:32AM

That is a very intelligent idea. Does it need to be an OLD OLD OLD one (as in: Iron) or will mine do (see picture)? I honestly dont know if I will destroy it by putting it on a gas burner :D


walto Fri 11 May 2018 5:54PM

ok, consider it done. You will see it on the map


walto Fri 11 May 2018 5:49PM

@jagchadha how much watt?


walto Fri 11 May 2018 5:48PM

To be honest, not that hard to do though, since you are on the plateau. But the power team takes the requirements from the arts team. I would need to know now how much Watt power you need


Olivia Ehe Fri 11 May 2018 5:48PM

Jag, you did not apply for power with your application.


Aaron Kaay Sat 19 May 2018 5:48PM

awesome! that's great. just to make sure, this means we have both a 380V (4x 32A CEE + 4x 16A CEE) and 230V (schuko) outpout, right?


walto Tue 22 May 2018 12:50PM



walto Fri 11 May 2018 5:45PM

The information I got from the Arts team was that Starlight does not need power.


walto Fri 11 May 2018 4:11PM

ok. It will be 20€. please keep cash ready for the wednesday. Also, you will need to help digging the cable from Süßkiez on Monday/Tuesday .


walto Fri 11 May 2018 2:26PM

@aaronkaay I put the cabling different and now you have the following connection:
Gummiverteilung IP 44 63A CEE-> 4x 32A CEE + 4x 16A CEE + 3x Schuko
Your power cost for the Kiez also increased to 240€. This will be collected on Wednesday (cash only ;) )


walto Fri 11 May 2018 1:59PM

@aaronkaay I had to delete that post, since that was confidential information. It looks indeed like it will be possible, but I am still calculating, for I want to give 100% correct info and not promise what we cannot deliver.


walto Fri 11 May 2018 9:57AM

@aaronkaay you mean 16A 3-phased one? I'll have a look today. This does not increase your total of 9kW total power need for your Kiez right?