2021 Dreams & DreamGuiding

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Important Links for 2021:

Dreamers Manual: The handbook for applying for an arts grant!

Dreams Mastersheet: The spreadsheet with all details about 2021 Dreams

Sharing Materials for Dreams Spreadsheet: for artist and volunteer collaboration

Dreams Platform: Where Dreams are published and can be viewed/ voted for.

What is a Dream?

Dreams are the ideas for art, performances, workshops, communal spaces and experiences that Dreamers wish to create and bring to the burn. Dreamers who need funding to bring their Dream to life can apply for a grant, funded by ticket sales. Each artist/Dreamer will have a Dream Guide who can help them and who will point out potential problems/issues (like safety / permits/ LNT / placement).

A voting process determines which Dreams will be funded. Everyone who buys a ticket can allocate 10 “tokens” to their favorite Dreams.

What is a Dream Guide:

Dream guides are the people working in the background to enable artists to make their Dreams reality. Dream Guides review the dream applications, get in touch with the Dreamers & answer questions. But most importantly: Dream guides get to work with an amazing team to shape the future of the Dreams Process 2021.

If you’d like to be a Guide, join our Telegram group here, or just comment below!

Background - Where we are at now

The Team

After the Realizers meeting on the 17th of February, a small group of awesomes has been consolidated these are:

@Diarmaid - TouchPoint Dreams Platform (Robot Ministry) Korg member

@Lis Dream Guide/Co-creator

@Frana Dream Guide/Co-creator

@Ariel - Dream Guide/Co-creator


@Estelle - Dream Guide/Co-creator

@Johannes Klöppner - Dream Guide/Co-creator

@fox (Daniel Klein) - Dream Guide/Co-creator

@Melinda Gonzalez - Dream Guide/Co-creator

@Nadja - Dream Guide/Co-creator

joined the team? tag yourself!

Master sheet:

Dreams Master sheet is here pass by and check it out!



18.06 Dream submission ends: 18 June

(Dreams approval: 6 days)

24.06 Voting begins: 

30.06 Voting Ends at Midnight

04.07 Dreams budgets calculated by this Date. Initial dream budget can be found here: under the file.

13.07 Deadline for acceptance of dream funding

?? Second round of funding from cancelled dreams


Alex Kaos Sun 22 Aug 2021 8:37AM

Sounds awesome. It would be great if the meeting could happen a little sooner mind you, as there will definitely be complications, and the longer they go unattended the closer dreamers get to not meeting their deadline with receipt hand-in.

But I just looked at the date and realize that an earlier meeting might not be possible. Thanks for organizing.


Veroca R. Sala Sat 27 Feb 2021 8:35AM

Wonderful! thank you for reaching out! so there will be a meeting next Thursday the 4th, updates on time, and zoom link on this thread soon!!


Vlad Mon 21 Jun 2021 5:59PM

Tnx. I added myself to poll, i can do a joint session tomorrow between 8 and 11pm. For some reason i cannot join the t-group.


Diarmaid Wed 28 Jul 2021 8:36PM

We agreed to provide up to 1 KW of power for free. For any power after this, dreams would have to pay. We were initially not allowing dreams to use their dreams budget to pay, but that requirement has been removed.

There are 5 dreams which use more than 1KW.

  • Room Service (1.1KW) - we agreed to cover the extra .1KW here

  • Welfare (2KW) - Welfare will have power requirements covered

  • Ease of Air by Underworld - Will use up to 10KW, get 1 KW free, can use dreams budget for remainder

  • Nubicuculia - Will use up to 4.5 KW, gets 1KW free, can use dreams budget for the remainder

  • Live Music and More at Muso forest - To use up to 2KW, gets 1KW free, can use the dreams budget for the remainder

For dreams which do go this route, it will be an internal transfer from the dreams budget to the power budget.


Veroca R. Sala Tue 16 Mar 2021 11:43AM

Hi Karlo, thanks for your input it is valuable to have an artist's perspective on this.

The dream team consists of this group of ppl that besides making the guidelines will help artists along the process.

I'm not officially part of the Dreams Team so I guess I will let them discuss this, but I still would like to point out that from my personal point of view, having one/several-schedules emergency call numbers will mean there will have to be a rotating phone number / or several that requires 24/7 availability. So far the team is 7/8 ppl, then they will have to be "on-call" once a week? Or how do you envision it?

  • As I understand emergency can happen at any moment, if we are not reachable at any moment then what's the point of having an emergency number (?). For this reason, I see it as very difficult to accomplish... ppl are volunteering, sometimes we aren't even so reachable on our own personal phones. But again, maybe guides are interested inthis?

  • if we changed the wording to a "touchpoint assistance phone number" ( or something along the line) then that would fall into the Guide person assigned to that Dream ( and Dreamer). The guides are meant to share a contact channel to be reachable, but I don't think it is 24/7.

To better understand why the emergency need, would you tell us which events might fall into emergency where artists would need immediate help?

The team is writing up the Manual and the idea is to make it as clear as possible I bet they would looooove your input from your experience on how can we make it better, easier, shorter, nicer, whatever improvement 🤓, really, we are all pretty new on Dreams and don't have much knowledge of the problematics we might have to face when getting closer to the event, feel free to make comments in the doc and thanks fro passing by this thread❤️ Manual work in progress


Lis Tue 8 Jun 2021 12:09PM

Thank you so much Sven! Very good to know this about power :))


Karlo Tue 16 Mar 2021 12:04PM

Art Emergency Number is of course an art "name"..
really not talking about that there needs to be a phone duty 24/7.. maybe more like a "sprechstunde" or an option for a "human guide"..
I got at least 20 manuals last year with hundrets of pages for 1001 "golden rules" and I know people going into a burnout just by the collapse of overflowing information that people recommend to read and consume and take care and so on..
my recommendation is to come down to a more "human experience" in support and not a dead paper (even and I know it is written with the best intention and with burner spirit and love).
Of course a manual is also nice to have.. to be fair..


Veroca R. Sala Sun 14 Mar 2021 9:31AM

hey, pros and cons about?


Veroca R. Sala Fri 9 Apr 2021 7:59AM

❤️Wonderful! thanks so much for all this hard work!!! ❤️

May I take the advantage and copy this very text to a new thread? so that one would be the window to give access to artists submit their dreams, So we link from Facebook and telegram to there. I think it would be easier for them.

Then Any update/announcement regarding the dreams submit process can be put there and we use this very thread for the dream team tasks organization/working thread.

Sounds that good?

I can do it myself, only asking for consent here😉


Veroca R. Sala Thu 11 Mar 2021 7:44AM

yes, it was another Alina,😆

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