Workshop Scheduling

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I am currently trying to schedule our workshops / events / discussions / music / etc and had a few questions. I know the first two are kind of vague and won't have a definite answer, but any sort of feedback on it would be helpful.

1 - Does it make sense to have any workshops on the first day (Wednesday)? At burns is that day more of an arrival time/scrambling to finish build or can it make sense to hit the ground running and have something maybe at 4 or 5 pm on the first day? I'm mostly worried about getting enough people attending to make it worth it.

2 - How early in the morning is too early for a workshop? Again, regarding people actually attending - is there kind of a sweet spot / best practices here that people with more experience have found?

3 - Have there been any decisions made regarding KB-wide quiet hours when music can't be played or only played at very low volume?

4 - Besides the late night burns and welcoming ceremony, are there any other KB-wide events planned that we should try to schedule around?



walto Wed 2 May 2018 5:25PM

@nicholasvance I changed the settings on this post to public, so everyone can co-read :)


Franzi Wed 2 May 2018 5:26PM

#3 not yet, daniel and i ll bring it up at pigburn and probably do an online doodle thingi.. but the tendency goes to quiet hours in the morning


Jaina Hirai Fri 4 May 2018 8:47AM

Hi Nicholas, I'm Jaina, Co-Workshop Lead for KBORG. To answer Question #1, I would say YES, please do schedule a workshop for Weds afternoon. You are correct that some Kieze will still be in set-up mode, but there will be some folks on site for all of build (since the weekend or Monday) plus lots of folks arriving Weds morning. The program tends to be the heaviest Thursday through Saturday, so your Weds afternoon workshop would have less competition. If you submit the information to be printed in the program, then you will doubtless have some attendance. You can submit to the program (before May 31 deadline) via the Google Form here:
As far as question #2, I'm not sure about "how early is too early" but my gut would say that workshops before 10:00 are likely attended by a few early morning yogis and members of Kinder Kiez who have kids up early. So if you want to offer something "healthy" or "kid friendly" I would say go for 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. If you want to offer something for those who were up all night dancing, maybe 11:00 or 12:00 would be a better choice. Just my two cents!


walto Fri 4 May 2018 1:59PM

Hey @jainahirai is there already an overview of all the planned workshops and events (such as temple and effigy burn + opening ceremony) that could be shared with the Kieze so to allow them to plan around that?


Jaina Hirai Mon 7 May 2018 11:19AM

The current schedule is not 100% final, but as of May 5th here it is: Opening Ceremony Weds 21:00-23:30, Effigy Burn Friday 23:00, Temple Burn Saturday 23:00


Jaina Hirai Tue 8 May 2018 10:17PM

UPDATE: New program submission deadline has been extended to May 31! Many people and Kieze asked for more time, so the Workshop Team requested (and received) budget for a rush print job of the program. Y'all got more time to dream up some magic!