2020 [Meeting] Kickstart Dreams 2020

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Meeting description

The Dreams platform is live! We just need to start it all again this year. We want to align with all of us how we now actually do this stuff. Goal: launch Kiez Burn Dreams ASAP!

There are some topics we need to fix:

  • how to stimulate more "Art" or "big art", which is one of the painpoints we identified last year

  • Clearer infrastructure project funding (if there is a need for this?)

also, we can discuss a proposal regarding people purchasing extra dream tokens when buying a ticket.

And we need the following people:

  • Dream guides for the first dream projects coming in

  • Lead(s) for the Dream process & platform

  • someone taking care of the tech in March (Flo is off)

More info:

Meeting roles


Who does it?


@Paul aka Khromo

Note keeper

@Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)

Time keeper



location: Burner Embassy

If you have topics to add, either immediately edit the thread and add these in, or make a comment & ask to add it in the agenda. Practice consensual do-ocracy on this matter.


Time allocated

Introduction round

10-30 seconds per person

Update on Dreams platform + tech input

3 minutes

Go over learnings last year + proposal regarding mecenas dream tokens (Waldo)

7 minutes

Discuss 1st problem we want to tackle


Discuss 2nd problem we want to tackle


Agree on a timeline

Assign to-dos:

  • make dream description this year

  • ticketing system to dreams flow

  • dream token value definition

  • plan how we do token redistribution (proposals?)

  • test budget filling flow

  • rework the questions dreamers need to fill out when submitting a dream


Time & place

Burner Embassy, 19:30 on the 4th of March

posted on facebook:

Meeting notes


Saskia Thu 5 Mar 2020 5:31PM

Yep, that worked. Also added more documents that were used last year and need updating for 2020.


Saskia Thu 5 Mar 2020 5:05PM

I would if it wouldn't say "The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know."


walto Thu 5 Mar 2020 4:20PM

moved to the 2020 google drive folder for dreams granting & platform. Please store future dreams documents there as well. thank you!


Saskia Thu 5 Mar 2020 3:02PM

Here we edit the texts & the dreamer manual. Link for transparency & for people like @waldo to check it out ;)


walto Wed 4 Mar 2020 10:10PM

Trying to launch Dreams 2020 on Sunday! Exciting :D


Bee Wed 4 Mar 2020 6:34PM

Hey can someone please Zoom the meeting? I won't be in person there as I am coughing a lot and don't wanna spread any germs!


Paul aka Khromo Wed 4 Mar 2020 5:57PM

Might be abotu 15 mins late to the meeting, sorry!


Flo Sat 29 Feb 2020 11:24PM

Hey you monkeys!

I spent the day digging into the configs of the server and the docker configuration and yessss, after quite some hours of debugging I actually got the new dreams site running 🎉🥳
The new dreams site is now available under
The old dreams site as a comparison is still available under

I overtook the old dreams data so that the site doesn't look so empty and you can scroll through the website and check it out. Once we launch we will start with a fresh and clean db.

There are still things that need to be changed and addressed like the rewording of text, the removal of the monster feature, getting the ticketing system working with the signup flow, and other tasks.

If you find an issue that needs to be resolved, please file a new issue on github issues and I will try to address the problem once I find the time:
Please try to be precise and clear when describing the issue and bear in mind that I am working full time besides.

Rock'n'Roll 🤘Flo


walto Thu 27 Feb 2020 6:00PM

super happy you are joining :) Feel free to take on the job as moderator. I personally believe you could avoid people feeling annoyed if you get buy-in at the beginning of the meeting on the method of moderation. Maybe something to try out? cu on the 4th!


Paul aka Khromo Thu 27 Feb 2020 1:03PM

Can and am willing to help with anything except the tech side of things.
I'll be coming from the artist angle so can give input on what will or will not bring in more art, be it big art or "regular-size" art (whatever that means!)

Have experience moderating meetings before, but am VERY strict with content and people going off-topics (fair warning, it annoyed people in the past!)

Suggestions for inclusion of more art (still at the "idea" stage, so open to debate)
1 - Limit the amount of funding camps can apply for, as opposed to individuals and groups who are proposing dreams independent of camps.
2 - Prioritise dreams that will be located or performed outside of camps; e.g. - on art hill, the lake and so on.

Look forward to working with you all :)


Flo Thu 27 Feb 2020 11:37AM

Hey guys,
a quick update from my side.
Dreams 2.0 is working fine on my local machine but on the server where we were running the previeous dream website it's giving me a strange error that I wasn't able to resolve yet. I'll have to put some more time into this but it's a little difficult while I'm still working full time. I'll try to get it running this week and update you on the status here.
<3 Flo


walto Thu 27 Feb 2020 7:41PM

we basically thought that everyone being able to flag monsters to art projects or dreams, might result in more conflict + it is based on a "no dream guide" model, and instead guiding done by the participants. We didn't think we were ready for this + did not want to subject artists/dreamers to this kind of communication.


Henrik 🤖 Thu 27 Feb 2020 2:36PM

Yeah, your account role would need to be switched to admin. That's something well do when the setup is live


Saskia Thu 27 Feb 2020 1:49PM

Hei Khromo,

the monster feature is one of the new features that are included in Dreams 2.0 - all of the features can be turned off again and the discussion wether this is how we want to make dreams happen is up for debate.

If you want to see more:

In the slides from the last meeting I included screenshots of the changes in the Dreams Platform:


Paul aka Khromo Thu 27 Feb 2020 12:56PM

Sorry, but: what's the "monster" feature?!


Saskia Thu 27 Feb 2020 11:05AM

The monster feature is what we actually don't want, I think. But that's a point of discussion for the upcoming meeting.

With the current ways of interacting in the community we are not convinced that the monster-function will help but rather lead to more discern amongs participants. Also, we couldn't find out where the comments go which the person, who 'awakens the monster' types in.

The team feature is much more interesting. to have several people admit one dream and are able to make changes.

+ a side question: do you remember how I got access to the admin-functions last year? I remember being able to make changes to the dream, put it on 'vote', enable it and hide it. But going through the new platform on Florians machine I did not find the features and he was also not able to edit other peoples' dreams despite being logged in as admin.


Henrik 🤖 Thu 27 Feb 2020 8:48AM

Woah time is running quickly this year! I volunteer to Minister the Dreams-Robot until Flo is available again.

At the current state we still haven't got dreams 2.0 running, as there seems to be a problem with the integration of the kiezburn-specific changes we did last year. As a last resort I would just run Dreams 2.0 without our changes and integrate them one by one after going live. Alternatively we could run the same state that we had last year (with a fresh database of course). But the new dreams has this cool monster feature, so I'm in the "let's go with dreams 2.0 somehow" camp.

Love 🤖 H

(Can't tag flo here...grrr)


Saskia Thu 27 Feb 2020 10:58AM

Wed 4 Mar 2020 6:00PM
Thu 5 Mar 2020 6:00PM
Fri 6 Mar 2020 6:00PM
Tue 10 Mar 2020 6:00PM
Wed 11 Mar 2020 6:00PM

I can't make it at 7. My work ALWAYS goes until 7 minimum and then there is the time it takes to go to Alexx. So the 'maybes' are a 'yes I can BUT I will be late!'


Henrik 🤖 Thu 27 Feb 2020 8:40AM

Tue 3 Mar 2020 6:00PM
Wed 4 Mar 2020 6:00PM
Thu 5 Mar 2020 6:00PM
Tue 10 Mar 2020 6:00PM
Wed 11 Mar 2020 6:00PM

On 3rd, 4th and 5th I could join via Videocall


Keegan Thu 27 Feb 2020 3:02AM

Mon 2 Mar 2020 6:00PM
Tue 3 Mar 2020 6:00PM
Wed 4 Mar 2020 6:00PM
Fri 6 Mar 2020 6:00PM
Tue 10 Mar 2020 6:00PM

Just FYI the 9th of march one I think clashes with the second leads meeting. I think. time zones and stuff.

Also the earlier we book this in the better as people can still book in on my calendar at these times.


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by walto Thu 27 Feb 2020 5:56PM

Thank you for partaking in the time poll. I blocked the embassy for the 4th, everyone was available to some degree then + the other dates that had a good response were not available in the embassy.

meeting time changed to 19:30

Let's meet, decide & plan actions

Goal: launch Kiez Burn Dreams 2020 ASAP!


Mon  2 Mar 2020  6:00PM
Tue  3 Mar 2020  6:00PM
Wed  4 Mar 2020  6:00PM
Thu  5 Mar 2020  6:00PM
Fri  6 Mar 2020  6:00PM
Tue 10 Mar 2020  6:00PM
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