2021 Dreamers submit your Dreams!⭐

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✨🌟Dreams Registration is Open! ⭐✨  The Dreams Team would like to invite you to submit your proposal for arts grants funding for Kiez Burn 2021. Yay!! As the number of participants is uncertain, potential Dreamers should understand:

> Arts Budget has been finalized - 7000€ for Dreams!!!

> Voting may need to happen very quickly once ticket sales begin.

> Artists may only have a month- or even less- to organize/ create their Dream, once the amount of their grant funding is finally certain...

📌...If that’s all good, feel free to first read the Dreamer Manual here!

📌...and then register and write your Dream grant application here:

👉👉👉 All Artists are encouraged to post their dreams, even those who aren’t seeking funding (for example, to get some good for exposure/ free advertising).


18th June 2021 - Dream Submission ends!
24th June 2021 - Voting Begins!
30th June 2021 - Voting Ends!
4th July 2021 - Dreamers receive confirmation if and how much they will be funded

Use this very thread to reach out to the dream guides team


Veroca R. Sala Fri 11 Jun 2021 8:42AM

hey, just make it asap Indeed.


Veroca R. Sala Mon 3 May 2021 3:44PM

Loved it!


Does this project need funding / moneyzz? either way, you could submit your dream so to get more visibility. Once you finish the registration, a Dream guide will contact you.

Regardless of the need for money, by submitting your dream ppl will be able to see your project and get to know more about it. Just click on "Dream grant application" and just follow the steps,


just as FYI There is a thread about camps in another group ( here on Talk) where some camp leads are sharing their master sheet to help others organize their camps or improve their current model. I think that would be a good place where to start kicking off your project (?). Like hitting the comments or even adding new info on the thread itself, you might get to reach out to camp leads through that thread, then just cross-posting on Facebook & sharing the link on our KB newsletter could be a way to go.

  • If you wish to include content in the next Newsletter and recruit hands to help you? please get in touch with @Nora Flora

  • For Facebook postings about dreams we expect each dreamer to work on promoting their own projects, however, in the future, there might be some FB posts coming from the Dreams guide team linking & inviting ppl to visit the dreams platform and take a peek at the current projects that are online.

  • The Kieze registration team of realizers is being formed these days. Once is fixed you could work with them to reach out to camp leads if needed. These are Erin & Relativity.


Do you think KiezBurn needs a new "Need" related to bio-waste listed in the platform? sounds like we do!!! No need to ask permission, just go ahead, add the RESPONSIBILITY under the Need you think it should go ( like LNT for instance), and describe the role, why, and how´s, and what´s.

  • If you need help with the platform reach out to me, here is some general info about how realities work now (there were some changes made to it). I'm happy to help you with that ❤️

  • Not sure how you envision this project and how big of a change this would mean, but you could present the project through the advice process to gain advice and input from previous LNT leads, and camp leads that have managed waste issues in the past (?). I know the AP doesn't have such a good "fame" but This way you could polish up your proposal and enable co-creation more widely. Here is a proposal template to present your project on a thread.

  • More in-depth about the advice process here.

I think there are multiple ways to start off, these are three options you have very accurately pointed out🤓, these might come together at some point, or one after the other (?) but in general, I think the most needed is to gain visibility to get people involved and educate by making the information available. I loved the idea and I'm definitely following up on it =)

Let me know if this was of any help or what exactly you need guidance for?


Diarmaid Fri 4 Jun 2021 8:06AM

Hi Franzi - this sounds like a great dream. We did say this year that there would not be any dreams inside the camps themselves, but maybe you could put it just outside the camp? Or beside one of the manned stations? If you make a placeholder dream on the platform, we can assign a guide to you to act as a coordinator :)


Till Tailor Tue 4 May 2021 9:36AM

Thank you, Vero! I shall try to walk all the 3 roads!


Veroca R. Sala Fri 4 Jun 2021 4:08PM

how is this dream going? do you need support urban-glam.mutti❤️?


Veroca R. Sala Wed 9 Jun 2021 3:35PM

dreams team meet up tomorrow. updates to come


Veroca R. Sala Wed 9 Jun 2021 3:35PM

dreams team meet up tomorrow. updates to come


Bee Fri 11 Jun 2021 6:19AM

I would reccomend putting the dream up ASAP with as much knowledge as you have for now. :)


Franzi Fri 4 Jun 2021 8:19AM

cool will do this over the weekend!


Veroca R. Sala Fri 11 Jun 2021 9:54AM

let bring this discussion to the program thread. This thread is for specific questions about Dreams, lets discuss budget and, number of Booklets etc in here >>>

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