Kiez Burn 2022 - WE HAVE A DATE! 馃帀

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We are happy to announce the Kiez Burn date 2022: 13th July - 17th July and celebrate that a decision has been made!

This conclusion came up after conversation with the landowners (Freiland) the group of e.V. advisors, and the 2 first Korg (Assembling) meetings. We can now start the timeline, do the Amt Voranmeldung, Tickets.., krimkram.

Availability and other event's dates:

The key factor to keep in mind: Freiland requires to keep 3 weeks space between events that are hosted at the Gel盲nde (in bold) to avoid annoy the neighbors.

  • Zum Brennenden B盲ren: 12.05 - 15.05.

  • Freiland Event:聽June - so this month is out of the question

  • Fusion: 29.06 - 03.07.

  • Nowhere: 5.7 -10.7.

  • Berlin Burners event: 19-24.07

  • Borderland: ?? (traditionally end of July)

  • Freiland Schloss Brook:聽22.8. - this month also out of the question

First Proposal:

The dates Freiland suggested were:

29 June - 3 July // 13 - 17 July // 20 - 24 July // 27 - 31 July

During the public聽KOrg Assembling meeting聽on January 13th, there was a quick online vote, with a pretty balanced outcome, but a slight favor to 27-31 July.

The final decision was taken by the Board resulting on聽29 June - 3 July聽(crashing with Fusion) and communicated to Freiland.

Although this date was among those they proposed, they reminded us that the whole Freiland crew wouldn't be available if it crashes Fusion, therefore we wouldn't be able to count on their help during KB. They suggested considering 1-2 weeks before.

Kiez Burn organizes itself autonomously, but the coordination with Freiland crew around the event is crucial. They prepare and mown the lawn, open storage, pick up trash left behind on the Gel盲nde, do many last minute duties they didn't finish.., and last year, installed and managed compost toilets and hand-washing stations. Even though KB organizes its own toilets, de-moops the land and everything, lacking the cooperation with Freiland crew, their availability if something was not right (we sign up a handover protocol) and those extra toilets would mean a challenge, potential last minute problems and an extra expense in money and energy.

So yes, we rethought the dates.

Second Proposal - Decision making:

The new dates brought up to discussion again during the public聽2nd KOrg Assembling meeting聽on January 27th were:

  • 06 - 10th July (crashing Nowhere)

  • 13 -17th July (crashing Nowhere strike with Kiez Burn Build)

  • 20-24th July(crashing with Berlin Burners event)

There was an open discussion and a fast online voting. The main consideration was not to crash with another Berlin Burner event which, besides not being cool, could affect the recruitment for key roles at KB, so the decision fall on 13-17 July.

Dates for Kiez Burn 2022 are now confirmed with Freiland:

BUILD: 08.07 - 12.07

EVENT: 13.07 - 17.07

STRIKE: 18.07 - 22.07

Now let's get this ball rolling! 馃檶