🔊 Sound protocol: Semi-loud camps

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Post information, ideas about defining a sound protocol for semi-loud camps

Sound Protocols (draft)

Sound Protocol: Semi loud camp

All potential semi-loud camps. Please update your application (deadline for application: 21.03) See the updates in the template (new)

  1. Describe your sound system (list point: Sound system)

  2. Choose some temporary location (list point: Desired location) - pick spot on the map

  3. Choose a sound lead (list point: Sound lead)

  4. Choose people responsible for sound during time slots (list point: Sound regulator)

Discussion about semi-loud camps from last year

Sound Concept Meeting notes_07.04.2022

Feedback from Freiland on Semi Loud Camps:

  • PAs tend to become more noisy extremely fast (even if it’s only background music at a bar) and can definitely lead to complaints

  • people are used to turning up the volume

  • A certain level of control is super essential here, within a fixed time schedule/playtimes this would be possible in principle

  • Nevertheless, this could lead to problems, because the PAs are louder and echo farther than you think (due to the acoustics in the valley, people in the neighboring village Hohenbüssow can hear when people on the Freiland site just cheer/“jubeln”)

  • Overall, Eric advises against/does not recommend that we do so, as there is a high potential for conflict with neighbors here. It’s not a direct ban, we should remember that Kiez Burn is not so well accepted in the area compared to Freiland festival, we're simply "the people who come from Berlin"

  • -> In addition to defining playtimes, checking that all sound systems are well aligned/do not exceed a maximum volume set at sound check is a plan for how we respond to complaints & communicate with the affected camps. It shouldn't be a problem if the camps concerned handle the music boxes responsibly, and e.g. accompany performances & workshops with background music during the permitted playtimes? Better to have no additional stages/dance floors as this will very likely cause troubles? What do you think?

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Work in progress


Next tasks

  • check how to communicate with semi-loud camps during KB

  • define sound complaint protocol (instructions to handle a complaint)

    • how to respond to the authorities

    • how to reach contact persons for further questions

    • inform every loud + semi-loud camp

      • turn down their volume

      • discuss further steps

    • ...

  • define strategy to implement / enforce sound protocol

    • improve measures to handle non-compliance

    • ...

Shorty before KB

  • organize: sound check

    • ask CJ about map of places where to check dB levels

    • ...

  • print flyers regarding sound regulations

  • inform all camps about sound regulations (sound protocol)

During KB

  • inform all camps about sound regulations again (sound protocol)


Marcel Wed 13 Apr 2022 7:06AM

Sound protocol - semi-loud camps: next steps


people are used to turning up the volume

  • worst case

    • any person can regulate the volume of a semi-loud camp
    • persons turn up the volume as they please
    • the volume regularly exceeds the maximum level
  • expected

    • the volume of a semi-loud camp does not exceed the maximum level
  • steps to achieve expected situation

    • every person regulating the volume
    • knowns the maximum allowed volume
      • => TODO: define maximum allowed volumes
    • eg. via a sound check
      • => TODO: indicate the maximum volumes
    • eg. via tape at the volume controls
    • is responsible enough to not exceed the maximum allowed volume
      • => only certain "sound regulators" of the camp are allowed to regulate the volume
      • => TODO: every semi-loud camp: assign "sound regulators"
      • => TODO: hang a big note over the volume controls: YOU SHALL NOT CHANGE THE VOLUME

neighbor villages are disturbed (even by low-volume sound sources)

  • worst case

    • neighbor villagers are continously hearing sound from the Gelände
    • neighbor villagers are calling the police
  • expected

    • there are quiet times where neighbor villagers don't hear any sound
  • steps to achieve expected situation

    • to semi-loud camps also apply the quit hours of the sound camps
    • => TODO: print out + laminate loud hours timetable for every semi-sound camp
    • => TODO: define a maximum volume for quiet hours (adapt during the event if necessary)
      • alternative: turn down non-blutooth speakers completely during quiet hours

neighbor villagers might call the police

  • worst case

    • neighbor villagers are calling the police because of sound disturbance
    • police comes the the Gelände
  • expected

    • villagers don't call the police
  • steps to achieve expected situation

    • idea: offer a complaint hotline
    • announce somewhere publicly
    • "Hello we ... are gathering together ... If you have any complaints please call this hotline"
    • problem: bad mobile recreption on the Gelände?

placement of speakers might not be optimal

  • worst case

    • sound from semi-loud camps travels far to nearby villages
  • expected

    • sound from semi-loud camps stays within the camp as good as possible
  • steps to achieve expected situation

    • use speaker setup so sound stays within the camp as good as possible
    • TODO: get speaker setup from Cafe Wonderland
      • several speakers surrounding the space pointing inwards
    • TODO: ask other semi-loud camps
      • if they could use a similar setup
      • why the couldn't
    • alternative: make speakers face south east
    • see sound protocol (loud camps): "All sound camps must have their speakers facing South East."

differences between neighbour camps might not be easy to handle

  • worst case

    • a relativly loud semi-loud camp is next to a camp which prefers quietness
    • both camps are not able to work out a solution
  • expected

    • conflicts between camps regarding sound are avoided, resolved with best effort
  • steps to achieve expected situation

    • inform kieze beforehand when they are near a loud / semi-loud camp
    • TODO: consider semi-loud camps during placement of kieze
    • offer a place to go with complaints against semi-loud camps
    • TODO: assign a "sound conflict mediator"
      • think about possible situations, outcomes

rangers might not know how to handle issues regarding sound

  • TODO:

kb people might not be ready to deal with the police

  • TODO: