Mon 3 Feb 2020 11:14AM

How does Talk make you feel?

BL Benjamin Langholz Public Seen by 103

After a little more than a week using Talk, I'm curious to hear how it makes others feel.


Jeff Spirlock Sun 5 Apr 2020 12:15PM

I am very impressed with the Loomio platform and find Talk to be extremely helpful and informative.

Yes, there is A LOT to read. Personally I believe that correlates directly to all the various key changes Kiez Burn is going through. It is a young burn/event and with a decentralized team to organize essential functions combined with the do-ocracy framework there are going to be lots of lengthy discussions. Event production and logistical planning are very complex areas of expertise to make flow smoothly and function well, especially if lead roles lack decades of experience doing such tasks. Even when they have that experience there are no guarantees things will function smoothly.

It reminds me of living on this commune that had 5 key people making decisions. Then there was a main financier who could attempt to veto any given decision those 5 people had a consensus on. Largely we operated in this weird harmonious anarchy with frequent petty squabbles but at the end of the day we appreciated and respected each persons roles and responsibilities in the community. When you decentralize something that doesn't have a clearly defined framework these type of conflicts are bound to arise.

For example, venue clarity and possible changes. That alone is a HUGE issue. No venue, no event.

Then you have the question of whether or not the community would support a quieter burn. Especially a quieter burn organized by Berliners with such a passion and history for loud music.

Next you have funds distribution for art and infrastructure.

Should event size/ticket sales increase?

How should ticket sales happen?

If you think these topics are going to involve little passion and fire then you've obviously never organized an event.

Talk is a great place for conversations to continue after in person or online meetings. Heavy emphasis on IN PERSON. I'm aware that is currently not an option but when it is possible it is detrimental to the functionality of Talk Threads staying relevant and on topic. If you don't or can't attend meetings then I can see how Talk looks like a mess and would make you question whether or not it is even working.

There is a common saying among burners and event organizers. Herding cats is the phrase. If you've never tried to catch a cat that loved it's freedom I challenge you to do so they next chance you get. After that little experiment, now try it with 20 cats (average attendance at meetings) and let me know how it works out. We are a community of easily 1000 people, challenges will occur, it is inevitable.


walto Wed 5 Feb 2020 9:42AM

Here is the Reality responsibility:

the thread where it was discussed, is linked under the dependency.

As always: feel free to take it on :)


Cris Tue 4 Feb 2020 5:35PM

Completely agree. We're in my opinion still a bit illiterate in how to discuss online. Has little to do with the tool. Maybe we could all enhance some of the good practices on Talk, lately a bit forgotten like: conciseness, use of "react" buttons, be aware of the space we take, etc... And definitely think twice about our good communication practices: solution-oriented, constructive,..., and don't fall into aggression, toxic behavior and shit. @waldo suggested a Talk code of conduct somewhere?

Anyway, I was very impressed with how good the mind maps like this are to have a clear overview of a big discussion. But tja, more platforms, more work...

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walto Tue 4 Feb 2020 10:58AM

Yeah, last year Talk was the extension of things discussed during meetings. This year Talk exploded before there was a lead kick-off meeting. That feels to me to be the difference.


Saskia Tue 4 Feb 2020 8:30AM

Last year I loved talk.

This year it is a source of stress so far.

Given that this situation has not been like this last year, despite heated discussions about sensetive topics & long threads, I would say it is not the tool but the community conversation & its' overall tone, which changed.

The conversation culture is more aggressive and borderline toxic and people seem to assume worse things off each other. And I sincerely wonder: WHY?
Feels like we're all forgetting we're doing this with the aim to enrich each other's life.


Benjamin Langholz Mon 3 Feb 2020 11:05PM

I also admit that I have negative feelings towards people in this talk system that I have never met IRL and while I'm sure I would still not agree with them I would not feel negatively towards them. The dehumanization of the conversation lends itself to this whereas in-person conversation does not. I recall this from working at Facebook as well.


Alina, also known as Universe Wed 5 Feb 2020 9:12AM

Like there must be a better way

Great question! Thanks @Benjamin Langholz for asking! I don't agree with the comparison with Facebook. I do think that to work well this platform needs an informed, dedicated and benevolent group working towards the same and clear goal as well as an etiquette and a sweet group of kind but strict moderators. This is not us at the moment ;) Love you though! <3


Jaina Hirai Wed 5 Feb 2020 6:50AM

Overloaded with information
Like there must be a better way

I don’t think talk is like Facebook. I receive a daily digest email and stay informed, only within the threads that interest me.


Jaina Hirai Wed 5 Feb 2020 6:50AM

Overloaded with information

I don’t think talk is like Facebook. I receive a daily digest email and stay informed, only within the threads that interest me.


Andrea Paracucchi Tue 4 Feb 2020 6:38AM

Like there must be a better way

Too many threads and too much to read. I feel there must be a better way to be informed. As into a sort of wrap up of activities to be informed about. I feel it is not very efficient and there might be a better way, still not sure which. And I have to add that it gives a bit too much incentive to type on a keyboard instead of coming to meetings.

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