Vehicle Permit Questions

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A few questions about parking/driving on-site during the burn. No cars are allowed on the Gelände after Wednesday 12pm. Can we make ANY exceptions? If yes, when and how do we handle it? How was this managed last year?

Where do Campervans park if they are Free Camping? Camps have to organize it themselves if members are coming with a van, but how do free-campers know where they are allowed to park (to not block anything, destroy plants etc. ) ? Does Gate need to find a spot for them or is it up to the car holders to find a spot? Was there a maximum of campervans allowed on site?


Alex Kaos Sat 4 May 2019 7:59AM

Hey Mareike. Thilo Maluch was helping with this last year, and I'm sure he would be happy to give you his input. He is not available on here, but I can put you guys in a convo on Facebook if you like?

For my input: Maybe have a set of 'common sense guidelines' to share/hand out to vehicles at the entrance. i.e Make sure any path or road is completely clear for emergency vehicles - you don't want to stop the Feuerwehr from fighting a fire do you? Respect that many tents can fit in the space of a van, don't be self-centered with parking.

Vehicles coming on site after Wednesday should be few. In the past someone (normally a ranger or greeter) would have to guide the vehicle to it's location, which is logistically a bitch. I believe people who wanted to come on site had to apply beforehand, with their vehicle, reason, and rough time of arrival to make the process a bit simpler.

From looking at the map, there's not many spaces a free-camper camper could set-up without infringing on a Kiez. Personally I would make a "no-go" policy unless they contact gate before the event with a good reason to need/want their vehicle on site.


Remy Schneider Sat 4 May 2019 2:14PM

Hey @mareike ! Indeed - Thilo handled this from last year. Here is the information i have from the Site Lead Handbook that specs out permits:

During Build and Strike
Production vehicle, delivery vehicles and camp vehicles can move freely around site no faster than 10km per hour and only with permission of the gate leads after Gate has been officially opened.
Camp vehicles and production vehicles will be given a parking permit that enables them to stay on site.
During the event
No vehicles, except for approved Art Cars, Emergency Vehicles the Production Van or Work Vehicles, will be allowed to move around on site.

All other vehicles must park before the event begins and remain stationary until Strike. Exception: Registered camper vans & art cars arriving after the gate is officially open may drive to their final location (and should be accompanied by a Gate volunteer / Greeter / Wonderer (Ranger) if possible)

Participants will not be allowed to drive on site. They must park their vehicle in the designated car parking area and carry their equipment to their campsite. Exception: registered camper vans and art cars will be allowed to drive onto site to their designated area, and then must remain parked for the duration of the event. In case they have a good reason to leave early they will have to be accompanied by a Wonderer (Ranger) to ensure the safety of all participants.

Working Vehicles & Delivery
All Kieze, Art projects or Production that is waiting for a local delivery or a working vehicle need to notify Gate of their arrival, specifying:
Whom they are waiting for
The date and estimate time of arrival

A contact person needs to be assigned by the Kieze, Art project or Production, and should be available to come to gate when the vehicle arrives to pick up the delivery or escort them on-site until they depart.


Remy Schneider Sat 4 May 2019 2:15PM


Remy Schneider Sat 4 May 2019 2:18PM

Last year, we allowed SOME people to park with their campervan ONSITE (but they had to let us know ahead of time and apply for a permit). We only allowed it for people who's van is an integral part of their camp structure, or for parents with small children.

If someone showed up WITHOUT a camper van permit, or they didn't get approved for one. They had to park to small area beside general parking designated as campervan parking (see the map here under "Transport-Perimeter Layer":

We did not allow campervans to park onsite AFTER the Wednesday --> but you will have to ask Thilo how this actually worked.


Remy Schneider Sat 4 May 2019 2:19PM

Vehicles are allowed to drive (slowly) around site during build and strike - but NO VEHICLES CAN MOVE unless they are an ART CAR (which I don't think we have any this year) DURING the event. This is for safety reasons.

this also means that ALL cars must be moved offsite and parked when we open on Wednesday.

Rangers can help enforce this.


Remy Schneider Sat 4 May 2019 2:20PM

The only cars driving around site during the event should be the production van, and safety vehicles (e.g., fire, emergency) and art cars


Remy Schneider Sat 4 May 2019 2:21PM

Delivery vehicles may arrive during the event - and should be let in the back gate. It is important that anyone expecting a delivery INFORMS GATE and is there to receive the delivery from the back gate, and walk the vehicle to it's drop off location (slowly)


Mareike Sat 4 May 2019 3:18PM

Thanks Remy!! This clarifies a lot! Thilo mentioned it was difficult to get delivery vehicles off site again before gate openend. Maybe an idea to have one or two volunteers for wednesday morning to help get every car off site or properly parked. But Gate will include this in the volunteer shifts if we think it would be good or Ill speak to rangers.


Remy Schneider Tue 7 May 2019 7:32PM

Thilo's guideline from last year was "make hard rules" and then grant exceptions to people who are communicative (and polite) beforehand =)


Mareike Wed 8 May 2019 7:14PM

put together a vehicle info for Kieze , i will pass this to @lisa111 to send out to kieze - if there is anything wrong/missing please let me know


Saskia Fri 7 Jun 2019 1:58PM

I got a question from a dreamer. Do they get any confirmation for their vehicle being registered or should things just be allright if they did?


Saskia Sat 8 Jun 2019 7:39AM

Dear Mareike, FAQ continues

said dreamer did not request early entrance because they do not need to be present on side during build in order to set up their dream. I personally think it was the right decision of them to not take up one of the scarce insurance spaces.

However, they plan to arrive (with their vehicle) on wednesday after ten. Should they get in touch with you personally in order to find a solution for this issue? As far as I understood the arrival way is rather long, arriving before 10am on wednesday might post a problem. As far as I undertood the destination for the vehicle lies right next to the back entrance.


Mareike Sat 8 Jun 2019 11:33AM

yes thats actually true, it would be a shame to "waste" an insurance spots.. still, we really try not to make many exceptions, otherwise we will only be leading vehicles in and out of the gelände. I would say if they arrive before 12 (before the big berlin busses arrive), we can make an exception. tell them to email me personally and we will figure something out. they definitely need fill out the vehicle form until monday!!


Reinhard Nietfeld Tue 11 Jun 2019 7:37PM

Hello Mareike, I have sent you a mail about my vehicle permit, I leave for Burning Burg on Thursday morning and start from there to Kiezburn on Sunday to help you guys at build. So this is my last chance to print my permit. Thank you for helping :-)


Cris Sun 5 May 2019 11:11AM

  • Hey Mareike, I just want to confirm that Rangers will be there to check and accompany cars around site DURING the event. Usually Gate would call them and wait for them to appear before the vehicle drives in (the "waiting" doesn't apply when for emergency cars) And the same on the way out.
  • As for BUILD and STRIKE, I believe, the explicit designated volunteers could help out, since there are no Rangers planned for those times.
  • As a note, I would expect those Gate volunteers to work the first hours once the event starts (which I think is on Wed at 12:00?) since probably Rangers will be quite busy with the newcomers. It'd be nice to know at which time Rangers are taking over this vehicle role. Probably @verocarsala can confirm this.

Mareike Tue 11 Jun 2019 7:39PM

hey, working on it tonight - permits will be emailed tonight:)


Mareike Sat 4 May 2019 10:22AM

Thanks a lot! Sounds good to me with the guide and I personally would like to make only the least exceptions possible. About the locations I am talking to hanna-maija and we might find a few spots that are first come first park. Otherwise maybe safe a part of of the parking area outside the gate but close to it for campervans..


Mareike Fri 7 Jun 2019 2:04PM

yes if they filled out the google form, they will receive an email next week including the permit to print out :)