Fri 15 Mar 2019 10:03PM

Kicking off Paid Security - open role // looking for a guide and a realizer

F Franzi Public Seen by 67

I am looking for a guide and a realizer who will work on our paid security needs. As per requirement we need to have paid security onsite during the event in addition to our own ranger structure. This is a bigger role and would need two people to make it happen. The main tasks would be the following:
- Find a security company that is in line with our vision and could work for our event
- This might either be a new one (I have some contact to share) or we re-engage with the one from last year
- Negotiate the ontract
- Discuss the service level and the involvement onsite
- Discuss security protocol, our internal structure etc
- Onboarding at the event -> roles and responsibilities, do's and dont's etc (We have decent documentation from last year)
- Prior to the event be the main liaise between the security company and the board

All of the work will be done prior to the event and on the first day (onboarding onsite and then handover to the site lead). I estimate the total work load at around 25 hours (depending on the assessment of the new security companies, briefing time, negotiation time etc).
I would be available for handover and to share my learning from last year.

This role is mandatory for the event since we need to fulfill the legal requirements.

Would love to talk to you if you are interested!

Realities role (please assign yourself to it if you will take it up)


Julian Finn Sat 16 Mar 2019 4:27PM

I'm not sure if I have the time to handle the whole thing but I might just know the right security firm which i'm gonna contact for a quote.


Julian Finn Sat 16 Mar 2019 4:28PM

(i can share this with whoever takes over the role)