Thu 4 Jul 2019 9:13AM

Agenda for our 1st meetup! Who knows a nice location that can host us?

K Kaliope Public Seen by 37

Dear Kiez Burn community, our first meetup for the decompression is coming close and many members of the family are interested in joining!

Find the notes from our meeting here!


  • Short introduction round/game
  • What's the aim of our decompression?
  • Recap/feedback precompression
  • Decision on a date and location
  • Open (co-)lead roles
  • Further tasks
  • Date for our next meetup
  • More suggestions?


Does anyone have some hints where to meet? What do you think?
- Our past experience shows that more people are likely to join when it's happening at a bar, so we should definitely consider the option to make a group reservation for a closed space with WiFi (like at Jenseits).
- On the other hand, the atmosphere there can be very distracting and with many people around there it's hard to have discussions! Maybe you know some more private spaces that could host us? For instance, the Wohngemeinschaft Turmstraße is renting out a donation-based workshop space (where we did the final meetup for our precompression).
- Maybe OMA (Holzmarktstraße) is also an option (there was the last meetup before Kiez Burn)!
– OR maybe someone has a huge flat that can host our crazy crowd?



Jo Flo Thu 4 Jul 2019 10:31AM

I would suggest OMA - on a warm we can sit outside - they like us Burners (especially the LNT) - we support a great project with our drink-donations


Veroca R. Sala Thu 4 Jul 2019 1:40PM

Hey guys i have no idea about bars to meet up. I would definitely offer my place where we had the second or third kb meeting a while ago. Just a big livingroom. Beamer. Limited until 22.00 because of the neighbor. Just suggestion in case other options dont work out for any reason


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Thu 4 Jul 2019 1:15PM



Kaliope Thu 4 Jul 2019 2:10PM

that sounds nice, thanks for offering! can we simply join the berlin burners again? maybe we could do another costume swap as well!


Kaliope Thu 4 Jul 2019 2:12PM

Thanks for offering! Everyone agrees with making this our plan b? At OMA we could stay a while longer...