Storage (short & Mid term)

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Short-term storage:

KBORG got a deal with soulbottles for short-term storage in Berlin * space available at reduced price to be rented by the Kieze
Available until June 30
* Location: Tempelhof U Uhlsteinstraße
* Accessible Mon-Fri 9am-8pm (for exceptions talk to Kathleen or Joy)
* Storage fee: 10 EUR per sqm per month
* Elevator available
Interested? Contact Kathleen or Joy (Transport Leads) on Slack or Loomio or email to

Long-term storage

  • Possible location near the site -- a barn from Freiland guys
  • No price yet, still in negotiation
  • Not 100% weatherproof (no windows)
  • Not 100% safe
  • 4-5 Kieze expressed their interest
  • Possible to bring stuff to the barn in person but anything that requires someone to handle it is not cool

Shipping directly to the site:

Anything delivered for Kiez Burn needs to be delivered after June 15th! Anything delivered before will be LOST
How to write the address for production:
Freiland - Kiez Burn - Production department
Feldweg 1
17129 Broock / Alt Tellin

How to write the address for Kieze:
Freiland - Kiez Burn - Kiez xxxx
Feldweg 1
17129 Broock / Alt Tellin

How to write the address for art:
Freiland - Kiez Burn - Art xxxx
Feldweg 1
17129 Broock / Alt Tellin

With *production/Kiez/art * being as specific as possible, for example:
* Production Power
* Kiez Payamcakes (Drugsluts and other difficult names, please figure something out not to get our packages undelivered, maybe the camp lead or so...)
* Production Bürgeramt
* Art Isolation box

Shipping to soulbottles storage

Paul Kupfer
soulproducts GmbH - Kiez Burn - (format see above)
Volkmarstr. 1-7
12099 Berlin


walto Fri 11 May 2018 10:07AM

@kathleenstoeckel I added the address formats for ppl to send to the site. Could you confirm that the above is correct and the format makes sense?


Daniel Rhefus Mon 14 May 2018 2:54PM

Hi I am from the Downtempo Saloon and I would like to Store some Timber (Beams, Logs, and stems) that we need for Construction as near to the Location as possible.

If possible i would like to store stuff at the 04.06. 100% safety and 100% waterproof is not an concern. But because of the size the beams will require two ppl. for handling ( for storage we will bring enough manpower. but it might be tricky to move them around alone if needed)

Could we store the timber at the Freiland Barn?
How can i make contact to the responsible?


Daniel Regev Fri 8 Jun 2018 4:26PM

Hey @kathleenstoeckel @paulkupfer
The Mothership ordered 1 camping table and 4 folding chairs to Soul Bottles, Amazon wrote delivery expected between 13-15.6, I assume it's fine since the transport from SB to KB leaves 16.6, i hope they won't fuck up the delivery...


Annette Sat 9 Jun 2018 10:47AM

UnderWorld stored some stuff in the barn before burning pig (corner on the left close to stuff Alex brought there) and one of our camp members put stuff there (carpets and a little elephant) without knowing exactly where to put it - i hope its not in the way or in a wrong place. We will take it all out the barn Friday 15th of June.


Annette Wed 13 Jun 2018 6:15AM

Whats the status about long termn storage in the barn after kiez burn? UnderWorld is interested but we need details and a number for our budget planning @janthomas @thomasschneider3


Kathleen Stoeckel Wed 13 Jun 2018 10:34AM

The latest info from Freiland regarding the long-term storage in the barn: - Long-term storage at Freiland (barn) available
o Half of barn available (total ca. 250 square metres)
o Cost: ca. 5 EUR per square meter per year (tbc)
o There will be a lockable area created inside the barn, unsure about exact details though and it would likely only be established post Kiezburn
o Some work needs to be done on the barn to make windows waterproof, i.e. depending on where inside the barn stuff is put it might need waterproofing initially (like wrap in plastic)
Any news @janthomas ?


Jan Thomas Thu 14 Jun 2018 12:00AM

Thanks for the summary @kathleenstoeckel - Freiland have been completely busy with their own event, so there hasn't been any movement on this.

But the barn is available for us to store stuff into after the burn, and it won't be expensive compared with Berlin storage prices. Everything else will have to get sorted after the event, sorry...


Daniel Rhefus Thu 17 May 2018 10:37PM

Any news?


Kathleen Stoeckel Fri 18 May 2018 6:39AM

Not yet, sorry :-( But they promised to give us the info and quote latest next week.


Nicholas Vance Wed 13 Jun 2018 10:31AM

It would be great if you could also share this information with Pyjamcakes!

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