Wed 19 Jan 2022 12:59PM

2022 👾 Website updates & change requests

K Kaliope Public Seen by 34

Ooops... you've encountered mysterious error 404? You are a lead and want to share or update important info on the website? This is where you can get it all started.

Just drop a comment and tag the current website leads (@elektra).


Kaliope Wed 19 Jan 2022 1:03PM

Peeps, I can help get the 2021 census & financial report online, it's still missing. Can you @Veroca R. Sala and/or @Erin Jeavons-Fellows maybe give me a short intro? I have backend access and some Wordpress/CMS experience, but not with the builder you're using – and don't wanna mess around...


Veroca R. Sala Thu 20 Jan 2022 11:39AM

hey @Kate the builder WP bakery is quite straightforward, I literally had 0 experience and found it quite intuitive, I can only assist you by telling you how I did when I needed to create a page by myself: basically, I just cloned the pages Erin had done to kinda have the same size margins, footers etc, and just modified the content in it ( and rename it etc); I really took the easiest route Lol

Maybe you can just clone any Financial report page and change the content. Is this helping you in any way? Am I so far answering your question? 😆



Saskia Thu 3 Feb 2022 10:52AM

The census is not online yet, is it?


Kaliope Thu 3 Feb 2022 12:25PM

Still on it – will have more free time from next Tuesday to push some pixels around :) @Saskia