Tue 12 Oct 2021 10:17AM

📫 Co-create the Kiez Burn newsletters here!

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This is the place to co-create our newsletter!

  • Check the timeline below to see when the next mailing goes out

  • Tag the realizer in the comments for updates so they will receive a notification

  • To contribute written text, use this document

  • The deadline is two days before dispatch, otherwise please PM the realizers

  • Forgive us humble communicorns if we shorten or edit sections 🙂

  • To contribute graphics, drop them here


@Joy Samila

Kiez Burn is looking for a Facebook communicorn in 2022 – interested? Leave a comment in this thread or sign up here as a realizer.



Timeline for newsletter distribution:




5 March 2022 -> DRAFT HERE

Ticketing reminder, sound camp applications, open roles...

22 February 2022

Ticket sale annoucnement, new Korg, Realizers & open roles, more news...

09 February 2022

KB date, Leadership, Burn Night, discord, comms callout

21 January 2022

Kick-off: The KORG

9 January 2022

Kick-off invite

25 November 2021

Burn Night 2nd info

20 November 2021

Burn Night 1st info

11 November

Burn night/ticket presale

12 October 2021

Census, Retrospective etc. – Reminder

12 October 2021

General Assemby – Invitation Update

24 September 2021

Census, Decom & General Assembly – General Updates


Veroca R. Sala Tue 19 Oct 2021 10:36AM

I'd like to add to the next newsletter release, a link to the incident report form. It has gone out at some point in the past but I suggest we add it to all newsletters.

The copy used for telegram:

If you experienced harm or an incident where you felt your boundaries were crossed at the Kiez Burn event or any related event within the community, we wanted to remind you that you could report this.

You could do this anonymously if you feel safer that way, or/and 
if you do not wish to have any follow-up. Only one dedicated person has access to submitted reports and will take special care of their confidentiality.

Incident report form 

Pass on this message to anyone you know who has had a difficult experience.

Item removed


Veroca R. Sala Sun 6 Feb 2022 8:39PM

I added a draft to the newsletter at the top of this thread. Hopefully, it goes out on 22.02. (maybe a bit earlier even?) I chose this date because:

1- the Korg meets on the 17th and then they will probably decide when is the first realizers meeting (?) which should be announced on the newsletter together with the confirmation of the date of the Burn.

2. The Leadership program v2.0 registration is open until the 27th, releasing the newsletter on the 22nd is already quite tight, but I didn't want to put too much pressure on the Korg.

3. The Burn night team also is recruiting, so I guess this edition is quite important.

4. While there is no official realizer for the newsletter yet, depending on the Korg and what they want to broadcast this draft could evolve. Still, a call out for Newsletter realizer on this edition would be meaningful.

This is just me wanting to chip in I hope it serves ❤️ @CJ Yetman , @johannes @Kate ,


Kaliope Tue 8 Feb 2022 11:15AM

I can help out with the next edition until we find a new realizer. There's already a draft ready in Sender that can be updated.


Veroca R. Sala Tue 8 Feb 2022 11:28AM

yesterday at the board meeting we ve decided to split the content of the next edition into 2. So there will be a release tomorrow announcing the event date, calling out for comms volunteers, and promoting the leadership program, while we leave the rest of topics related to the Korg and event itself for the 22nd.

Tomorrow´s edition will be sent out by us.👍 The following one (22.02) does not have a responsible human yet but it's drafted in the doc at least 😉 if you want to send it prior to making corresponding adjustments/updates would be great, or maybe another Jorgi wants to take it on...