Mon 22 Feb 2021 12:25AM

Dream/Realities Overview

D Diarmaid Public Seen by 27

Kiezburn keeps track of its tasks via the realities platform. This was run (I gather) using a free graphql database, and that plan ended recently. As such, realities went down.

To organise the Dreams, where ticket holders can vote for how the funding should be spread out, we used the dreams platform. I believe that our Dreams platform was written in Ruby, and it is currently also down (going to shows an Nginx 502 error, which normally means that the app serving the content has failed.

There is a proposal to use the hosting provided by Plato, who have developed a multi-tenant dreams platform, and are in the process of upgrading their realities platform to also be multi-tenant. The github for their efforts can be found here:

And the discussion of the status of our requests can be found here:

I wanted to make a thread to keep track off where we are on getting hosted by Plato, and to discuss whether we should host our own version of realities/dreams this year, and move over to Plato servers next year. This would involve spinning up our own server, which would have associated costs.

Finally, there is the migration of the current realities into their database. Here this can be done via scripting, or they can be manually imported. I have written a script to import the Users, needs and responsibilities into our current realities, and will keep this thread updated on the status of that with the Plato realities as well.


Alex Kaos Mon 22 Feb 2021 2:51PM

Thanks for starting very cool.

IMO, with dreams and realities being down, this would be the prime time to simply pick up a service offered by the developers of those platforms. We have invested countless hours to get them up and running and now they just pack up and bugger off. I am most interested in saving burner time on this topic (which is the entire reason they exist). And use the Plato infrastructure.

The Robot Ministry is one of the most powerful resources we have as a community, I would like the devs here to be focusing their energy on creating cool shit they want to see in the world, as opposed to having to support Org with building tools we need to save from burnout.

The wheel is ready, let's use it. We can reinvent the helicopter x


Henrik 馃 Wed 24 Feb 2021 11:20AM

The Robot Ministry is one of the most powerful resources we have as a community


Awww! 馃挆

I second the move to Plato. We have less segmentation of our codebases and by bundling our forces with Borderland we can create something that might be very valuable also for the non-burner world!