I'm a Realizer - And now what?!

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I want to offer a kick off for first time Realizers that are also new on Talk and wanna kick the start with their tasks. This differ from the “Advice Process Template” . Its a Guideline to present themselves and their idea, to organize their tasks and give transparency in their process, before any potential advice process


  • Because I see it neccessary when guiding newbies

  • Because I think the current Advice Process Proposal  Template as its called, scares only for its name, ergo is not being used, especially by newcomers

  • Because given the variety of different kinds of threads thoughout Talk, its hard to define which is the best example to take.

What for?

  with the purpose of encouraging Realizers to start off rather sooner. 


I wanna give space for co creation before we settle this guideline. As the main idea is to eventually delete all the above text and to leave only the guideline.

This thread is to help kick off the start of the Realizers, wizards, and witches of Kiez Burn

You wanted to get involved, you took a look at Realities, you went to a couple of meetings, signed up as a Realizer...

And now what?

Gather info

  • You might wanna do this by having some chat with burners and other Realizers on the meetings or contacting your guide if you haven't yet 🤗

  • You might also be interested in checking out in detail what and how was done the previous year. 🤓( link to post mortem folder)

All information gathered. What’s next?

Open a  thread Soon soon soon!

You/we wanna have a "mother thread" that will contain the whole project/ idea of what you are offering to the community regarding what you are Realizing.

This mother thread is in order to keep the information about your process altogether and in an explicative way. It will contain perhaps, as you go forward, other links to different threads related to it.

 🔥ADVICE. don't worry if things are not clear at the moment, it will become clear once you start to co-create; Just go!

⭐TIP: Keep it as your agenda and to-do list. Its important that you keep this thread ( and all the threads you create) up to date. This means, crossing things that are done, adding dates, new info, picking up important inputs from the comments and paste them in your thread.

There are way too many threads on talk.  By doing it organized you would be be chipping in a bit and facilitating the work of moderators on Talk.

Got ya! but How can I open a good thread on Talk?

So you could use it in handy, the template of the Advice Process.  Although this template is rather used for major things, you can still use it to present/propose your idea on Talk, why not? It is super complete!👌

You could also do it in your way. If so, keep mind that whoever reads your thread not necessarily know you, or what is it whatever you are doing and why you are doing it. 

Super, gimme an example plis'

There you go, basic and clear

To enable transparency, inclusion, and participation for and from the community:

  1. Present yourself and the driver

  • You wanna say who you are / who is your co-lead @tag_ your_colead

  • Which Realizer role do you have in Kiez burn?

  • What is the thread for? ( gather opinion/organize etc)

  • Why is important?

  • How was it done last year? Give some background  → you can give a link to the Post mortem document🤓 ( found in the Realities Deliberations - links)

  1.  present/ propose your project/idea/concerns 

E.G. Welfare: We would need this year Structural  basics:

  • A Welfare Tent  

    • Define what kind of tent ( size)

    • Budget to buy the tent --> @ tag_finance_Realizer

    • buy the tent

    • transport the tent to site

  • a placement on-site --> @ tag_Site_planning_Realizer

  • soft stuff ( mattresses, pillows,)

  • Whatever 

  • else


Run a workshop to train volunteers

  • list what do you  need to get this done

  • E.g plan the content of the workshop

  • E.g. invite peeps trough newsletter/ gather people interested in it

  • E.g. settle a date for the workshop

  • Whatever

  • else

Volunteers Onsite for Welfare

  • Calculate the number of volunteers needed

  • Make Volunteers onsite Shift plan - Link to Excel sheet (@tag_volunteer_coordination_Realizer )

  • whatever 

  • Else

This way you expose all your doubts meanwhile you make a checklist of your to-dos,  and tag people that you need the word from. 


  • transparency

  • communication among Realizers

  • inclusion