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💩 General Toilets thread - key info here

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Toilet Realisers KB22:

@Jack & TBD

Role description & responsibilities at bottom of page

will be updated as needed

current situation summarized

  • in 2021💩 Freiland installed 10 compost toilets, mostly in groups of 3. They came with 2 urinals each on one side and a hand washing station on the other. They are self built and can be moved.

  • word is that Freiland upped their number and can provide us will all toilets? TBC by @Veroca R. Sala or site liaison


  • TBD


  • If still required, book eco-toilet provider ideally 2-3 months before the event

  • Set clear guidelines on what freiland covers and what we do (cost and operations, what if something breaks during the event)

  • Check with the site team that our sanitary units match the Amt requirements

  • ensure 2 IBC containers are next to each toilet cluster

  • Book grey / black water (toilet waste on site in IBCs and septic tank) company (GKU Entsorger) 6 weeks before the event

    • 2x collection (we did Friday, Monday) was necessary

How do the Freiland toilets work?

The solid waste goes into a big regular wheelie rubbish bin that is exchanged when full. The liquid waste flows through pipes from the urinal and the bottom of the wheelie bin into a barrel that is located lower in the ground (gravity). the barrel has a pump at the bottom to pump out the fluid into a big 1000L IBC container. If there is an empty adjacent container, you switch over the connection and that is it in terms of "rear" grey water maintenance

Previous vendors:

  • Ökolocus (2021)

  • Finizio (Johannes) (2020)

Previously not used vendors:

  • Goldeimer

  • Ökoje

  • Nowato - cannot provide toilets for rent but we could purchase them for 1250€ per unit plus delivery

Open points

  • bring Pussoirs to KB2022

  • hold shit fundraiser?

  • Liaise with Covid /LNT Teams (and Kieze) regarding possible hand washing solution

  • Determine and communicate exact training date with kieze scheissmeister

  • make signage on how to use the toilets

  • make signage on how to clean and maintain the toilets

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Role description & responsibilities



Liaise with

Toilets provider Liaison


(site liaisions) Annette, @Kate

coordinate bringing sanitation & related equipment/consumables on-site and off-site


Site liaison Realizer: Annette, @Kate

Estimate capacity, amount of toilets & consumables needs



Assign and communicate toilet duties (maintenance) to camps / kieze / Scheißmeister


Kieze facilitator: Sadie

create volunteer needs outline (shit ninjas per camp, maybe build, strike, transport)


Volunteer coordinator: TBD

Place toilets on the map


Site Planning Realizer: Edmund - onefairbro

Coordination with water & LNT


Water Realizer @Jovana

LNT realizer

Comms with Finance lead regarding budget, purchasing & deposit


Schatzmeister:in Kathleen