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Kiez Burn build/setup

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We need people to set up the Kiez Burn backbone - building the infrastructure that enables the important shit to happen, so builders can transform to sparkle ponies and go dash in the green fields, eating strange flowers & glittery sweat on dancefloors & art projects alike.

Leads 2019: @gureilon and Alex Kasper

What is build/setup?

This year the production team will not be building anything big (no gate or effigy). Instead, we are focused on setting everything up, enabling the event to take place.

Build starts: Friday evening 14/06 and goes until morning of Wednesday 19/06

A full overview of all the tasks: and please sign up:
- either for the general need (so being build lead)
- or for singular responsibilities, and then be responsible for coordinating it.

The big chunks of work:

  1. help set up the kitchen: the Deine Mudda kitchen will support builders & strikers. This will be a collaborative project with @ottojuanbrunoriver (kitchen lead) and @svendudink (Deine Mudda build lead).
  2. clean out storage, transport it to site, lay it out and distribute it fairly among infrastructure projects (several days) -
  3. enabling signs, site perimeter, sound checks,... to do their job
  4. support Toolhaus operations (mainly logistics) - Otto = toolbitch
  5. purchasing & setting up the temporary shelters for feuerwehr (1 tent) & security (1 more tent) & first aid (another tent) and one back up (one last one) - 4 tents
  6. clean up the whole site of things that block kieze
  7. Organize a van (e.g. sprinter) for transporting shit around site and to/from storage from build to end of strike. (insured!!!!) (so friday before event to Tuesday/Wednesday after event) (everyone needs to be able to drive it)
  8. assist in volunteer coordination - - realizer: @verocarsala

What do you have to do here?

  1. communicating with everyone that potentially needs help in getting ready
  2. planning of the work & determine the amount of volunteers needed
  3. purchasing the relevant items (and van)
  4. discuss budget with KBORG (@alexxx is your man there)
  5. during build: be available from early morning till evening, constant liaising with everyone (do they need help?)

What is next?

First of all, I (Waldo) will not be helping with the build as such, I am merely searching for a team that will take it over, consensual do-ocracy style like.

How you divide the responsibilities, is to be determined by you. Some possibilities:
- there is a build/setup lead and then coordinates between everyone so that all the responsibilities are taken (
- there is no build lead - then you need to work as a team, get together etc. and make sure all the responsibilities are shared between you
- some other setup I have not thought of.




  • last year' build lead: @bandit
  • org questions? @waldo
  • finance? @alexxx
  • other peeps: see realities + Add your name here too!

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Lina Mon 29 Apr 2019 8:50PM

I can help with setup on Tuesday and Wednesday. It's meant 14.-19. JUNE, right?


Alex Hermann Sat 4 May 2019 2:02PM

MOIN! I also plan on coming on the weekend before kiezburn starts and would love to help build!


Quentin Thu 9 May 2019 4:35PM

Reading 'the Deine Mudda kitchen will support builders & strikers'.
Does it include all builders from all different Kiez? Or is it only for 'central org' kind of build ?


William Chadwick Fri 10 May 2019 12:00AM

Who's in charge of kitchen? I want again. @ottojuanbrunoriver


Veroca R. Sala Fri 10 May 2019 9:50PM

Hi @quentinfeugere sign up for for fluffers if you wanna help out in the KITCHEN!


Daniel Mon 13 May 2019 8:30AM

Hey @Waldo and all the builders, from when on do you want/need drinking water? I am planning to come Monday 17/6 and need to pick up the Standrohr (water access point for the council water, with the water meter) from GKU Demmin (the council water provider) in order to get water. I can immagine that you want to have water before? In this case someone needs to pick up the Standrohr on Friday. I can organise everything else with Freiland and GKU Demmin before.


Jessy W Tue 14 May 2019 2:19PM

@gureilon and @alexxx can you please let me know if you have any strong (8mm+) tall (2m) posts that can support a small structure? i am looking for 7 of these for the Ranger HQ!


Gur eilon Fri 17 May 2019 2:53PM

well baisicly first day of build is Saturday 15th June. we will need only water for drink like anyone els but i guess that kitchen will need water..


Cris Sat 25 May 2019 5:12PM

Sorry for the off-topic but, apparently there should be quite a good bunch of people going for build, but @craigwhite doesn't have more than 6 interested in a bus. Is this number real, is some communication missing or you guys are all teletransporting there?


Olivia Ehe Fri 31 May 2019 3:18PM

Hey all. Do we already have the sign-up sheet ready to register to come early for build for dreams/kieze? Has anyone found it (sorry if this is a dumb question, but I don't see it!)

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