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Tickets: general info

  • This year both me and @janthomas will be doing tickets again. However, we are still glad if someone else would like to join and help out. Reach out on talk if that is the case!
  • The event will grow slightly this time around, and therefore, we will have more tickets. Truly insightful, I know.
  • We will maintain a 10% amount of low income tickets; same prices and same platform ( as last year; we will still require ID on the door. imma start saying it now, so no one forgets # Changes Let's talk about what is not the same this year:
  • Lottery: we have decided against a lottery because (despite the fact we loved the democratizing aspect of it) it generated a really big, messy, prone to errors, pile of work. It also complicated Matthew's life intensely. And we love Matthew (he runs We will go for a first come, first serve basis. More info on this topic to come
  • 1 ticket per purchase. Unlike last year, one person will be able to buy exactly one ticket. This is so for all types of tickets # Types of tickets Low income: in line with radical inclusion, we lower the price of 10% of our ticket base for those who are less buoyant. Process is same as last year - fill in a form to tell us your story, the ticket team will review them anonymously and inform the person in time. 40 EUR Regular: they will go on sale and be buyable till we sell out. 80 EUR Directed: these tickets are for those of us involved in making in KB2019 happen, for artists, for kieze, for those volunteering the crap out of their event time, etc... They will be unique, and tightly controlled. 80 EUR Kids: fo FREE! under the age of 18. But we still require names. None of these tickets are valid without ID. # Rough Timeline All dates are subject to change due to weather and/or strong winds

Fri 15 Mar Publish Ticket Details - Website, Newsletter, Facebook

Fri 15 Mar Low income ticket registration opens & announced in newsletter

Mon 25 Mar Further ticketing input sent to BurnerTickets - Stripe & Paypal API details, content & fields for participation survey & potentially info about Dreams @henrik

April 3rd Low income ticket registration ends

April 1-2 nd Low income ticket applicants informed about outcome

TBD Open Directed Ticket Sales

Fr April 5th Regular Sales start. Flood gates open.

Mon 17 Jun Ticket transfer system closes (end of day CET)

Open topics

Help us discern some open thoughts and ideas, or forever bear the consequences.
1. Bus tickets? Will we sell bus tickets? More info is required on this, and we need to relay it to burnertickets in a timely fashion. ALso conditions (transferable? ID? name only?)
2. Camprevan tickets? Similar to the above. Do we need them? do these come with an onsite driving permision?
3. something we haven't thought of?

Additional input from community

After the leads meeting on 21/03 there was some additional input from people that we will take into account:
- Directed tickets should contain the same form/volunteer participation list as regular tickets. No one escapes volunteering!
- Volunteer form needs to be done asap, and if possible be presented to the user before ticket purchase.


Daniel Regev Tue 12 Mar 2019 11:49AM

Thanks @ottojuanbrunoriver @janthomas you ROCK.
A couple of Q regarding directed tickets:
1. How does it work with camps? How many per camp, what's the process etc...
2. Hoes does it work with artists? Or in other words, due to the Dreams timeline, does it make sense to assume that the Directed Tickets are "saved" for also a later date?
3. How many Directed vs. General tickets are there?

Thanks for doing this!


Otto Thu 14 Mar 2019 11:45AM

I'll send the info your way today


walto Sun 17 Mar 2019 4:55PM

We had a complaint last year about somebody buying a ticket with an email. They were automatically included in the newsletter of the Kiez Burn community. I am not sure how we could deal with this, but we should address it this year, because of GDPR. I see a couple of possibilities:
- we split up our newsletter into 2 parts: 1 event related, another community related and add a checkbox to the checkout where ppl can choose to be part of the community newsletter (and maybe write a text that the event newsletter will use the email they used for purchase, since it is a necessary requirement)
- we do not split up our newsletter. We do add a checkbox if they want to receive the newsletter, if people do not check that checkbox, they will not receive any communication from us via email (this might be very bad for community participation)
- we add a text that says something along the lines of "you hereby accept to receive the Kiez Burn newsletter" and it is mandatory for ticket purchase. Not sure if that is in line with GDPR rules, but I believe it is?

@holgerwessels do you have any insight in this?


Jan Thomas Thu 28 Mar 2019 9:44AM

@waldo please see my update post below...


Otto Mon 25 Mar 2019 12:03PM

@verocarsala and Myself are meeting this tomorrow (Tuesday 26th) to iron out the info ticket purchasers will have to give so they can easily turn into volunteers.
- Place tbd, @verocarsala please give me a place that fits your schedule, I am free all day, no restrictions.
- @janthomas this is an fyi, in case you can attend


Veroca R. Sala Mon 25 Mar 2019 1:22PM

Anywhere not too far from wedding or easy reachable with U6 U9 or the ring will be fine any time after 17.00?


Daniel Regev Mon 25 Mar 2019 5:41PM

Another important thing would be to make it super clear for ticket buyers: VOTE IN DREAMS PLATFORM!
Since our Art Grants system this year is 100% through Dreams Platform, hence ticket holders gets to decide, it would be a real shame if people don't vote.
As it stands now, most of the community is not aware of this and we will need to push hard, also to make the artists feel that the process is fair.
I think that making this clear via the ticketing system is one of our best ways to do so.
Your thoughts? @ottojuanbrunoriver @verocarsala @janthomas @waldo @henrik @remyschneider @alexxx ?


Leobard Mon 25 Mar 2019 11:05PM

Bus / Campervan tickets: we sold Bus/Campervan Tickets at Schloss Schönburn last year and it had multiple effects:
1) we could anticipate how many campervans would come
2) when we were sold out, suddenly people bought the campervan tickets (which was a "1 person + 1 campervan model, so this was a hack to get in") ... this I heard through rumour, others may report alternative facts.

So yes, selling Campervan / Bus tickets may be a good idea.

btw: We plan to come with a bus. a 16-seater + 1 driver. A kind of old-school-bus


Leobard Mon 25 Mar 2019 11:07PM

"something we haven't thought of?" --- we are missing the number of total available tickets in the plan :-)

Also would be good to know: how long did it take to sell out in 2018? What is the ratio of "want to get in" and "can get in" - which would help us (25 person Kiez) to plan our ticket-buying-frenzy-survival-strategy.


Deleted User Tue 26 Mar 2019 8:15PM

You have to absolutely make a community announcement of start of ticket sales 2 weeks before it starts - it is a first come, first serve lottery, so people need to know about it!

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