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Build Transport - Production Van

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let's organize the production van before is too late...


finally a car is reserved.

car: Iveco Daily 3,5m
price: 858,- (inkl. 3000km) + 250,- Kaution

insurance: SB750,- (+257,40) = 1115,- plus gas

time: 6.8. 9h - 18.8. 20h
cargo: 350/180/170
weight: 750kg

Production Van

  • We are renting ONE VAN which will be used to move stuff from storage to the site + to do the general groceries.

  • Size and price of the van: @Martin K to confirm

  • company rental: @Martin K to confirm

  • General volunteers groceries: to be done on Saturday (tag @Melinda Gonzalez FYI)

  • Days: 12 (from the 11th to the 18th August)

  • Drivers: so far by now these are 5:

    • @Cris (Deine Mudda camp lead)

    • @Jessie ranger lead

    • @Martin K (production van lead)

    • Ricardo ( build volunteer) not on talk

    • Friederike( Build volunteer) to be confirmed as we need the original drivers license in advance and this person is not based in Berlin.

Helping The Kieze:

There was an idea to rent two vans to do help the Kieze transport some of their gear, but as prices went up and further coordination was needed but not so much time left we will not be able to offer rides Berlin-Freiland for the Keize.

Production can only offer some help to move stuff from storage to site to who needs it.

Tagging @Caro T @Luu Sierra from House of Plenty, for your information, We do have your request to help you move Lemon camps stuff. No problem with that 馃憣

Helping participants transport gear from the train station.

There is an initiative to pick up participants' gear from the train station and let the people walk/run/ride to Freiland while their gear is dropped off at the gate.

@Caroline is leading the "Bellhop Service". More information to be found on this thread ( FAQ and all 鉂わ笍) or continue reading...

The "service" is meant to run only on:

  • Wednesday at 10 am and 2 pm> from the train station to Freiland

  • Sunday also at two specific ties TBC > from Freiland to the train station

    Production will collaborate by offering the van to transport the gear on these 4 rounds.

    The van is meant to be used for a period of 1 HOUR per round. As we dont foresee this causing any significant inconvenience with the rest of the production plan, this would be a go. tagging @Natacha Kromatik build lead & @Jan-Christian Kaspareit FYI,

  • @Veroca R. Sala (Volunteer Coordination) has sent an Invitation to all build drivers as this will ease the bureaucracy with the rental ( they request driver license original) . Otherwise, Carline with the help of comms will be recruiting more volunteers prior the event as we cant recruit on the spot a random driver


Veroca R. Sala Fri 18 Jun 2021 9:48AM

Heya thanks for writing in!!

鉂わ笍Mudda van is Mudda van UNLESS mudda is interested in coordinating the van with production...if so, take into count that production might be moving gear from Berlin to freiland and vice-versa and will need to use the van during build. Logistics coordination Kiez-production here...

I opened this thread to move forward by throwing some clarity on what production needs in regards to transport. Details will need to be negotiated and coordinated by the realizer of transport (You? Max? + @Natacha Kromatik (Build manager Lead) and with the people tagged in this thread... and the camp, in this case, Deine Mudda.

I think best is to reach out to these fellas ( max, sven - muttis)

Please do share any updates here in this thread! it will help Korg a lot follow up on this responsibility and see how it goes. Thank you, we really need some more hands coordinating the logistics. 馃


Veroca R. Sala Mon 21 Jun 2021 11:15AM

@Cris Production needs probably to transport power gear to lower the costs of transport. The power provider charges over 700 euros only fro the transport. So that production is considering performing the transportation of power stuff ourselves. Is all in the thread


Cris Mon 21 Jun 2021 11:11AM

Yes, she does, although unclear yet how much. It may be very few things. But I guess KB has nothing in Berlin that needs transport on site, unless it would give a hand to potential Site Lead (@CJ) and Rangers (@jessie) gear transport.


Veroca R. Sala Wed 23 Jun 2021 11:40AM

site leads hasn't reached out to production to request moving any gear from Berlin, so I would assume @CJ Yetman as this sorted? in any case, I think its only one box.

@Cris we should be resolving from DM next meeting especially the logistics, what do we really need to transport from Berlin so to figure IF there is enough space in the truck for all stuff ( production power gear and camp stuff)

I think this is more about WEIGHT and not much about volume. So we might end up with a big truck half way empty.

馃攳NOTICE @Sven Dudink the production van cannot be a super truck cause the Build volunteers only have regular driver license and they need to drive up and down from storage to site during Build Hope this makes sense and we can make it work some other way. Are there in the market smaller vans with lift?


Martin K Wed 23 Jun 2021 1:10PM

Yes, transport is a topic tomorrow. I don't think there are small vans with lift. A forklift would be needed. i think thats why its 700eu. I spoke to Max last week and since most is in the storage, DM transport might be small. But there might be more DM stuff coming since planning just started? So is there or will there be a production transport lead? I am willing to help, but only if other responsible persons have failed or are indefinitely missing. Also: does anyone know if tere is a chance to bring stuff to the site any time before 6.8.? (either in the storge or on site somehow?)

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Veroca R. Sala Wed 23 Jun 2021 4:18PM

@Sven Dudink


Sven Dudink Wed 23 Jun 2021 4:23PM

Yeah 2 transporters will work,just and idea, since the one with lift has less cargo capacity, maybe get one with and one without, maybe a bit over creative but you can than load and unload transporter 1 with transporter 2 when standing back to back, else you will have very little capacity left


Veroca R. Sala Wed 23 Jun 2021 4:59PM

So summarizing:

  • We cannot pick things up on Sunday, because its Sunday and the provider is closed.

  • We need to transport preferably on the Friday and have the van ready to use early Saturday for Build.

We need to transport 1.6 ton in total ( cables and power stuff)

Option #1

We could rent 2 vans ( for what we need two drivers tho)

  • Van N1 with lift: can transport 1 ton.

  • Van N2 without lift : can transport 1.7 (? to douple check this)

  • We can Load VanN2 with the Lift of the Van N1 ( passing on- rolling from one to the other)

  • We could transport all weight with these two at once

VanN1 could be Deine Mudda and VanN2 could be x production.

Option #2

If the vanN2 doesnt hold 1,7 ton but less, then we could also split the load.

  • VanN1 & VanN2 depart on early Friday transporting part of the power gear, drop it off at Freiland with the early arrivals and the drivers drive back to Berlin. ( overnight and good rest )

  • Saturday load the vans with the rest of the power gear in VanN2 and Deine muddashit in VanN1 and go to Freiland.

This way we not only have the production van and camp van rented but also save some power budget. DM camp should be sharing somehow the expense of their rental... not sure how o calculate that..

I might be missing some pieces in this puzzle....still the solution is not paying the provider the 700 coz, as I said, these assholes dont provide with lift, and we dont want to break our backs with these heavy weights,


Martin K Fri 25 Jun 2021 9:21PM

thanks, i might come back on that offer. could be: you driving the 7,5t on 6.8. back and forth and me on 18.8. - but I need to figure out if that works.

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