2020 Manual for dreamers - Read this if you want to SUBMIT A DREAM

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0. Practical stuff

Here is a practical guideline (Step-by-Step process) on how to submit a dream

And: Google Doc of this manual

1. I have questions/remarks?

All communications around Dreams happen in the group Dreams on Kiez Burn Talk!

 2. Dream Grants - History and 2020 Updates 

Tl;Dr - This year we're continuing the experiment in decentralization and crowdsourcing. Here’s the whole story. Skip to "Major Changes 2020" if you just wish to know what’s new!
Check out this thread on talk for a less prosaic take on history & updates


For previous Kiez Burns, the art grant committee has decided which applications get funding and how much. Last year, we switched to the Dreams platform to give Kiez Burners a chance to distribute some of their own ticket fee to the project they would like to see realized.

Instead of having an artist make their case to the art grant committee for why they should get a grant, they were now making that case to the whole community and working with the Dream Guides to do so. Learnings

Last year's first approach led to great outcomes (+62% of the Kiez Burn population participated in choosing Dreams), but we also learned about the biases of the Dreams platform: 

  • Kieze funding themselves

  • Funding of traditional gifting projects

  • Bias towards little projects

  • Additional burden on artists, especially single people bringing bigger pieces, to do pitching and promoting their dream on top of ‘arting’. 

We understood from the feedback of the past three years that there is also a perceived lack of art at Kiez Burn.. People were missing the ‘Deep Playa’ aspect of burns and we wish to answer their call.
We chose to run an experiment this year, working the biases of the Dreams platform in favor of installation art placed in deep playa (not in Kieze) and performance dreams at Kiez Burn.

Major changes 2020 - The Vision

We aim to create a Playa experience (proposed name:  “Dreamland”). We believe we can rely on the principles of self - reliance, communal effort and true gifting when it comes to the contribution of our Kieze. We aim to empower artists and dreamers with big dreams which have been at a structural disadvantage so far. We consider this to be a learning experience and an experiment in working with the dreams platform whilst listening to the community. 

A boost for arts and installations! 

In an attempt to secure more funding for art, there will be categories. Projects of this category will be shown at the top of the dreams page, giving it away to primacy bias ;) … (to be implemented from tech side).

Unspent tokens at the end of the voting process will be distributed to projects of this category. This means the odds for arts and installations to reach minimum funding are higher and dreamers can dare to dream bigger! 

Which dreams will we fund 2020? 

We will fund dreams that...

Are either

  1. NOT placed within the boundaries of a Kiez,  OR

  2. are mobile / time sensitive / moving happenings / can happen anywhere


  1. Provide any of the following

    1. Art & Installations

    2. performances

    3. interactive projects to explore

    4. workshops

    5. communal places of gathering and interaction which  (i.e. workshop spaces, sex-positive spaces)

What we will not fund: 

  • Kieze

  • Infrastructure 

3. Categories

Isn't everything Art? We could talk for hundreds of years about what is or isn't considered art (we already have been) but we have tried to be as clear about our guidelines as possible. 

Our main aim is to fill our equivalent to DEEP PLAYA - DREAMLAND with more art instead of passively funding Kieze setup which should be an effort more in line with the principle of gifting

Ultimately, to create a true Burn experience that makes us different from festivals.

Art & Installations

What are ‘Art & Installations’ ?

Structure, Installation, Sculpture, … outside of Kieze Boundaries. These boundaries are defined when you place your Kiez on the map.

What aren’t ‘Art & Installations’ in this definition?

Camp decoration, lounge or kitchen space, the fancy drawing in your Kiez-bar, the light system in your Kiez. This year we go with this as our definition. Remember: This is an experiment! 


What is a performance:

A pre planned or thought out interaction or show (by an individual or group) to an audience of at least one. 

What isn’t a performance: 

Just being your true unique self. We love you and encourage radical self expression but getting dressed up and being wild is something encouraged in everyone and not specifically a performance. 

Interactive Projects to explore

Interactive Projects can also be great art. But they are smaller in scale than installations. The interactions are the most important. The project can also function, work and bring joy in its “ugly” and undecorated version. It’s being pretty and “ART” is second to it having a way of bringing interaction to people. 

What is an interactive place to explore: 

  • A communal oven that is set in Dreamland and can be used whenever you operate it or even without your instructions. 

  • Structures like ‘Advice booths’ or ‘How to get a drink at a bar’ university that can spontaneously be taken for impromptu creativity and fun. 

What isn't an interactive place to explore:

  • Your Kiez kitchen. 

  • Your private fuckdome.


What is a Workshop: 

A space open to everyone (up until the limit of possible participants) to learn, explore and participate. For example making magic sticks, customizing outfits or a rope bondage or flute workshop. 

What is not a Workshop:  

Workshops about alcohol, drugs or other things of the “Strictly NO”-list will not be eligible for funding. For example an Ayahuasca Ceremony or  The Monkey’s “Sterni Workshop”. 

A Workshop that is not not open to everyone, for example a pirate ship building workshop only for Pirate Camp members. 

Every workshop not based on participation might fall under performance or interactive project. 

Communal Places 

What isn’t a communal place:
The chillspace in your kiez 

What is a communal place:
A curated place with a program, a place with a specific purpose that is maintained by a group of people or individuals (i.e. a sex-positive area, 420 platform, a sauna)


4. Dream guiding

Dream Guides assist Dreamers with navigating the system, make calls in case of confusion and suggest rule changes if they are necessary.

They have two responsibilities:

  1. They double-check your project qualifies for Dream granting, and your budget accords with the budget guidelines (discussion below). They also address general feasibility and safety concerns.

  2. They can help you with your project if you need to make contacts, present your project better, and so on if you need it. If you want to bring big art to Kiezburn they can also support you on social media and in our newsletter, to help you realize your  project. 

5. Best Practice

Best Practice is the intention behind the Budget guidelines. If a rule is ambiguous or vague toward some aspect of a Dream, the Dream Guide will consider each case and use this to find a suitable decision.

  • Investment in equipment should be long term and take steps to enrich the Kiez Burn community, not for personal gain.

  • Kiez Burn encourages Dreams to be bold and reach as many as possible while still valuing "hidden surprises". Your Dream can be as little or big as you wish.

  • Dreams should follow the principle of self-reliance by not supporting basic personal or camp needs.

  • A gift is from you - not from the Dream grant.

  • Illegal is still illegal and will not be supported.

  • Don't do stuff that has us make things more complicated.

6. Budget Guidelines

When creating your application, one of the most important things, and the primary thing to be audited, is the budget. Your budget should reflect the reality of your Dream and fit within the following guidelines. This year, thanks to our tech-wizards, you won’t have to fill in a spreadsheet anymore, yey! Just fill in your budget during the application process. This will be visible to the public on the Dreams Platform.

KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS - Only expenses with receipts are able to be reimbursed.

More information on budget processing to be coming. 

BUDGET GUIDELINES - What can & cannot be funded! 

Funding Power via Dreams

It may qualify for power, but this should be closely reviewed and should not exceed reasonable amounts. As a point of orientation: every 1KW, costs kiez burn around 75€. So a water boiler would cost Kiez Burn around 225€. 


Wood, metal, nails, raw fabric, PVC, LED strips, paint.. you name it. Please be aware of your environmental footprint. Is there a way to reuse or recycle stuff? 

When listing your materials in the budget, please be precise and specific. No need to list every single paintbrush but “Other materials: 200€” will not be enough. 


We favor ways of sourcing your equipment within the community.

Machines, tools, tents, lights and related equipment in budgets below 150€ are eligible for grants without any special Dream Guide review, providing best practices are followed. If something has significant resale value, or has private use outside the project we trust that its reuse value will be added back into the community. 

Room for improvement

Yes, if approved by your Guide

Buying a new chainsaw

Hiring a chainsaw. DEFINITELY talk to your guide tho, maybe there is a shared chainsaw somewhere already? 

Using only battery powered Fairy lights 

Rather use solar lamps 

Buying workshop tent

Hiring a workshop tent. Building a Tent yourself (for Yurt-building instructions, contact the Monkey Camp) or prove to us how the tent will be used in the future to benefit the community. 


Transport can be refunded if it doesn’t exceed 20% of your total budget. It covers only materials and equipment involved in Dreams. It probably will not be enough to hire your own truck, but maybe enough to cover your needs if you band together with someone else? Even more fun!

Sorry, but No.

Yes, if approved by your Guide

Transport costs of more than 20% of your total budget

Transporting an already existing art piece and therefore only applying for transport costs. (E.g. transporting costumes for a costume camp, bringing the teledisco). This has to be discussed with Dream Guide!

Cover costs of transporting your Kiez’s stuff as well 

Teaming up with other Dreamers to hire a van, HELL YES!


Costumes are allowed when they are a necessary and integral part of the Dream. They need to be open to enjoy to everyone, either through use or through a public performance and costumes funded through dreams need to be in line with Leave a Better Trace. 

Art Vehicles

Please make sure to talk to the realizer of the vehicle permits. 


Fire is part of your Dream? This will only be possible if we have a Feuerbrand warning below 3. 

Want to burn your Dream? If we are allowed to burn, also check with Fire&Burn Lead (@purzel on talk)  for specific regulations. 

Sorry, but No.

Yes, if approved by your Guide

Bringing an art piece that has to be burnt in the end 

Bringing an art piece that can be burnt - if we are allowed to - but can also be disassembled

Your fire-spitting Art Car only works when spitting fire 

At a Feuerbrand Warning 3 or higher, your Art-Car still looks freaking cool, even without spitting fire.

Sound Equipment

We, unfortunately, cannot fund big sound stages, but if you need sound for your art, performance or workshop, then we can definitely combine forces! With our legal sound restrictions in place, you will need to specify some details around the sound, we aim to please the neighbors as well as you! 

Sorry, but No.

Yes, if approved by your Guide

Big ass sound system. (Needs specification by sound liason) 

Silent Disco, acoustic instruments, small music devices to equip a workshop area f.e.

A shiny new set of equipment

Small repairs or replacements on already existent or 2nd hand things 

It’s a “No” - without exceptions: 

Sorry, but No.

Still No. 

  • Consumables (Food, Alcohol, Drugs, etc.) 

  • Consumables (Food, Alcohol, Drugs, etc.) 

  • Illegal stuff

  • Illegal stuff

  • Fireworks 

  • Fireworks 

  • Drones

  • Drones

  • Kiez Burn tickets

  • Kiez Burn tickets

  • Remuneration or hired labor

  • Remuneration or hired labor

  • Personal Transport - Camp Transport

  • Personal Transport - Camp Transport

7. Safety

If your structure is bigger than 50 m2 large or taller than 3m, you will need to provide additional information. Particularly important:

  • how many people can climb the structure, and how you avoid people climbing it

  • how the structure will be evacuated in case of fire

  • how you plan to anchor it down, so it stays stable in case of bad weather

  • If your Dream includes fire or should be burnt in the end you must get in touch with Hans: 

 → @Purzel on talk

  → 0160/1008840 


 →  Please also join the talk group on talk about fire safety 

We will need to submit a safety plan to the authorities to get approval of your structure. 

8. How grants are earned and finalized

Each Kiez Burn ticket holder gets 10 grants to distribute between the Dreams they would like to see realised. To do this you create an account on the Dream Platform.

Once the deadline for spending grants is reached, the Kiez Burn Dream Admins will optimise Dream Grants, in a "finalization" step.

These are the points to keep in mind:

  • If your Dream received enough grants to reach its minimum budget, you are guaranteed to receive a Dream Grant from Kiez Burn. But Dreams which are still significantly below their minimum budget may not get funded. That money will be redirected to the other Dreams. In 2020 those Dreams will be Dreams of the ‘ART’ category.

9. Placement

Placement can only be discussed in the Site Planning 2020 group or by contacting the realizer of the are mapped in Realities.

Remember: This year, placement is also important for you to get your Dream grant. To make sure your art is eligible for funding, it should be outside of your Kiez limits. As this can be tricky, the best way to make sure you’re outside of your Kiez limits is to be at the art plateau. We are also working to provide a Deep Playa space outside of the plateau for you to place your art pieces. Art plateau + this space ‘X’ will make up the ‘Dreamland’. Place your Dreams in the Dreamland! 

10. Important Dates

  • 10/03: Dreams submission start

  • tbd: start voting process

  • tbd:

    • Closing of the Dreams platform voting & submission

    • Redistribution of remaining votes

  • tbd: communication to all Dreamers on final budget

  • 17-21/06: Kiez Burn!

    • Hand in your receipts to the finance responsible

  • tbd: deadline for handing in receipts

11. After the event

Doing the budget

Reimbursements work like this:

  • The expenses must follow the budget guidelines

  • Each expense must be backed by a receipt

  • Your receipts HAVE TO  be handed in the proper format. Please follow the reimbursement guidelines carefully!  There will be a deadline for reimbursements

  • It is your responsibility to ensure you hand in your papers in proper order and time! 

If you are not sure about something, ask! (Shout out to your Dream Guide or the Finance Lead) We want to make sure you get your money!

After-event grant

This applies only to Dreams which spent more than their initial Dream Grant. Depending on the co-creative process of the Dreams funding allocation, it is possible that there will be further Dreams funds available.

If you submit more receipts than your grant was initially worth, you might be allocated additional refunds. This is not a guarantee and would be worked on closely by the Dream Guides and Finance Lead. To be evaluated.