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Opening this thread to discuss /suggest/ask about the idea of giving away a compensation for Volunteers during the event (thought on eco button pins ). I have made a dream but I didn't managed it quite well and also I think "gifts" do not count as dreams (?) is the org willing to support this? Am I in the right place to ask such a thing?


walto Thu 25 Apr 2019 8:43AM

you are in the right place! And voting will take till the 5th of May, so still some time to gather votes :)
And maybe KBORG can support with a bit of money, depending on when we sell out?


Saskia Thu 25 Apr 2019 9:45AM

Jumping in here with a bit of an explanation: Veronicas Volunteer-Swag - Dream did not get any dream guide so far because at first glance the whole dream is going against dream guidelines. It is a dream that regards gifting of buttons and the artistic value of handing out buttons is questionable. I think that is why Veronicas dream did not get a dream guide. Dream guides are hesistant to take on a dream that is so clearly speaking against the established guidelines.

I suggested Veronica to open a thread here and to discuss it publicly. If KBorg gives a green light for this dream being enabled I will personally take it on as dream guide.

I personally would be okay with that specific dream to be on the dream platform as it is not a personal or a camp gifting but basically a production gifting.

I would not readily aggree to put SWAG on the list of things with KBorg Money, as long as we do not have an overview which other infrastructure projects might need some help.


Veroca R. Sala Thu 25 Apr 2019 8:39PM

cool saskia then we go for the dream and see what happens since i see there will be a few more days for voting. until now still not available for voting though. How should I / we proceed?


Deleted User Thu 25 Apr 2019 2:49PM

Volunteers should not be compensated, you can gift them as we did at zbb with tokens of appreciation. But pls don't compensate :)


Deleted User Thu 25 Apr 2019 2:50PM

Btw. I am not sure something like this should be financed centrally at all, do you @waldo?


walto Thu 25 Apr 2019 3:15PM

It is not planned this year, no, but for example at Nowhere, there was some small amount of money put aside for SWAG, little tokens of appreciation. Or at Afrikaburn they made MOOP-bags for volunteers, which motivated ppl to volunteer more...

I donno... I am happy to personally give some money to Veroca to make it happen, coz I think it is fun. But regarding dreams etc., I am sure the dream guides will figure out wazzup and decide :)


Poll Created Fri 26 Apr 2019 5:30PM

SWAG for volunteers as dreams Closed Sat 27 Apr 2019 8:00PM

by Saskia Mon 29 Apr 2019 9:49PM

Hello @verocarsala - I was feeling really unsure about the situation, so I made this communal voting propsal.
I let the results sink in for a while and unfortunatley decided to not enable your dream for voting.
This has several reasons:
- It does violate the guidelines (guidelines, not available to every participant, possible MOOP hazard)
- It is far from event critical
- The voting, although not many voted, has been rather clear
- There are alternative ways to fund this
- The current token situation is that we have more tokens requested by dreams than there are in the pool
- After re-consideration. I, personally, am on my outer limits of dreams I want to take on as a dream guide. Especially if I am unsure about them.

That being said, I think that volunteer SWAG is a really great and fun way to encourage intaction, identification. It is a fun and great thing to do and I think it should maybe be considered in budget decisions in the future. And if it is just to remind future leads that SWAG is a nice thing and could be coordinated with a future volunteer lead.

I am going to edit this thread and put you in contact with leads who are interacting with volunteers. I would highly encourage you and them working tight together and I think it would be do-able to let every production volunteer-department give you a small fraction of their budget in order to make awesome gifting for volunteers happen!

I hope you are okay with this decision of mine. I will put my personal effort and power into connecting you with everybody and give you all my personal support in making greeter SWAG happen!!

I will also share with you greeter swag and gifting ideas we handed out last year to volunteers and participants alike.

SWAG for volunteers was not part of the budget that got preassigned for infrastructure prefunding. Things like the program did, tho.

SWAG for volunteers could be put up for voting at dreams platform BUT it violates quite a bunch of guidelines.

What to do?

Fund it via dreams is one option. Another option would be that leads of volunteer-sections (Rangers & Co.) give a tiny bit of their budget to pool in for SWAG organized centrally by the volunteer lead.


Results Option % of points Voters
No extra effort for SWAG. Leads are invited to gift their volunteers. Or I don't care about SWAG. Or I think it's MOOP and unneccessary. Whatever. Just no. 45.5% 5  
Allow it to be funded via dreams just like programs and other things! 36.4% 4  
Ask other leads (who might wanna provide such a token to their volunteers!) to give you a bit of their budget and see how much that ends up with 18.2% 2  
Undecided 0% 62  

12 of 74 people have participated (16%)


Anonymous Fri 26 Apr 2019 5:36PM

What's meant by swag?


Anonymous Fri 26 Apr 2019 6:45PM

What is SWAG for volunteers???


Anonymous Sat 27 Apr 2019 9:45AM

Allow it to be funded via dreams just like programs and other things!

My goal with Burning is not to experience an event with strict rules made by a bunch of people in a desert, but to evolve our culture of cooperation and co-creation. SWAG enforces "Civic Responsibility", "Community Effort" and "Participation", which are Principles that don't get so much promotion, but mean a lot more to me than the effect or importance of gifting.
That's just my 2 cents though

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