Wed 24 Apr 2019 12:34PM

2019 Sustainability resource for Kieze and free campers!

DU Alina, also known as Universe Public Seen by 62

Need communicorn guidance on whether this can be communicated?


Alina, also known as Universe Wed 24 Apr 2019 12:35PM

Hello communicorns! Thank you for your hard work. Question. I would like to contribute a sustainability guide for this year's event - for camps but also freecampers - with some basic tips on how to reduce waste etc. Do you feel there will be a possibility to communicate this guide through future comms? If yes, I will get started ASAP.


walto Sun 28 Apr 2019 10:51PM

could we put the link to the spreadsheet here as well? Also, Stefan, from Welfare last year, did a bit of a deep-dive into this topic last year.


Alina, also known as Universe Sat 4 May 2019 10:44PM

hey @abelstobiasgmxnet I've written you an email to from abelianova@gmail on 29.04 - got no response! ? :)


walto Sun 28 Apr 2019 8:48PM

would recommend to get in touch with as well (although I would say, just go for it!), he does leave no trace this year according to Realities.


Tibo Mon 29 Apr 2019 5:14AM

Hey there :) contact me with the mail waldo mentioned! i would love to work with you on a guide for reducing waste and emissions for everybody :)