Mon 4 Mar 2019 10:30PM

Leave No Trace

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As we burners know, Burn events, from small regionals to the Big Burn in Nevada, have one standout guiding principle: Leave No Trace.
We pick up any and every piece of MOOP (matter out of place), and ensure our site returns to the pristine state we found it.

LNT Lead

LNT Planning for Kieze

For all the Kieze it is mandatory to fill out the following LNT Form.

What do you need to know?

Whatever you bring into Kiez Burn, you are responsible for removing it when you leave. Everything you bring onto the site has the potential to become Matter out of Place (MOOP): Costumes, cigarette butts, water bottles, glass containers, hats, fruit, rope fibers, glitter - everything can become MOOP. Every person and every Kiez is responsible for their rubbish.

Grey water, known as waste water, may be disposed on site if they only contain organic soap. For disposal you may use a area overgrown with bushes and dump the water there. Please keep distance from the lake when disposing organic grey water. There may be a possibility to dump grey water into the showers. There are no hook-ups for camper vans, and no dumping may be done on site. You can find recycling stations nearby at Neubrandenburg for example.

Swimming is only allowed in the bigger lake with the small island and is not allowed in the smaller lakes. Please minimize ecological stress to the lake and shower before swimming and do not use sunscreen or similar skin products.

Toilettes: the home of all the human traces. There will be porta potties (dixii) and a few compost toilettes. They will be placed adequately and sufficient numbers of toilets will be provided. Cleaning and maintenance will be done on a daily basis. If there are any issues with the toilets please let the Arbeitsamt know - than the problem well be solved as soon as possible.

MOOP - Matter Out Of Place

During the event there will be Moop Runs by volunteers to clean up the side if needed and after the event we will look through the whole side and pick up all the remaining Moop. There will be a Moop Map which will show the level of Moop left behind after the event.

NEVER LET MOOP HIT THE GROUND. Clean as you go. MOOP attracts more MOOP. When you see trash on the ground, pick it up and take it with you.

• Carry a MOOP bag. Wherever you go, carry a small bag to collect any MOOP you find.
• Weigh items down/don’t let them blow away
• If you’re a smoker, carry a portable ashtray such as a mint tin with you at all time. Never, ever drop cigarette butts.
• Ask permission before using a Kiez refuse area if you are not camping with them.
• NEVER BURN TRASH! Take your waste with you when you leave