Storage next to site - What's up? Access, comms, logistics

DR Daniel Regev Public Seen by 73

Hello 1 & all,

Preps for KB 19' are on the move and that's wonderful!
The storage next to the site contains quite a lot of stuff - some belongs to camps and some to KBORG.
My question would be - what is up with that? Has anyone from KBORG been in touch with Erik from Freiland about this? @janthomas

And if not, would they be willing to pass on the duty, or it's better the same people communicate with him?
I have a few questions and I bet others too, so some more clarity on that front would be great, as we start to plan things. In this early stage I feel it would be good to be clear on who is communicating with them, so we can plan our communications accordingly, and then move on to the specific logistics from there (availability, access etc).



Remy Schneider Sun 3 Mar 2019 12:42PM

Hey hey - I have not been in touch with Freiland at all regarding this - I think @danielregev that perhaps if this is something you would like to take over it would be a good thing?

Last I saw the storage was on the last day of Strike, but it might also be nice to get a group of people together and check out the space, and see what has happened to all the stuff over the winter...


walto Mon 4 Mar 2019 10:21PM

Under the need "Site liaison" we do not have any responsibilities yet. It might be a good idea to have something separate for storage. @danielregev would you potentially add this and map what is exactly needed?

Depending on how you want to do it, you can either sign up yourself or someone else might pick it up :)


Daniel Regev Tue 5 Mar 2019 1:03PM

Hey @remyschneider @waldo !
I do not wish to take over this but am happy to help organizing stuff - a delegation to check the condition of the storage is a good idea and i am happy to move this.
As of that link Waldo posted, I didnt really manage to deal with it, so cant really contibute there, sorry... not so great in those virtual stuff :\


Jan Thomas Wed 6 Mar 2019 12:28PM

I added a new need and set of reponsibilities for storage last night during the meetup:

The from there I also linked the sheet Remy created last year about the current use of the space by different camps, and the cost that would be associated with that:

I'm perfectly happy to support a person who wants to pick this up with knowlegde etc.. - but don't have time to deal with it beyond simple things I can cover eg when talking with Eric from Freiland anyways - for example regarding rules for access (which currently aren't clear)


walto Tue 5 Mar 2019 3:41PM

what was the problem with it? Since we are rolling this out as our central tool for mapping needs and responsibilities, any issues with it that you might encounter would be very beneficial in terms of judging what we need to change or anticipate issues.

If you do not want to tackle it yourself, it would be important to thus map what then does need to happen, which is why we have realities.

So what I was aiming for:
is on the left associated with the need "site liaison" (could also fall under "transport", your call)
2. you login (top right)
3. you can add responsbilities as shown in attachment
4. add a deliberation link to this talk thread to complete the loop.