Proposal: No board decisions in 2021

CM Callum Macdonald Public Seen by 90

There's a lot of discussion about what the board is actually doing, which decisions they've make, what their role is, etc.

I propose a simple solution for next year.

The board makes only legal decisions about Kiez Burn.

The board can say what is legally required to hold the event, and can block or veto actions if they are outside of the law, but otherwise, the community is free to make any and all decisions related to the event. The individual members of the board are free to offer advice or feedback, but not to take any active involvement in decision making.

Specifically that means the individual board members join no core teams, do not get involved in any central issues like location, first aid, etc, etc. They are free to run camps, be involved in camps, or whatever.

I think this would make the separation of the board and the community clear. The board are there to handle the bureaucracy, and to make sure the event is legal, or to cancel it. The community is then fully entrusted and empowered to actually run the event.

I would propose this for 2020, but I guess it's a bit late now. If we accept this proposal, then every board member knows what they're signing up to for next year.


CJ Yetman Fri 31 Jan 2020 12:27PM

Is this even legitimately/legally something that can be decided here? Shouldn't this be a decision made my the members of the e.V. in a proper general assembly?


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Fri 31 Jan 2020 4:17PM

Really interesting concept! Is this essentially what the do-ocracy is supposed to do?
We appear to be mirroring a lot of our stuff from Borderland. Do they have a board and what role do they play in the community? From the outside, it appears the community carries everything.
In light of recent events, definitely defining what role the board plays within the community and defining what the community does and does not carry. Also who defines this and how can everyone within the community safely weigh in on this because if members of the board are not permitted to be part of the core team, the event as we know it could drastically change! This sounds exciting to me :)


walto Mon 3 Feb 2020 2:46PM

You are welcome to become a member of the e.V. and collaborate in the process there. All the info can be found here:

The board is taking steps to step back from event organization. It has been a stated goal to continue to decentralize. The platform on which the board was elected was the following two roles:

  • vision guides

  • keepers of radical bureaucracy


[deactivated account] Fri 31 Jan 2020 11:55PM

Yes we are replicating a lot from the Borderland as we are using the Tools they created - Talk, Dreams, Realities.

As I understand myself is that the general ethos is also carried over (radical do-ocracy is pretty much a BL thing)

I hang out on their Talk a lot, there are a lot of parallel happenings, as in:

  • A few very important realizers are stepping down, pretty much leaving the whole thing to the the community to carry

  • A few of them are still "guiding" but have sworn on the Gods of Scandinavia they will not try to influence the decisions - and definitely not make any! I can observe it's not easy for some of them :P

  • The Working Class Heros (basically Deine Mudda, except with bigger and more badass tools for a 3000-ppl burn) is also dissolving this year, leaving it for the community to carry build and other heavy lifting.

  • They are wrestling with Advice Processes quite a bit as well

  • BL have a Board but I am unsure about what they do. So far, I have not seen them stepping in even on important decisions such as prices for 2020 and membership lottery mechanics

I personally would love us as a community to invite the original realizers of BL to Berlin for some cross-learning and exploring on both sides, a panel-discussion-lab with the experts.