Mon 25 Jan 2021 1:15PM

KORG Meeting Notes and Updates

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For the sake of transparency here I will share the details of the KORG meetings. If someone wants to join a meeting at some point please get in touch. :) This is a time and place for the Organisational team to catch up on the status of the Realizers, keep an overview of the planning process, and communicate any (legal/financial/event critical) issues that should be brought forward to the Board.

Agenda Meeting 1

Jan 25, 2021 08:00 PM

Agenda Meeting 2

February 8th 2021 PM

Agenda Meeting 3

February 22nd 2021 8pm

Agenda Meeting 4

March 8th 2021 8pm

Agenda Meeting 5

March 22nd 8pm

Agenda Meeting 6

April 4th 2021 8pm

Agenda Meeting 7

April 19th 2021 8pm

Naughty Bee will update these missing updates ASAP (all KORG area updates are carried forward to most recent agenda).

Agenda Meeting 11 Realizers & KORG
14th June 2021

Agenda Korg Meeting 12 with Realizers & planning onsite Spark

Korg Meeting 13:
Mon 28th June 19:30

Korg Meeting 14:
Mon 5th July 19:30
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Korg Meeting 15
Mon 12th July 19:30 Burner Embassy


Korg Meeting 16

Mon 19th July 19:30 online


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