Fire Restrictions due to the dry season

AK Alex Kaos Public Seen by 199

Howdy hey Happy burners!

Now the Burn is almost here, and we have an important update from the
local Fire Marshals and Fire Lead.

Due to the current beautiful summer conditions, it is HIGHLY LIKELY that
we will have Waldbranngefährstuffe (Fire Danger Level) 4 or 5. This is
the highest threat level possible in Germany. Now I know a lot of you are
looking forward the Burn, and can't wait to see the fire, but
unfortunately we are not in the Desert this time.

This means that under these conditions we would have in place a COMPLETE FIRE BAN.

What that means is that all naked flames would be of high risk to the
local environment. This includes campfires (even raised ones), grills of
any kind, candles, torches, artwork, and even cigarettes. We are an LNT
event and so nobody should be throwing their butts on the ground
anyways, but in this case it is also a fire safety issue. Please put
your butts in the ashtrays you should be carrying with you, or one
supplied by a local Kiez.

The only exception to this rule is gas cookers. But that is only under
the condition that they are raised away from the grass and generally
protected from the environment. Please be cautious and don't cook your
food on the grass/ground, things can get out fo hand in a very short
amount of time!

In the event that we have some rain, some of these restrictions could
become a little lighter. It is recommended that nobody plans for a fire,
as it is highly unlikely that that will become a safe enough practice.
Please keep an eye at the Mothership, Gate and Arbeitsamt for the
up-to-date Fire Danger Level.

At level 2-3 some flames become acceptable. That includes protected
candles (e.g in jars), raised torches, some fire artwork, and grills
placed away from grass or nature areas. Raised campfires could be
allowed but will need to be authorized by the local Fire Marshalls
and/or Burn Lead. Floor based/unprotected Campfires will still be
considered a fire threat and should not be considered or started.

At level 1, things will be a bit more relaxed. Most fires will be
acceptable, but please keep in mind, this is an LNT event, and so if you
do make a fire, make sure that there is no sign of it when you're done.
There are 2 tricks for this. The first is to remove the grass before
building the fire and replacing it once finished. The second is to raise
the fire from the ground, so as not to scar and kill the grass. Use
common sense, and be respectful of the local nature.

If you have any resources on this topic, feel free to post them here, along with any questions you might have.

With Flow and Fire (hopefully),