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Site Planning

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Realizer :

Site Map 2021

Here is the map for this year's Kiez Burn. It is very much a work in progress and susceptible to change.

Main changes compared to 2019

Eastern Part
A big chunk of the East side of the site cannot be used for Kiez Burn anymore, following the wishes of one of the owners to keep it as free from human impact as possible. This includes was used to be the main entrance and gate.
This is visible on the Transport/Perimeter layer on the map.

North West Part

Counterbalancing this, in the North West part of the land, beyond what used to be Kinder Kiez, is now freed from the high vegetation that walled it. This frees up a lot of space for camps, and will allow us to move the gate to this side.


As the old gate and main entrance location is now being used by horses, decision has been made by the Board and Korg to move the gate to the new west part of the site, where it will be handled by the M/Donkeys.

How are camps placed this year?

The Site Planning Lead reaches out to each registered camp, and discusses with their representative the best location on site for them, the objective being to balance individual camp wishes with the rest of the community's wishes and best interests.

No one reached out to my camp!

I am not infallible, and my time is unfortunately not endless. If you have registered your camp for a week and have not heard from me, please send me an email at, and let's start discussing.

What happens when conflicts arise regarding camp placements?

Such conflicts will be handled by the Site Planning Lead and the concerned camps, working towards an acceptable solution for all parties.
Shall this fail, a foam weapon fight can be called. Its result won't impact the final decision, but it may at least dissipate some bottled up frustration.

The spot my camp wants is already taken... what now?

This is bound to happen. Camps that have registered first are more likely to secure a space before late comers. This is because camps need to know as early as possible where they will be and what environment they have to plan with.
There is more than enough space for everyone, we'll find you something good :)

How are Dreams placed this year?

Once the map is set with the different Kieze spots as well as general orga (security, feuerwehr, first aid, wellfare, rangers), areas will be left around the site for individual dreams to be placed.
This will not happen before Dreams are set and funded, therefore once the Dream voting phase is over and leftover votes allocated by the Dream Guides.

Art pieces are recommended to be placed on the central playa. It is however possible to have some placed through the site, to be stumbled upon by wandering burners.

General Orga Placement (work in progress)


At the main entrance, as well as the back entrance.

First Aid

Placed by the crossroad between entrance path and main path


Opporsite First Aid


West of First Aid


On the other side of the hill from ex wellfare spot

Site Visit 2021 - Photos & Videos

Images were taken on the Pre-event visit Spark: find here


Veroca R. Sala Fri 18 Jun 2021 1:42PM

Thanks cairn ! Looking forward to sparkling at spark ❤️


Po Fri 18 Jun 2021 10:53PM

@Cairn (Clément) hey I registered a camp ( the Google form ) a spot close to the Zerzura camp will be great for us 8 to 10 peps/ I didn't get any confirmation email that's why I'm reaching out ! Thks


Veroca R. Sala Mon 21 Jun 2021 8:32AM

Heya, I have created this folder in the Site planning drive 2021, to add images and videos of the site so as to link realizers that do not know how Freiland looks like.

@Professor Kaos Would you add here the videos we made with the GoPro?

@Cairn (Clément) FYI

Add this to the thread


Alex Kaos Mon 21 Jun 2021 1:05PM

I added 3 locations on the map (in purple/red), which could totally suit for large or small camps or art projects.

Also, the dimension doors dream would like ot be placed on the stairs heading to where Zerzura/Pirates were.

Great work @Cairn (Clément), thank you


Cris Mon 21 Jun 2021 2:55PM

Thank you, @Cairn (Clément) !! I have some comments:

I'm unsure where could Rangers Headquarters be placed? Close to Gate/First Aid/Welfare makes sense, but it's waaaaay too far from the rest of KB. I'd rather propose it to be more central. My thoughts were actually where the Mothership/Welfare usually was. But now Café Wonderland is placed there. Is that final?

What do you think, @Jessie ? Where is the Site Lead Headquarters gonna be, @CJ Yetman ?

The southern "free campers/caravan" space (the one closest to Deine Mudda) is a great slope, I don't know how suitable that for camping may be :)


Diarmaid Mon 21 Jun 2021 3:07PM

We have a few dreams which are related to music:
1) Ease of Air (Underworld stage)
2) Live Music & more at the Musotopia forest
3) Nubiculculia
4) Seriously Unserious Bar and Dancefloor

Are all of these going to be allowed given the restrictions that we have on the sound regulations?


CJ Yetman Tue 22 Jun 2021 3:31PM

Site Lead homebase needs about 3.5x3.5m space. Can be on the side of the road or wherever, doesn't need to be pretty. Needs minimal power though... we have a 20m extension cord to connect with. Centrally-ish located is ideal. If there's no space, I'll just drop it in the middle of Deine Mudda since they have so many problematic participants anyway.


Michael G Tue 22 Jun 2021 4:58PM

I am the owner of this dream:

I was told in the comments to drop by here and get in touch with the site lead, so here I am


Cris Wed 23 Jun 2021 10:17AM

@Cairn (Clément) I heard M/Donkeys may intend to build their nest among the trees, not in that entrance plateau. @Mareike could you confirm? Just in case someone else claims that spot.


Veroca R. Sala Wed 23 Jun 2021 10:53AM

Hey @Cairn (Clément) , just a heads up, I dont see the eco toilets in the list of " general orga placement". The Toilets team is gonna be on boarding these coming days and will put them in touch with you, meanwhile, I just leave this data here as FYI. Thanks!


Erez Tue 29 Jun 2021 8:46PM

Hi @Cairn (Clément)

I'm in the realizers team for the compost toilets and I took the responsibility for placing them so I would love to connect with you :)


Bernhard Wed 30 Jun 2021 10:49AM

Hello fellow Kiez Burners,

I try here again, (in the ask you anything thread this did not really work out)

I have some offerings that dont need funding and wanted to know how this can happen:

  1. pop up dancefloor - i would bring a sound system on batterie (two teufel rockster air, Denon prime go controller) - where and when would that be possible? I am at monkey camp ( loud zone?)

  2. Workshop: Ecstatic Breath - needs the sound system mentioned in 1.

  3. Workshop: Nonverbal Hypnosis - need quite some space outside - maybe monkey camp too, or are there bigger workshop spaces planned?

Thanks for support!

Love, Berni


Marta Oliveira Thu 15 Jul 2021 7:55AM

Hi @Cairn (Clément) one member of our Camp would love to bring a tiny mobile DJ station and Dj spontaneously. Since there are restrictions and we are not a sound camp, where in the playa would this be „allowed“ and appreciated ? It looks super cool and we really want to help him make it happen.


Zohan Mon 19 Jul 2021 7:47PM

We are Kinky Camp, We still did not receive camp placement, We would like to be in area

  • Trees as much as possible Included, but there is open land also for our public area

  • Close To Power Area

  • Close to Main area but far from sound area


Purzel Sun 1 Aug 2021 2:01PM

I was planning to print out and laminate the map for our 3 outside services, if they get alarmed they need to know where.

Since the map I constantly changing and I'm leaving to the site on Friday, it becomes a bit complicated.

Is there a deadline to the positioning of the camps?


Erez Mon 2 Aug 2021 3:13PM

Hi @Cairn (Clément) can you please contact me to talk about location for the toilets?


Cairn (Clément) Tue 22 Jun 2021 4:48PM

This space is in the sound zone and would indeed host Cafe Wonderland, that is a 50 person camp.
What about the space just underneath it?
I made a pin on the map here, it corresponds to this picture. There would be enough space or a 2.5 x 2.5 tent and would be quite central.
What do you think?


Jessie Tue 22 Jun 2021 5:29PM

I think, this place looks good. @Cris - I viewed the map and also found a video that provides a good look to the possible Ranger HQ Position. If you also agree, give a thumb up, otherwise please write your concerns. Thx Clément for your great work.


Cairn (Clément) Tue 22 Jun 2021 5:32PM

Hi Michael! I'm the realizer for Site Planning this year (CJ is Site Lead realizer, but you're in the right place :) )
Did you get the chance to have a look at the map? I think for something like your art piece, the central hill / playa could work well, although it will be in the sun all day long.
How much space would be needed around it? It could also fit elsewhere if that's manageable with the camp spaces.
Please keep in mind that as far as Dreams are concerned, their placement on the site will only be definitive once they have reached their minimum funding on the Dreams Platform, as this will change the total amount of Dreams on site.


Michael G Tue 22 Jun 2021 5:52PM

So my placement hopes are:
- Power Connection (must have)
- Cozy / Wind Protected, inviting to sit / hang out, better for stability
- Not directly next to a dancefloor, quiet
- Still visible from afar, not hidden away

The whole thing needs about a 4x4m flat space I would say, more wouldn't hurt.

It has been a while since I have been to Kiezburn but i remember the ridge as pretty unpleasant / windy. Maybe the small art/kieze area to the southeast? But anyways I would wait for dreams voting to finish

Is there something like a site visit for dreams still planned / possible?


Cairn (Clément) Wed 23 Jun 2021 11:49AM

Yes, the M/Donkeys camp placement is fixed and has priority over other camps, given that they are taking care of the gate this year again 🙂


Bee Mon 21 Jun 2021 11:41AM

Thank you for the excellent documentation.


Diarmaid Wed 23 Jun 2021 3:23PM

Any update on this?


Roko Thu 15 Jul 2021 10:54AM

not possible in nubicuculia. sorry. the shedule is supertight and overlapping sound wouldnt be nice.


Marta Oliveira Thu 22 Jul 2021 12:09PM

The MellowSubmarine @Cairn (Clément) ;) We found a way: let's just have him (and others in a similar situation) DJ in the Silent disco set up. This allows for a level of spontaneity and is sound guidelines compliant. Hit me up if you know of anyone that wants to play but couldn't make it to the sound camps.


Cairn (Clément) Thu 22 Jul 2021 12:28PM

Just commenting to let people know that this has been resolved :)


Michael G Fri 30 Jul 2021 2:01PM

@Cairn (Clément) I added a picture to the dream / site planning sheet so you have a better idea of what the project looks like


Purzel Tue 3 Aug 2021 10:49AM

Let's see how many more register 😉


Cairn (Clément) Tue 3 Aug 2021 9:17AM

We already touched base in person, but for the sake of updating this thread: camps are still able to apply until Wednesday, so no definitive positioning can be had until then.
However 30 of the 34 current camps are placed, and the remaining ones are small (12 peeps or less)


Cairn (Clément) Wed 23 Jun 2021 11:50AM

Thanks for flagging!
My understanding was that the toilets will be easily movable and do not require a fixed space.
Happy to align with the Toilets team and place them where they see fit!


Alex Kaos Mon 21 Jun 2021 12:59PM

Cairn has the images and videos and is removing naked hippies before uploading. x

Item removed


Cris Mon 21 Jun 2021 2:41PM

damn naked hippies! They're everywhere!


Cairn (Clément) Mon 21 Jun 2021 6:20PM

There are discussions about it with the Sound team, it looks tricky to have 4 and we might have to restrict the number of loud sound stages/dancefloors to 3.
More update on that soon :)


Cairn (Clément) Tue 22 Jun 2021 2:42PM

I am in contact with Jessie and will update this shortly


Jessie Tue 22 Jun 2021 4:26PM

We will have a 2,5 x 2,5m tent (I bring it and might also build it). Would be great, to have it where we both camped at Spark, @Cairn (Clément) I guess, this is where Welfare was. So I go along with @Cris
We need enough power to charge the Walkie-Talkies and to have some lights.


Cris Wed 23 Jun 2021 8:31AM

I think, that I like you both a lot ❤️


Cairn (Clément) Wed 23 Jun 2021 8:45AM

Won't be a problem to find you a spot, thanks for the specs!
I'm waiting on confirmation from Wellfare/Rangers/First aid/Fire Departement to see where would fit best 👍


Cris Wed 23 Jun 2021 10:12AM

here some pics from last weekend


Mareike Wed 23 Jun 2021 10:20AM

yes, already contacted @Cairn (Clément) about it. we will need the space in the trees too so there is enough space for yurte, possibly stretch tent and camp infrastructrure for a 40 monkeys - camp.


Cris Wed 23 Jun 2021 10:28AM

mal gucken about the stretch tent ✊


Cairn (Clément) Wed 23 Jun 2021 1:14PM

Update: Po and I are in contact and the placement of his camp will depend on their final size.


CJ Yetman Wed 30 Jun 2021 11:05AM

There's a thread here to organise workshops with Kieze that are offering a workshop location:

I do not believe that Monkey Camp is in a loud zone, so please check with Site Planning / @Cairn (Clément) before you assume that you can make a lot of noise there.


Purzel Wed 30 Jun 2021 10:56AM

The people overlooking these areas have been tagged in you other post, sometimes those Tags get lost.  To get their attention better is to post your questions into their own thread. This one is for site planning, he might be able to make a decision on where you can be able to fire up your pop up dance floor but it could also be up to the sound protocol Lead ( there should be a thread from him as well)  

To find a nice place for your workshops, it's best to post it here


Cairn (Clément) Thu 15 Jul 2021 9:32AM

Hi Marta!
Which camp are we talking about?
So this year we have stricter restrictions regarding sounds than usual, meaning that only 3 areas can possibly have a sound system, and loud music volume can only happen at certain times. Each of these areas is hosted by a camp, so the only way to make a mobile DJ station happen spontaneously would be to do it in accordance with these camps to not overlay their existing planning or go against the Sound Guidelines.
I would recommend the member of your camp to reach out to @Roko, @Quentin, @Jan-Christian Kaspareit or @Annette, who are in charge of these camps (sorry if not tagging the right person, I am unsure who to tag from each camp).
All in all, I wouldn't be too optimistic as to the possibility of making this happen this year, especially so close to the burn where most things are already settled, it might be wiser for next year!