Transportation .... of Stuff

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Basically...Who wants to transport stuff for Build to the site? I have some info for you here.... And: Which day do you want to take stuff up there?


walto Fri 4 May 2018 6:03PM

Deine Mudda would have half a van probably, transport on the Friday.


Lindsey E Fri 4 May 2018 6:14PM

Hi All....So, I've been collecting and playing with numbers to figure out the cheapest way to transport stuff with a rented van from Berlin up to the site. So far I've spoken with Robbens and Enterprise.
I have LOTS of number-crunching examples to "prove" my findings, which I can post later (in beautiful grid forms :) ) but for now, I'd like to ask all interested people--->>> Which day would you like to drive your stuff up in a van? Possibilities are vast: starting Thursday night (14th) basically through the end of the festival. (Yes, believe it or not, the numbers I've crunched so far show that it is the same price to keep a van for 12 days or to rent it 3 days for Build and then 2 days for Strike....) The van size I've looked at is 4 x 2 x 2. (Maybe we could go one size smaller as well.) So, let me know which day you want to take your stuff and, if possible, if you want the whole van for yourself or are interested in splitting it with another camp and how much of the van you guess-timate you'll need. Thanks! More to come once I've heard from interested parties. <3


Dylan (Lemon Camp) Sun 6 May 2018 5:42PM

@lindseye Hey Lindsey, We talked at the group discussion. Im really on the fringe here unfortunately. What numbers do you have thus far? Hypothetically? Again, our camp is very small and might be able to even do it with a car or 2. Thanks for looking into this!

Im surprised more people havent commented on this though - its a great idea!


[deactivated account] Mon 7 May 2018 8:43AM

People - if you haven't joined yet I urge you to do it.. vans, transporters all owned by local Berlin people..
There are vans available as of today (I checked on the train) for the entire build and strike duration for as little as 150 euros.


Lindsey E Wed 9 May 2018 8:29AM

TRANSPORT---->>> yes, so in short I have found this offer: van size 4 x 2 x 2 (16m3) for 12 days (meaning no one has to go to Berlin to pick up a van on Sunday for Strike, return date: Tuesday 26th afternoon) including 2400km (= 5 roundtrips plus 200km for local storage runs and movement within Berlin for pickups), 5 insured drivers and a 100 euro deductible insurance policy (lowest I've seen), including diesel calculations for 4 van loads from Berlin and 2 loads back to Berlin (5 roundtrips), total 1400 euros. Divided by 4 camps = 350 euros/each, all included.

Pyjamcakes wants Thursday night/Friday morning.

And then each of the 4 camps which takes responsibility for 1/4 of the cost can divide up their use of it with other camps however they like. Or if a 5th trip from Berlin gets organised, it becomes 1400/5 => 300 euros each (including diesel and extra km).

What do you say? Ideas? Counter-offers?
This is a time-sensitive price (it gets more expensive the closer to the rental date we reserve it).

(Driver details = class B, >25 years old, with drivers license for 2 years)


[deactivated account] Fri 11 May 2018 3:57PM

Thanks Lindsey for doing the groundwork! Dangerous Spacerazzi wants to share. Our dates are flexible, but we're thinking of Saturday the 16th. Ich habe ein Füherschein.


Alejandro Fri 11 May 2018 6:45PM

Hello Lindsey. Thank you for your planning. We will need the van for one round trip for Deine Mudda on Friday morning. I will be the one picking up the van and returning it after we unload everything in Freiland. I would like to know the status of the van rent, when and where can I pick it up and where I should leave it for the next one. If you need some help let me know. Is there any calendar or timetable with this info?


Lindsey E Mon 14 May 2018 3:57PM

We could take the next smaller van --- 3.5m long and it would work out to 318 euros each (instead of 350)....what do you think?


Jan-Christian Kaspareit Mon 14 May 2018 4:33PM

We - "Downtempo Saloon" - might be interested as well.
Just got to check if we maybe have a van in our camp (where we might be able to offer some space as well). I'll know more on sunday I think!


Alejandro Wed 16 May 2018 1:19PM

hi @lindseye would it be possible to have here writen the model and maybe a picture of the van that will be rented? To get an idea of the size.


Lindsey E Wed 16 May 2018 3:18PM

Sorry I don't have it. With Enterprise they promise a "minimum" length but not an exact van.


Lindsey E Wed 16 May 2018 6:20PM

Hey...Philip (Saturday), Alejandro (Friday) , Andreas (Monday) can we talk better?? We are 4 now for a van. (and still have Sunday available for a 5th run...Downtempo Saloon??). I want to discuss some van-coordination details together to make sure we are all on the same page and then, if we are, rent it asap. Can we write group messages here on Loomio? If not, would it be better to move to email? Or?


Henrik 🤖 Mon 11 Jun 2018 10:24PM

Hey Kieze, Just Being needs a transport option to bring things to the storage and other things back to Berlin after the Burn. Is there anyone with vacancy in their transporter?


Lindsey E Tue 12 Jun 2018 12:22PM

Hi, Miguel has agreed to be part of the transport....meaning you have access to the van to move things to local storage and Miguel said you don't have anything to bring back to Berlin. Can you explain more then?


Carnelian King Wed 13 Jun 2018 4:15PM

Hello there my wonderful comrades-
Our transportation for Flow Camp fell through and we reallocated everything except my art piece which is an octopus that measures 1.5 meters by .5 meter.
This was planning to go on top of all our other stuff and I was wondering if anyone has a little bit of space left to take it.


Peter Mathias Wed 13 Jun 2018 9:41PM

Hi peeps, Robby from Just Being is searching for somebody who has space left for an ultra important package for KiezBurn orga that needs to be on site by Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Please contact him directly at +49 151-58501585


Lindsey E Sun 13 May 2018 9:21PM

Hi, great, Saturday works. We just then need to fill Sunday or Monday with a 4th camp (or 2 camps who want to fill a van-full together). Who will it be?! You would then be coordinating with Deine Mudder (camp ;) ) for the pick up.


Lindsey E Sun 13 May 2018 9:26PM

Hi Alejandro....great Friday is yours!.....Pyjamcakes will be driving it back to Berlin on Friday late morning...will that work for you? (Lets talk more in PM) We just then need to fill Sunday or Monday with a 4th camp (or 2 camps who want to fill a van-full together) you have some ideas?! Then I'd go put the deposit on the van and we set a concrete plan. It seems you would then pass the van to Dangerous Spacerazzi, who want it on Saturday. Let's find a 4th! (We can even have a 5th insured driver for the same price...and divide the price to make it even lower....) What percentage of your stuff do you plan to bring back to Berlin after Strike? (... vs leave in Local Storage)


Lindsey E Sun 13 May 2018 9:40PM

Hi Dylan, so it looks like we are 3 out of 4 right now. Driving down on Thursday night (Pyjamcakes), Friday during the day (Deine Mudder) and Saturday sometime (Dangerous Spacerazzi). If you found a camp or two, who wanted to split a van-full with you on Sunday or would be all YOURS! :) ... and I'd go reserve it tomorrow, to ensure we get this price.


Joice Biazoto Fri 15 Jun 2018 11:09AM

Ride found - We’ll take care of it. :)


Henrik 🤖 Tue 12 Jun 2018 2:55PM

you have access to the van to move things to local storage

awesome! I didn't know that.

...don't have anything to bring back

we're still figuring that one out. I wanted to have some options on the table.


Joice Biazoto Wed 16 May 2018 2:18PM

hi Lindsey, have you been in touch with Miguel (Transport Lead from Just Being) yet? He may be interested or have some ideas. Unfortunately he's not on Loomio but I tagged him on your post on Facebook. cc: @indecisiveibis


[deactivated account] Mon 14 May 2018 5:06PM

The smaller one works for us.


Dylan (Lemon Camp) Mon 14 May 2018 4:01PM

Hey Lindsey,
I talked to my group and we were able to find a smaller van for the week. Its a more elegant solution for us because we have a lot of little pickup stops to make in berlin before hand, and generally we dont require that much space. Thanks again Lindsey and good luck with everything! Its hard work getting people together, you're doing a great job :)


[deactivated account] Mon 14 May 2018 9:27AM

Sounds good, I'll commit to Saturday and meet Alejandro to pick it up. I don't think we'll need the whole 16m3 so if you get the next size smaller that is ok, if not, our neighbor camp Bandana Republic may want to use some space.


Lindsey E Fri 11 May 2018 6:21AM

Hi Bandit, could you send me a link for an example of this? That would be great. I registered and checked them out. But when I added in extra kilometres and gas it really added up. Also, do you happen to know how many people can be insured/how much it costs to insure per person with them? Thanks!


Kathleen Stoeckel Mon 7 May 2018 9:57AM

Hi Lindsey. Last year we've rented the vans from Back then, they offered the best deal (also with unlimited km!). Maybe you want to check with them as well. Thanks for your great help!!!