Should camp/Kiez projects be covered in dreams at all?

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Is it only me or I see way too many camp workshop areas in dreams? Isnt it a better way to make camps fundraiser their own money for this and decrease the prize of the general ticket if needed?


Saskia Wed 24 Apr 2019 5:39PM

It is about time to make a general 'Feedback' Collaboration thread to collect all the different opinions and inputs now as things are cooking hot. I like to think there'll be a lot of valuable lessons, ideas and concepts in all of the critique. :)
Maybe rename this thread to 'general feedback' thread? I'd absolutley go around, copy & quote & link other critiques made in other threads to collect them here (if I am bored).

Especially for all the feedback that is totally valid but probably too much of an impact to be implemented right now shortly before dreams voting is coming to an end.


Alina, also known as Universe Sat 27 Apr 2019 12:23PM

Appreciate the comment @vladimireske - this is an area where I have some grumbles from last year (and am a little surprised looking at dreams this year like yourself). SüßKiez was under quite some strain last year (one of the reasons we are not coming back) in order to self-finance all the camp offerings. Later discovering that there was art granting for camp areas/offerings made available to camps (which some did use? @waldo - or am I misinformed?). We were not aware of this possibility. Which makes me grumpy in the sweetest way. Maybe it's OK to finance camp areas that are for public use, but this+conditions should be clearly communicated and information well distributed. Another option: perhaps a percentage should be financed by camps yes to promote self-reliance (50%?) with rest supported via Dreams?


Alina, also known as Universe Sat 27 Apr 2019 12:33PM

p.s. @vladimireske Borderland's Dreams, that this approach is inspired (copied ;)) by, also finance camp-run offerings and structures. You can have a peek here:


Jessy W Mon 6 May 2019 2:41PM

IMO we should allow it but continue to have conversations about specifically what can be financed (not consumables, etc. ) focusing more towards special art, performances, and experiences to improve camps, and expecting camps to cover sound, djs, drinks, and anything not for public use.


walto Sun 28 Apr 2019 8:43PM

yes, last year's rules also allowed for Kieze to finance projects through art grants. We tried to communicate this as well extensively. I hope the transparancy the Dreams platform provides, inspired other Kieze as well to put up dreams to make the Kieze even more amazing!

btw, the logic: berlin is a bit poor, and we want amazing Kieze, so therefore, we allow for public areas of the Kieze to be eligible for art granting.


walto Thu 25 Apr 2019 1:32PM

good point, added tag "learning for future"