Mon 25 Mar 2019 12:40PM

Dreams Platform will not be pushed from ticketing side

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Below the dotted line is the original post, but as it stands today, the burner tickets page will not push ticket buyers to the Dreams platform, but for a short message as awareness.

We (le ticket team, aka jan thomas and myself) would like to talk about how the Dreams can ping/call burnertickets API so that we can have ticket purchasers access dreams platform with the same email

Sorry for pushing, but we are planning to start ticket sales extremely soon (April 1st), so we need to get the tech people in touch with Matthew, the person behind to get this set up


Otto Tue 26 Mar 2019 3:32PM

@henrik we are starting sales on Saturday and we have nothing. So far all we can do is tell people when they purchase to go to dreams. Which is not that great, frankly


Henrik 馃 Thu 28 Mar 2019 3:53PM

Hello there! Looks like the Robot Ministry owes an Update on this matter :robot:

From the technical side of things it's looking good. The code is working and tests with were positive - a big applause to @edward, the humble human in charge of guiding the robots!!!

Quick rundown of how the system works:
Only users with email addresses, that have purchased a ticket for Kiez Burn through will be able to register for an account. For all the existing accounts we will issue out tokens after they purchased a ticket.
Every 30seconds we are pulling a list of email addresses of all Kiez Burn ticket purchases from

Something we still want to implement is a welcome email from Dreams, which will be sent out after a Kiez Burn ticket has been purchased to the ticket holder. This shouldn't take too long and could even be done manually the first days.

Long story short: if we're starting ticket sale on April 1st, we can make it work until then. If we're starting ticket sale on Friday (as Jan told me phone 2hrs ago) we are a bit more relaxed and definitely on the safe side. But I need to know today, when we want to actually sell tickets, so I know whether to panic or chill.

@janthomas @waldo @otto (wtf are tags not working on mobile?! Someone should fix this!!)


Jan Thomas Thu 28 Mar 2019 3:56PM

@henrik we're definitely not ready for ticket sales on 1 Apr - but instead trying now to align everything for doing it next Friday 5 Apr. So let's please work towards that, and try to have the integration ready for testing by Wed 3 Apr as that's when we would like to run end 2 end tests, to have a bit of buffer before Friday.


walto Wed 27 Mar 2019 4:42PM

what would you suggest @ottojuanbrunoriver ?