🎨 Rethinking Dreams - Reflections from the Retrospective 06.11.21

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👋Hi! Welcome and thanks for passing by this thread

these notes came out of a retrospective session. Here we have been brainstorming to rethink the way we enable Dreams (Art) at the event. We hear your ideas & concerns around this topic, feel invited to chip in the comments.

Here are the notes:

Dreams + Arts + Workshops

  • Problems

    • Streamlining dreams processes to make art more appealing

    • Dreams platform being broad in scope - no distinction between different dream types

    • Kieze having an advantage in getting funding

    • Dreams refund process being too complex for the refund

  • New system proposals

    • Tinder System

      • You simply say YES/NO to every project

      • By simply saying “yes I like it, no I don’t think it should get my money”, we generate an algorithmic system that distributes the funding

    • Art Committee

      • Electing an art committee that selects the art projects

      • Reaching out to all the camps and getting their support to distribute the responsibility and conflict and interest

      • Can be run in parallel to to the Dreams process to support big art projects

    • Improvements on the current system

      • Being more regulated on what becomes a dream

        • How many people can have access to the dream?

        • How many people are expected to experience the dream?

      • Start Dreams early

      • Do 2 rounds of dreams, one early in Jan-Feb with larger dreams that need more planning. And a second for dreams that can be planned closer to the event.

    • Extra funding/donations

      • Add a donation possibility to the Dreams platform

      • Up the ticket price to increase the dreams platform

      • Add direct donation option to the Dreamer directly

      • Applying for external funding from Public grants +/ company sponsorships +/ nonprofits +/ crypto funding

@Purzel @Cairn (Clément) @Caroline @Sven Dudink @Owl (Holger)

Please add and expand upon this with any thoughts you might have (please edit the main text directly)


Diarmaid Thu 17 Feb 2022 11:29PM

Anything is possible . . . but it is not very likely I think. I'm not planning to work on it.

I really like the idea of a swipe left/swipe right way of deciding dreams, but as an app on the phone/website where you could just swipe up or down. I would propose that you could rate all of the different dreams though, and then rank them by how many upvotes that they have.

Kate has a good point that it would probably be more superficial. But at the moment, large camps have an advantage - so what advantage do we want to give people?


Veroca R. Sala Tue 1 Feb 2022 10:26AM

Hi ina! thanks for passing by! ❤️ this has been brainstorming at the retrospective session, is not really a plan on how to realize dreams but a series of ideas on how could we approach art funding in the future. The session consisted of several groups of burners who came together to discuss different aspects of the Burn that we could improve.

Do you particularly like any of those?


Caro T Wed 9 Feb 2022 5:16PM

Apologies @Kate , I should have clarified that! The "Tinder-System" (I hope we can find a decommodified name) would only replace the actual voting-aspect on the Dreams Platform. The individual dreams should absolutely continue to introduce themselves with pictures, text, film, explain what they need money for etc.

My hope is, that such a voting system can be implemented on the existing dreams platform - but that I don't know, maybe @Diarmaid knows?

My second hope though is that dreams that didn't have good photography or shiny applications have a better chance at getting funding as well because the voting-tokens won't be limited.


Kaliope Wed 9 Feb 2022 5:06PM

On the Dreams platform we had the possibility to upload several images and to introduce the dream/art project in text form. Doesn't the success of an art project then depend only on how aesthetically pleasing a single displayed image is? As far as I understand, the Tinder system there is not supposed to give more context. Maybe this could be a little superficial (please correct me if I misunderstood the basic concept)? Does this platform/app already exist, do other burners have this in use and can possibly share their experiences and learnings? How complex and expensive (time/money wise) would the implementation be? Only a few more thoughts, happy to learn more 🙂 @Caro T thanks for your contribution ❤️


Mariana Fri 4 Mar 2022 1:09AM

Hi Professor Kaos,
Thank you very much for putting all this information together :)

I like the Tinder system and I'd like to add that I'm very opposed to electing an art committee. As something like this would probably bring consistency, homogeneity and the vision of a few to the vibe of Kiez and I know that's not what most people who are there are after, I believe it also goes against some of the principles.

I'm all in for the other ideas, will try to keep an eye on the threads, but please feel free to ping me if you're in need of help to organize anything. I want to help the art team this year.



Alex Kaos Mon 28 Feb 2022 5:39PM

I have refined the 'Tinder System' into a full advice seeking proposal for anyone to review if they're interested:


Caro T Wed 9 Feb 2022 4:50PM

In response to @Madhou about the Tinder System :)

I proposed this idea and do believe one round will be sufficient, as we don't need to "elect" the best art pieces on the Dreamsplatform. This system rather functions as a community-approve-barometer.

Every dream gets an equal chance. You don't have to "save" your 5 tokens for your friends' or camps' dreams, instead, you can look at each dream individually and decide if you like it or not.

Statistically speaking, there will still be dreams that get more or less Thumbs Up than others.

As for funding distribution, there are then different approaches:

  • we can just work our way down the list, granting funding from most votes to least votes until we have no money left, obviously working with all artists/dreamers on the way to see if they might need less funding so we make it further down the list, or

  • we grant funding by percentage or algorithm, so funding gets distributed to all dream proposals that surpassed a certain threshold of community votes, the amount of money depending on the amount of community votes.


Rojda Fri 4 Feb 2022 10:18PM

Hello colorful sparkling flowers,

Thank you for putting your energy in to rethink the concept for the dreams.

There are many new ideas I really like! Starting dreams earlier, doing two rounds so larger dreams have more time ... <3

BUT I have to put my mustard in one think thank makes me really think off...In my opinion I don’t support the idea of electing an art committee that selects the art project!


  1. Even though they would try them best I think it’s impossible to stay objective

  2. As I have the possibility to decide what dream I wanna be realized I really wish the TRANSPARENCY in this step of filtering art projects/dreams

  3. In a way art is everything around us and for me the art projects shouldn’t be decided by selected people

Thank you that I can share this.



Madhou Wed 2 Feb 2022 6:01PM

Thanks for all this ideas!
*I would up the ticket to 20€ for arts/dreams (as I remember it was 15€ in 2019)
I would prefer 2 rounds of tinder with the algorithmic system (but this sounds like a lot of work to me... :-/) in february and 2 months later...
*and a possibility to donation to the Dreamer directly (via Kickstarter?)

Thanks again to the Dreamer Realizer and Schatzmeister


Ina Istasha Mon 31 Jan 2022 4:03PM

Hi there, I'm honestly a bit confused about how many alternatives are being suggested her. One or two or even more? Sorry 🙈