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2021 Burn Night 🥳 Realizers/Lead Roles sign up

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Lead roles






The Kiez Burn Night 2021 will be happening on Saturday, 27 November. We are still searching for some realizers and volunteers to co-create our decom together! 👯‍♂️

If you want to contribute and/or help organizing the event, please sign up here so we can get in touch or leave a comment below :) If you're a realizer or want to support main orga, you can also join the telegram orga group for quick questions and important updates.

Realizers & open tasks

Still missing – wanna contribute?

  • Opening ceremony

  • Bring & share buffet

  • Fire performance & fire safety

  • Greeting realizer

Main orga

@johannes, guide @Erin Jeavons-Fellows preferable with co lead

Covid lead

@Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)

Finances & art grants

@Diarmaid @Tabea


@Clara White




@Roko, support @David Briggs


@Baikonur_1961 @Chris



Strike & LNT

Michael T


needed – otherwise no big art projects (or they need to organize transport themselves)

Deco & build

@Fylamber, one floor @Roko

Angels & Awareness


Opening Ceremony

Still needed


Still needed


Still needed

Graphics & design

@Erin Jeavons-Fellows


Diarmaid Fri 12 Nov 2021 8:26AM

Looking for some more people to join the Dreams Committee for the Decom - please join the discussion here (telegram group) if you are interested.


Kaliope Wed 10 Nov 2021 10:02AM

Dear @Raccoon Manners , are you still available for coordinating strike & LNT? You mentioned in one of our first meetings you'd be open to help out here, but we haven't heard back from you... It would be awesome if you can get in touch with us! Here's our realizer chat: @Johannes Bittner @johannes


Kaliope Mon 25 Oct 2021 2:38PM

Hi @Tabea, @Diarmaid will get in touch with you directly :) Thanks so much for your support


Tabea Sun 24 Oct 2021 9:00PM

@Diarmaid I somehow cannot sent you a private message here :( You can find me on Telegram with the phone number i put on the sign up sheet for realisers.


Tabea Sun 24 Oct 2021 8:45PM

Hey, absolutely!


Diarmaid Fri 22 Oct 2021 6:16PM

Hi Tabea, how would you like to be co-finance lead? I am signed up to be the lead but will not be able to make the event.


Tabea Tue 19 Oct 2021 7:00AM

Heyhey, I originally signed up, was assigned to location scouting, but was swamped with work. Hoooooow can I get involved? Lemme know :)
EDIT: I used the sign-up sheet again, just to be sure.


Kaliope Wed 8 Sep 2021 8:10PM


👉 Interested in co-creating the burn night aka decom? If you wanna join the orga team, please take two minutes and feed this form with your precious data so we can connect better and keep in touch:

This is NOT intended for signing up for shifts at the event. There will be more forms coming soon... We decided to handle it this way so only the leads can access your data. No open google sheet visible to everyone.


Saskia Tue 7 Sep 2021 7:49AM

Hei Uli,

that's great. If you wish to bring yourself in, from an org perspective, haviung workshop lead would be more helpful. If you feel so inclined, put down your name :) Thanks for being on board.


Uli Römmler Mon 6 Sep 2021 9:28PM

Lovely People, I am new to this event. I could help to organize workshops or to give a workshop myself or to think about the opening ceremony.


Kaliope Mon 13 Sep 2021 1:19PM

@Øystein did you already hear back from them? 15 October is pretty soon :)


Alex Kaos Wed 8 Sep 2021 5:27PM

Hey, I think I want to organize a Cabaret. That sound like fun!


Kaliope Tue 7 Sep 2021 9:54AM

Dear @Øystein, thanks for your valid input! I can't imagine under which circumstances this would qualify as a "cultural event" – if you read through covid-19 regulations, these are often seated events. Dancing is an exclusion criterion... So far, we have two people who offered to organize/host a floor, no deco lead and maybe a workshop lead. No one has yet offered to bring anything like a cabaret.

In the end, we (with @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) as our corona realizer) have to decide this depending on the current regulations, and I don't think that they will become any looser in the fall. We can already very blessed to be able to organize such an event at all. Instead, let's promote vaccination again on all KB channels! The whole community will benefit from this. In the meantime, there are many low-threshold and fast offers without long waiting times. Therefore, I do not think that our principle of inclusion is violated.

Would you still volunteer to help with scouting? This would be amazing and help us a lot!


Kris Mon 6 Sep 2021 10:01PM

2G with tests is probably better anyway


Øystein Mon 6 Sep 2021 7:56PM

I'm in contact with "hearing berlin", they have amazing location 1.5km north of alexanderplatz/burner embassy. I've requested an offer and i'm waiting for a price back. option would be 800 people capacity on the 15th of October. But there isn't really an outside space, so would have to press really hard on that "cultural event" to get to go by 3g and not 2g.


David Briggs Mon 6 Sep 2021 6:55PM

Also happy to help with location scouting


David Briggs Mon 6 Sep 2021 6:44PM

I'm happy to help organize music and sound :)


Linja Flux Mon 6 Sep 2021 5:13PM

Hi guys, I'm very sorry - I cannot take on Comms Leadership at all since I've (luckily) found some job which will soak me up timewise completely..... Meow. I love you all for doing this! <3


Kaliope Tue 2 Nov 2021 1:22PM

Dear @Raccoon Manners , you're still up for helping with this? I was wondering if you need some more guidance or support.


Raccoon Manners Mon 6 Sep 2021 2:12PM

Hey team,

I'm happy to deal with LNT/Strike, but ideally with a co-lead.

Can't join the meeting tonight unfortunately, but I'm available otherwise:)


Veroca R. Sala Tue 31 Aug 2021 8:15PM

can we please move this thread back to planning 2021 ( subgroup satellite events) it is not needed to create a whole new group for this event. Plus ppl need to join the group... its not productive to do it this way. I cant do it myself as I am not admin of this very (new) group)


Tabea Tue 31 Aug 2021 3:47PM

I would like to participate, but am not in Berlin, so I would vote for online meeting :)


Purzel Tue 31 Aug 2021 12:42PM

I can offer my flat, located in 10365. Zoom awakes a feeling of resistance in me at the moment 😉


Saskia Mon 30 Aug 2021 3:10PM

So it seems to me like meeting on Monday the 6th is the most agreeable option.

For convenience, I suggest an online meeting - unless someone can offer a central and uncomplicated and safe location to meet.


Veroca R. Sala Fri 27 Aug 2021 2:15PM

Let's discuss >>> 👉 LOCATION HERE 👈


Purzel Fri 27 Aug 2021 1:55PM

I deleted the other one, I tried to copy the nice overview for lead roles but couldn't on my phone. Thanks for pointing out the confusing aspect of shifting halfway.

I'll leave the other one that I created, hoping that all the awesome location hunter will notice and move over 😊


Veroca R. Sala Fri 27 Aug 2021 10:03AM

Hey im glad you noticed, will Purzel be in our Talk moderation team??? 🤗. I guess this thread is to recruit leads, indeed it went a bit beyond the topic itself and I didn't want to moderate maybe just to let ppl go with the enthusiasm... but, in general I believe the body of the thread is super clear for those that want to jump in to figure what are those lead roles available. I personally dont think we need a new thread to recruit leads for the decom ( this is it). Eventually, this thread could be moved to the decom/ burn night group. Maybe we do need a thread especially for location hunting (?). I guess it all will take more shape after the kick-off meeting❤️. Anyways! so nice to see someone else trying to keep Talk in order 🤓


Purzel Fri 27 Aug 2021 8:48AM

This thread is becoming quite confusing with all the topics being discussed here, I took a lazy and half assed attempt to create to new threads for location and lead roles, hoping that the awesome and motivated people here can swap ❤

Feel free to take them over and change for your convenience 💋

I'm still doing holiday and might join the organising fun later when I found my MOJO back.


Saskia Thu 26 Aug 2021 3:59PM

Schallplatte Berlin is interested in working with us. Low-key looking for a team to go scout the area together before our meeting. If no crew is to be found, we will create one at the first meeting.

Possible dates for a workshop / music mix event late september early october.


Saskia Wed 25 Aug 2021 5:29PM


Just got news from club comission. The city of Berlin announced they will not fight the court decision. That means partying indoors IS possible again, it seems. It is still a complicated and risky situation they say, as a spike in infections and hospitalization rates might end up in yet another shut down for clubs.

The following quote cites the CCs current (as of today) recommendations (for regulations) for indoor dance events:

Die Clubcommission empfiehlt daher folgende Rahmenbedingungen zur Öffnung von Indoor-Tanzveranstaltungen:

“Bei niedrigem Infektionsgeschehen:

- Einlass für Geimpfte und Genesene, sowie PCR Getestete
- keine Masken-/Abstandspflicht
- "Clubcommission PCR Test" für 15 Euro innerhalb 4h (nach Absprache mit Berliner PCR-Laboren)
- Testnachweis via BaerCode App, Ausweiskontrolle, QR-Code Scanner am Eingang

Bei hohem Infektionsgeschehen:

- Verpflichtende PCR-Tests für alle Teilnehmer:innen
- keine Masken-/Abstandspflicht
- "Clubcommission PCR Test" für 15 Euro innerhalb 4h (nach Absprache mit Berliner PCR-Laboren)
- Kostenfreie PCR Tests für zweifach geimpfte Personen ab 18 Jahren (ähnlich wie "Bürgertest". Kostenpflichtige PCR Tests für Ungeimpfte erhöhen die Impfbereitschaft in der Zielgruppe. Das negative PCR-Testergebnis könnte auch für andere kulturelle Aktivitäten, sowie Bar - und Restaurantbesuche genutzt werden.)
- Testnachweis via BaerCode App, Ausweiskontrolle, QR-Code Scanner am Eingang”

Please mind I just read them two minutes ago and have not thought about any of this in any deeper way and what that means for us, so whatever the recommendation there, we make up our own minds.

P.S.: I was not talking about the coordinated test weekend! I am talking about last Saturday. Kit Kat was open again. @Kate


Kaliope Wed 25 Aug 2021 1:29PM

Hahah now I'm in touch with Jac as well... I'll tell him you'll get back to him tomorrow :) Thank you!

Indeed, it's a very confusing situation right now and maybe it's easier if we target a small open air event. Let's see. I believe the Kit Kat was part of a scientifically supervised experiment 😱 Perhaps the situation has changed in the meantime, now that everyone has been vaccinated to some extent. Still, problematic participant Delta can kick asses badly... i trust your super power as a covid supervisor @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) !


Saskia Wed 25 Aug 2021 12:19PM

Things changed for Schallplatte. They have a talk with their Vermieter tonight and some regulations might have changed. I am going to have a call with them in the next day and should know more until the meeting. :)


Saskia Wed 25 Aug 2021 12:01PM

Yes, very burnery vibes from what I got from their built and general operation. I would love to do it there. I check back in.


Kaliope Wed 25 Aug 2021 11:19AM

Asked our Birgit connection Slawik about locations yesterday. He highly recommended them (or at least their "burner" vibe) and wanted to share the contact with me – so maybe we can still double-check in case another event has been cancelled? @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)


Saskia Wed 25 Aug 2021 11:00AM

Whoever wrote Schallplatte Berlin: I asked them (Alex & Jaque) WEEKS ago and they said Schallplatte Berlin has no free spots for events with music anymore.

Maybe you can confirm @Kate ?


Saskia Wed 25 Aug 2021 10:57AM

I formally change my position over to Covid lead. I am german speaking, need to keep track of current developments due to my work anyways, and I read the club comission newsletter with up to date information anyways.

Also club comission provides a very handy tool:

It assesses current options with current regulations.


Kris Wed 25 Aug 2021 7:20AM

I love to help lead gate/greeters/ticketing if that's needed


johannes Wed 25 Aug 2021 6:44AM

Tue 31 Aug 2021 6:00PM
Wed 1 Sep 2021 6:00PM
Thu 2 Sep 2021 6:00PM
Fri 3 Sep 2021 6:00PM
Sat 4 Sep 2021 6:00PM
Sun 5 Sep 2021 6:00PM
Mon 6 Sep 2021 6:00PM

Working late shift next week, so can not come to any meeting in person, online meetings would be possible for me though, to be pressent while being there


Saskia Wed 25 Aug 2021 6:33AM

Tue 31 Aug 2021 6:00PM
Wed 1 Sep 2021 6:00PM
Thu 2 Sep 2021 6:00PM
Fri 3 Sep 2021 6:00PM
Sat 4 Sep 2021 6:00PM
Sun 5 Sep 2021 6:00PM
Mon 6 Sep 2021 6:00PM

Friday only if we do it IRL and have fun together afterwards!


Poll Created Tue 24 Aug 2021 6:41PM

Decom 2021: When should we have our kick-off meeting? Closed Mon 30 Aug 2021 1:00PM

by Kaliope Tue 31 Aug 2021 9:20AM

When and where can our decompression take place? Can we realize our own bar? Can I bring my fire toy? How does it work with the art grants? Can I create my own floor as a camp? Will there be monkeys at the gate? And how is that currently with corona? ... Many burning questions – we still have few answers. To create a decom to remember, we need you! Feel free to come and bring your ideas. Let's meet next Monday evening to talk about possible locations, dates and open tasks.

It's getting serious – when is the best time for you? Until then: everyone, let's scout a location and date! If we're lucky, there are already some options we can choose from...


Tue 31 Aug 2021  6:00PM
Wed  1 Sep 2021  6:00PM
Thu  2 Sep 2021  6:00PM
Fri  3 Sep 2021  6:00PM
Sat  4 Sep 2021  6:00PM
Sun  5 Sep 2021  6:00PM
Mon  6 Sep 2021  6:00PM

22 of 52 people have voted (42%)


Saskia Wed 25 Aug 2021 12:07PM

Kit Kat was also open.

Officially, dancing indoors is still not allowed, and especially not without masks.

It is a confusing situation.


Roko Wed 25 Aug 2021 11:42AM

sysiphos was open and people dancing in hammahalle the whole night.


Kaliope Tue 24 Aug 2021 6:31PM

From my experience with the Ordnungsamt and Kiez Burn permit, local regulations vary greatly and can change any time... The media are also sometimes faster than the official documents. Sometimes it is also possible to apply for a special permit. It certainly does not hurt to exchange ideas with the club commission! Yes, we definitely need a dedicated covid lead keeping track on this... 👍 maybe we can stick to a decentralized pop-up Tempelhofer Feld event as the last resort? It would still be nice to have our own space...


johannes Tue 24 Aug 2021 4:10PM

I think the idea came from the report that the tanzverbot was sued against succefully in berlin and party should be possible soon for vacinnated people exclussivly if i read it right.

So there should soon be possible to have legal indoor events. Not 100% inclussive as only for vacinated people. But theoretical possible


Martin K Tue 24 Aug 2021 3:50PM

hello lovely people,

thanks for this initiative, and yes, I would love to have a decent decom too, but would also like to throw in these facts as early as possible without the intent to ruin the fun...

this is the status quo concerning Covid in Berlin from 20.8.2021:

As I understand the ämtisch this means that dance events are allowed only outdoors, with 1000 people, 3G and mask (if distance is not possible). These conditions probably won't get better in the next months. And open air tightens the range of clubs even more (loudness after 22h) than it is with the aim to have a byob-bar.

personally i feel the corona situation is the biggest obstacle to an adequate party. A decom covid lead is crucial here. Maybe it is better to plan a daytime and open air event with less dancing? I feel like something around a saturday or sunday 12-22 could work too.

as for locations: jonny knüppel is not possible, i will reach out to Meier (which is too small outdoors) and also blank, which i think could fit nicely.

with all this I would also like to propose alternatives like just use the Tempelhofer Feld properly for a day with several camps organizing areas so it is not crowded at one spot. - yes, on the down side we would be open to the public, toilets and getting drinks there suck, but it might also be a bit more burneresque. Just wanted to throw this in, even though, yesyes, flashy lights and bass on a sweaty dance floor...


johannes Tue 24 Aug 2021 3:16PM

Heard a bit more from the warehouse people, the location we went for last time got some overhaul since last time and is probably available depending on date. And based on the description what we would need he said following location could also be interisting.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Tue 24 Aug 2021 2:37PM

Cool I'm also open to leading again...whatever that looks like. happy for lots of co-leads!! maybe i could be in a guiding role instead and let others step up?


johannes Tue 24 Aug 2021 2:29PM

I might also happy to help with leading again (if @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) is okay with me doing co lead and takes on the more talkative aspects of the meetings, while im happy cordinating in the background)


johannes Tue 24 Aug 2021 2:03PM

I also reached out to the people with the warehouse again and they operate under new name now as

I asked which locations would fit us(mixture out of space for party but also quiet spaces for 500-1000 people).


johannes Tue 24 Aug 2021 1:41PM

How about we set a meeting date(digital or in person) for in a week and whoever has possible contacts with any location tries to reach out until then?


Martin K Tue 24 Aug 2021 2:19PM

let's talk. i am happy sharing knowledge on main orga, just don't want to be dragged into a lot of not controllable work. also yes, locations... i start with meier, jk and other ideas.


Saskia Tue 24 Aug 2021 11:51AM

I will of course get my dirty little hands in this project. I could imagine sharing main orga role with someone else or do ticketing / gate, depending on needs.


Veroca R. Sala Wed 25 Aug 2021 10:57AM

Awesome! I m happy to learn from you and excited to give some shape to one idea I have... i sent you a pm. Hoping that Loomio doesnt fuck up as usual and actually delivers that email on time ( sometimes i receive emails with months of delay, super weird)


Nora Flora Wed 25 Aug 2021 9:13AM

@Linja Flux Cool. Let's be in touch. :-) I'm happy to do the newsletter and post more on fb too.


Linja Flux Tue 24 Aug 2021 11:47AM

Depending on time windows details I can likely take on some wider fields of the comms. I'm experienced in this, I'd like to now step up in the Kiez' backstage and orbit and help out the team for this with a handful of little Linja-Skills if they're needed 🌱

Item removed


johannes Tue 24 Aug 2021 10:28AM

  1. Both would be possible, so far it was always for a night. Last precomp we got some offers to book it for whole weekend, which would have been possible, but would also need more work and people voluntering for shifts. Looking at the short time to plan i think we should stick with one midday to next morning event.
    2. Last decomp we had i think around 1500 people there, there is a post mortem somewhere we did, i have trouble finding. Question here is as it will be indoor how many people are allowed, and with how many people are we comfortable having there if corona is not magically gone in two month.
    3. This would be the dream, but it comes most of the time with the issue you have to pay a lot of money upfront which i guess would be to much of a risk for the verein currently. If we get a super location which lets us do this cheaply without it would be lovely but i doubt we find something like that quickly in berlin. So we should stick with something where we use their bar but allowed to bring food in and other stuff.
    3. As it is inside berlin and in a bar we have more non burners there who might not know or rules or are familiar with consent rules.
    4. Last decomp it was 10€ i think if i remember right(best to look up in post mortem as soon as someone finds it). Ticket price should depend on conditions of contract with the event space. And if we really go for byob or have a bar from eventspace. First one would be more expensive for us so we would have to make tickets more expensive.


Kaliope Tue 24 Aug 2021 10:25AM

Really good that you like to support here @Jessie! At such an event the rangers do about the same as at the Kiez Burn, only in a mini format – it's not quite as big an effort and of course not as big as Freiland. This could be thought of in tandem with "site lead."

Exactly what the event will look like and what time we are talking about is also somewhat dependent on the location. I think in no case we will decompress for a whole weekend. I don't have the participant numbers in my head unfortunately (max. 600?), it was a long time ago (@Erin Jeavons-Fellows might know more, maybe there's an estimate about the percentage of burners and radically included guests as well – this is one challenge for rangers & angels, because we have to expect more people who do not know our principles – or otherwise, we'd exclude many random show-ups).

Whether we can sell tickets in advance or that runs over the box office, we will then also have to decide. The price depends on our rent and art grants and other costs....

Unfortunately, most suitable locations in Berlin want to run their bar, the rent will be higher if we organize the bar ourselves. However, our experience shows that many of the community would prefer us to organize a bring & share bar 🍻


Jessie Tue 24 Aug 2021 10:09AM

Hi there,

thanks for bringing this up.
Since I have never been to a Decomp Party, I have several questions, before I can be involved.

1. Are we organizing a Party for a Night or are we talking about a weekend or an Event that starts midday to Night?
2. For how many people do we organize this approx?
3. So, we are looking for a Location, where we can organize everything by ourselves and are not depending on buying stuff at the bar, right?
3. I can do the Rangers again, but I need to know, why this is needed and how this looks like.
4. I figure, that we will sell tickets for that. How much should the ticket cost approx, how much was it in the previous event?

I would be thankful if one could light up my Inexperience, so that I'm able to support.


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Tue 24 Aug 2021 3:37PM

birgit dont have a byob policy.


johannes Tue 24 Aug 2021 9:49AM

As someone who was involved in planing the last decomp and started preparing the last precomp before corona destroyed all our plans, i find most energy was mostly spend with getting a club who fullfilled all our criteria(byob, setting our own rules). I was not part of orga when we worked with Birgit & Bier but i heard it was quite relaxed to work with them. So if we want to ride the wave of not being forbidden to do a party before we got hit by a next possible corona wave with new restrictions, i think a known location like birgit would be best(while still putting out ears for some possible alternatives). We also should be quick as i think a lot of organizers will book soon all good locations as everyone wants now to party again if possible.

Working with Anomalie was a shitshow in my eyes (that being two years ago, so maybe all the people giving trouble are not there anymore with luck but if i would get involved i would prefer not working with them again, as beatifull the location is)

We had another lead where we got some offer for a warehouse where we could do the party however we wanted, we where still in negotiating when corona hit. But the site from them is offline now. Do not think they survived corona (


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Tue 24 Aug 2021 9:26AM

Hi everyone. I was lead for the previous precom and decompression events.

If we are going to take advantage of the tanzverbot relaxedness, i would say we move fast. I hope i am wrong but i really think delta is going to fuck has hard this winter and it wouldnt surprise me if things changed very quickly and alot was cancelled.

I would say we pick a realistic date. Previous ones took about 6-8 weeks to organise. I think we could consider moving a bit faster than that.


MaxXxiM Tue 24 Aug 2021 8:24AM

Hey. Happy to get involved. Is organization going to be mainly here?
Love to do a dreaming session / online meeting.

whazim 0176 390 835 49


Diarmaid Tue 24 Aug 2021 3:24PM

I can take on the finance role for this. It'll give me some practice


Veroca R. Sala Tue 24 Aug 2021 11:22AM

I see I see, then are you willing to run a kick-off meeting @Kate? @Erin Jeavons-Fellows are you keen to participate in that one Meeting? if so, which date do you think is best?

Once having the date for it ( and place?) then @Nora Flora could pick up the info to extend invitations to all community ( not only ticket holders anymore). Nora, Could you thumbs up if you get this comment, please?🤓

In addition, Iam to do the Telegram. Im happy to keep on doing the telegram announcements about the Kb Night (that would be my contribution❤️ Not sure if I take facebook announcements too ( tbc) I have a lill idea to make the comms more collaborative but aligned and well scheduled. I would like to try it out with the organization of this smaller event, but not sure I have time for it. I would like to... ❤️


Alex Kaos Tue 24 Aug 2021 10:58AM

I will probably be out for finance. There will be a new Schatzmeister in place by the time this happens I think (or we double the Burn night with the Mitgliedversammlung and have the elections on site during the day).

Either way, I'll guide the finance, but am looking to put my energies into an Art project that failed at KB.


Kaliope Tue 24 Aug 2021 9:25AM

@Veroca R. Sala The same is true for me... wanted to get the ball rolling a bit but can't take over the main orga. Since I was already involved in decom & precom, I can for sure give some guidance. I'll update the thread with some basic info on roles and next steps! To get new volunteers and realizers on board, we need a kick-off meeting as a first step.

@Professor Kaos can we count you in for finance?

@Erin Jeavons-Fellows would you be willing to charm us again with your graphic skills?


Veroca R. Sala Tue 24 Aug 2021 8:05AM

Hey sounds exciting. I pin the thread and will post on telegram and link to the next newsletter to recruit organizers since i can't take part in the orga team this time. Thanks for keeping the ball rolling!❤️

Just one thing: to me, is very unclear what is the "to-do" list to organize a decom party since i haven't done it before. Maybe someone that wishes to get involved would make good use of an overview of what needs to be done (?), if you manage that info would you share it in this thread, please? Thank you


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Tue 24 Aug 2021 2:45PM

So i spoke with James who was our previous location contact at anomolie. He confirmed once again that the guys are hard to get hold of but are doing weekly events still during this times. He said to "make sure you get a contract early". Anomalie was good except the door issue was an utter failure. this venue would work again if we were clear about what we wanted from security this time around so people were allowed inside this time! they were also good with a BYO bar which could be explored this time around!!!


Roko Tue 24 Aug 2021 12:24PM

am happy to take over one floor nubicuculia/zerzura style if teh date is right. did this in anomalie in the smaller sweaty werkstatt last decomp already. all decoration and music of one floor would be handled (not up for any orga beforehand or taking a general deko/dj/music lead)


Alex Kaos Tue 24 Aug 2021 10:56AM

Anomalie has a BYOB option. We just didn't risk it last time. But we could have (in hindsight). But fair enough, there was lots of frustrations with the orga.


Bee Tue 24 Aug 2021 8:21AM

Tbh I won't be involved in orga if we go back to Anomalie. Would rather any other place tbh.

I think it was expressed many times by people how it would be awesome to have a no commerce inside which is why I mentioned some places that don't function solely as clubs with a manned bar in place during our event so we can do a BYOB option :)

Item removed


Alex Kaos Mon 23 Aug 2021 1:28PM

Anomolie had some pretty frustrating issues. One of which was the security, and the other the orga.

Orga would be easier this time, and we now know we can run a bar-less event (which costs more in rental). We could also contact our Security company from the event and have them run the security, we had great interactions with them and they seemed really cool (and get our vibe now).

I think Anomolie is actually a cool venue and we know the layout there, we can have a no-bar event, less of their staff, out own security etc. I will email them now anyways to ask their availability.


Kaliope Mon 23 Aug 2021 12:40PM

Sounds great! There's some good news, the Tanzverbot (dancing prohibition) in Berlin was lifted by a court – imo for everyone who is either vaccinated or tested... If we wanna go forward with planning, we should probably start setting a date & scouting for locations very quickly – I can imagine that several organizers and collectives are currently searching for good spots. We have some connections to Birgit & Bier, Jonny Knüppel and H13. About Anomalie idk, the feedback from last time wasn't overwhelmingly convincing... Mensch Meier would be totally worth to explore! Tagging a few random beings, the Bored and everyone who already signed up for KB 2022 on Talk to have more people involved:

@Bee @Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) @Erin Jeavons-Fellows @Mareike @Professor Kaos @Annette @Quentin @Veroca R. Sala @Franzi @Jan-Christian Kaspareit @CJ Yetman @Diarmaid @Jessie @Purzel @Ale @Lise @Roko @Konstantin @Cairn (Clément) @Stefan @Cris @Alejandro


Bee Thu 26 Aug 2021 8:16AM

Ah fair. In my head the decomp would be a full day and night event hehe


Alex Kaos Mon 23 Aug 2021 1:24PM

Hey Bee, Dream World is contact with Monopol and I met their director the day before yesterday. They have a strict sound restriction and no parties after 10pm, so probably won't work.


Bee Fri 20 Aug 2021 9:21PM

Heya! I was just thinking to start a similar thread today hehe! I would be happy to help organise in some way.

I have a suggestion for a place but no clue for the pricing etc - a very cool and large venue with indoor and outdoor spaces (hello fire show/pit).

Also this place looks epic I have never been myself but a friend shared some pics from there

Or there's also Mensch Meier which we have yet to explore ;)