DREAMERS LOOKING FOR DREAM GUIDES AKA Why you didn't get a message from a dream guide yet / Why your dream is not approved for granting yet

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Well that is probably because your dream has no guide currently. ;) Guides are supposed to get in touch with you once they chose your project.
And as for the lack of approval of your dream: Guides are the ones who approve your dream. So without a guide, there is no approval.

Ask here for status of your dream.


walto Wed 3 Apr 2019 8:25PM


Deleted User Sat 6 Apr 2019 9:23AM

Can we somehow streamline approval process?


Alina, also known as Universe Mon 8 Apr 2019 3:16PM

Hello! I just created a thread on this - but now I see I need to inquire here. I would like to get Granting Enabled for my dream please. Does anyone have time to be my Guide? <3 I'm a well behaved dreamer that keeps ALL receipts and loves LNT :p


Benjamin Föckersperger Fri 12 Apr 2019 10:11AM

Hi guys, we have trouble finding the right person to approve or at least speak to our guide. :) Saskia handed us to Mareike handed us to Joice. We created the dream a week ago and granting is still disbled. What can we do to?


edward mccaughan Sun 21 Apr 2019 10:03AM

Hi! I put up a couple of dreams about a week ago, but they're still in disabled for granting and there's only a week left for voting, is there anything left I need to do to get them approved?


Toma Susi Mon 22 Apr 2019 5:04AM

The Austrian burners submitted our dream a bit late, it is now online at:

Could some sweet soul guide it to enable granting? Thank you!


Øystein Wed 24 Apr 2019 4:05PM

with only 5 days left to vote, I'm hoping someone can enable my art project?


Laurence Cuthbertson Sun 28 Apr 2019 11:13AM

Hello Everyone!!

Hoping I can find a guide for my communal dream before it's too late!



Saskia Mon 29 Apr 2019 1:24PM

@laurencecuthbertso - looking at your budget right now. we could lower the minimum - also to make successful funding more likely. If you only get minimum funding, wood and material are more important to get and an announcement could be made that people can bring their own oil and Fluor?

Regarding transport: do you put the shipping costs of the wood to the side as ‚transport’?
if something gets ordered as material I think the shipping costs can be put under material. I don’t think other dreamers divide invoices between ‚material‘ and ‚shipping‘. Transport...not entirely sure tho how others do it.

I would recomment pushing consumable costs down a bit tho. I would be super fine with it being around 20% of costs. Given that This is your project and not a project of your camp.

Is there a way to have people who are involved in the project and want to use the oven, chip in for some communal bought consumables? Have you gotten in touch with Freiland about using and restoring the oven yet? Maybe we can figure that out today as well?


Toma Susi Tue 23 Apr 2019 5:41AM

I tried semi-randomly pinging Kat from the list (as she was one of the few with any comment), but unfortunately don't know others. Will check if my campmates do.

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