Fri 1 Mar 2019 7:43PM

馃 Want to join the Robot Ministry? Introduce youself here!

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馃Hello kind human! 馃

Please let us know
- who you are
- what's your motivation to join the Robot Ministry
- what are your technical skills?


Konstantin Sat 2 Mar 2019 1:42AM

Hey there! I'm mainly Backend / Data engineer, but I've been wanting to get my hands dirty with React for some time, so this would be a cool opportunity. Do you have a rough estimate of how much workload is expected? Also I could help out doing some DevOps work, which I have experience in.


Sebastian Wed 6 Mar 2019 6:19PM

Hello everyone, I've done a lot of secure architectures, development and maintenance as research assistant in uni, in private projects, self-employed ( and working as a IT security consultant for the last 5 years. Now I'm stating a business for managed services and security scanning/cert services.
I can offer to manage some services like docs ( or mail securely. Also I would love to help secure the current setup and help keeping the whole thing running smoothly.
My motivation is to help connect people and organize this Kiezburn 馃帀


Nadia Thu 11 Feb 2021 9:17PM

Hi. I鈥檓 a freelance front-end dev. Have dabbled in angular and react and api/full stack... but sadly I鈥檓 knee deep in Wordpress most of my time. All the usual suspects CSS/Html/vanillaJS/jquery can do. Would love to help, I can give you 3-4 hrs a week, if my skills can be useful . 馃お馃ぉ馃槆


Donncha Thu 1 Apr 2021 10:50PM

Hi all, nice to meet you virtually :) I'm a full-stack developer, and security researcher. I'm happy to help with any sys admin work needed, deploying infrastructure or helping with fixes to the software platforms used here, although I'm not a React or Ruby expert.


Kaliope Wed 25 Aug 2021 10:14AM

Hej mighty robots 馃敟 I'm burning shit since 2018 and would love to explore the techy side of KB more deeply... in my Berlin life, I handle comms for an internet research institute. In the past years I was already part of the communicorns and could imagine to create something like a connection between both areas! Before our last Burn, I already exchanged with Alejandro about Wordpress, Sendgrid and Mailchimp vs. MailPoet. If we want to get into action here, I'd be happy to support the move and migration of the data and email templates. My skills include 鈥 apart from comms and coordinating stuff 鈥 not so much the programming side, but rather nerdy design and layout (some HTML and such is already there :)) I know very well with various backends/CMS and like to pretty up the frontend. So if there is no one for the Kiez Burn website next year, I'm happy to take over.


Kris Wed 25 Aug 2021 10:55AM

Hey I'm Kris (M谩s Alex)! I only do things that are weird. Like I presented at Burning Man ELS how I thought ticketing should be confusing but joyful, or put a clickable spinning globe on every Borderland webpage that opened a map of the (Borderland) universe, or made an online WWW guide weeks before an event (in Elm - a weird and joyful language).

I've recently moved to Berlin and am currently not engaging with Borderland orga due to their consistent failure to handle abuse, so I'm looking for a new burn to be my main squeeze.

I have lots of opinions on ticketing, and am currently wondering if I want to expand on the online WWW guide concept. (Would that entail creating a non-internet connected WLAN on site and then making a suite of internal websites??? Maybe! I've been struggling with my opinions of technology at burns - and I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm pro-tech but anti-default (meaning anti The Internet)).

I hold the belief that we should be reinventing tech outside the surveillance capitalist engagement/conversion funnel world, which a lot of the time means running services because the SaaSes often just won't let you be weird enough.

I'm also burnt out and experience real physical pain and aversion when doing certain computer things.


Santiago Wed 15 Sep 2021 5:01PM

Hello, my name is Santiago, I am a Software Developer living in Berlin currently working professionally as a Backend Developer who has worked on backend, frontend, and mobile apps.

I was told about Kiez Burn very recently and I started reading a lot about the event, the history, the people, and also spent the last few weeks reading a lot of these discussions on the forums, although I have never attended this event or any other burn-like event, so I hope that next year will be my first time in one.

I also enjoy doing art either by hand like drawing and painting, or with the use of programming, like 3D printing, 2D plotting, psychedelic drawing apps, generative art, projections, etc.

I've read that there's complaints about the platforms/websites and since these are fundamental for the experience, getting information, projects, etc, I believe I can help with some development to make it better for everyone!

I have experience with these languages:

Most experience: Java, Kotlin, Swift, Perl, Python, Processing
Moderate experience: Javascript, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS
Some experience: Arduino/C, C++, Dart/Flutter

As well as video/image editing software (Photoshop, iMovie, a bit of AfterEffects, etc)

Thanks for reading!


Sebilicious Thu 3 Mar 2022 9:27AM

Hi all, I'm Seb. CTO for a HealthTech startup here in Berlin (4 years and counting)

Prior to this, I've worked in basically every industry doing everything I.T. (I was an at-risk consultant, so just got on with whatever needed to be handled; whether it was technical or managerial)

I met quite a few burners at parties over the years (at private parties, events and such) and with my time/finances now improving, have wanted to get more directly involved and contribute what I can.

I'm very activities driven (so physical stuff includes kite surfing, wake boarding, rock climbing, cycling, rollerblading, etc etc) and use tech as a tool for other hobbies (electronics/arduino/etc, music production, DJing, graphics design, 3D Printing & Modelling, 3D rendering etc)

Whilst I'm not limited to any particular tech, I have mostly used dotnet over the years, but the list of tech I have proficiency in would be a bit ridiculous to list here :)

I believe in ultimate laziness, aka AUTOMATE-ALL-THE-THINGS, and leave human time for creative/novel endeavours!

Note: It took me a while to finally register/post here as login via email appears to have been broken for at least a year now :P


Sebilicious Mon 7 Mar 2022 9:25AM

Already asking questions on the discord :) thanks for the welcome!


Henrik 馃 Sat 3 Apr 2021 8:16AM

Awesome! We need some assistance securing our VMs. Most of them are dedicated to an app running on docker compose. Would you be down to take a look?

Also: we're thinking of restructuring our infrastructure to have a single point of which forwards the request to the correct vm within a private network. I'm sure you know better what I mean.

Wanna message me on Facebook?

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