Possible Temple locations

CML Clément Marchand Le Poittevin Public Seen by 21

Hey all!

We are looking to bring the Temple to the Gelande this year, or do everything we can to make it happen at least :)

Having been on the temple team last year, I know that the only possible burning location was on top of the Mesa, therefore making it the best placement for it.

My question is, is the site exactly the same as last year, or do we have a larger space this year? (Could be interesting to have the space delimited on the map btw :) )
If so, maybe that could open up new temple burn location possibilities.

If not, we have not yet ruled out the possibility of having the temple in one place, to then move it to another one for the Burn.
Would you have in mind a space that would be outside of the main action, a relatively secluded place that would make people have to "go to the temple" rather than just walk in front of it on their way to anywhere else?

As a side note, we have not decided on the size of the temple yet, as this will be dependent on the location/regulations, our design will adapt to it.
But we are looking at something at least 5x5m on the ground.

Thank you for your inputs!


Hanna-Maija (Animal) Wed 3 Apr 2019 12:27PM

Hi Clement! I am so happy that the temples plans are moving forward! :)

The site will be exactly the same as last year. The plan is also this year to have most of the art installations on the plateau.

I don't know about the limitations of burning yet. One thing that I would like us to consider though is, that this year we a couple of hundred more people than last year and the camping/kiez spots are tight. This is why I personally would really like to see the temple, and most of other art pieces on the plateau where it's not taking space from tents.

At least last year the plateau was actually quite quiet area and out of the main action (if you don't count the disco booth) and I think with the views it makes a perfect place for a temple. It's also a great area for burning because there's enough space for everyone to gather around the fire, safely :)

What are the reasons why you wouldn't want to place it there? Could you think of buiding the temple to a spot where we can't put tents, like somewhere where the ground is too wet? This would obviously require more building. :)


walto Wed 3 Apr 2019 8:30PM

Amazing!!! I am soooo looking forward to having a temple as well!! Please make sure that the dream grant goes up a couple of days before voting @clement so you can be sure to get enough hearts on the dreams platform to fulfill your budget! :)

And btw, we have a lot of wood leftover from last year, maybe you can do something with that?