Thu 27 Oct 2022 3:46PM

Kiez Burn 2023 🔥 let's get ready!

K Kaliope Public Seen by 93

It's been a blast! What happens after our Burn Night decompression? Here is a collection of some dates and important community updates – come by, hang around with your beloved playa family and kick off Kiez Burn 2023 💛

Upcoming dates

Kick Off Kiez Burn 2023


Great opportunity to mingle, plan, dream and get your participation game on. We are looking for all of you that want to make Kiez Burn 2023 happen with us!

Kiez Burn Vision Weekend

DEC 10 AT 9:00 AM – DEC 11 AT 3:00 PM

@ soulbottles
Volkmarstr. 1-7, Berlin

It is time to sit down and get inspired. To actually talk about the pressing questions of Kiez Burn. We call the community and Vorstand to come together and create a “Long term vision for Kiez Burn”.

A new Kiez Burn e.V. board has been elected!

We might need a new location in 2023...


Kaliope Thu 27 Oct 2022 5:06PM

Only e.V. members can access this group – you should be able to ask for permission. Send a membership request :)


B r i Thu 27 Oct 2022 5:57PM

Is that right, so I have to join the eV to look?


Saskia Fri 28 Oct 2022 5:47AM

In the description of the group it says "Threads can be made public eventually if participants in the thread agree to it." - Maybe the boardi thread with the list of Boardis can be made public?

@Bri - this is the current board:

  • Franziska B. R.

  • Caroline T.

  • Clément M.

  • Sadie S.

  • David B.

  • Holger W.


Ale Fri 28 Oct 2022 6:29AM

  • Hans P.

  • Kathleen (Schatzmeisterin/Finance)


Kaliope Mon 31 Oct 2022 10:32AM

Discord & Telegram updates coming soon, @Chiaracapo & communicorns are on it 👾


Chiara Tue 1 Nov 2022 2:12PM

yess on it :) do we know where the kickoff meeting is gonna be? Mendy&Edeltraut?


Purzel Tue 1 Nov 2022 8:01PM

We haven´t decided yet whos going to handle it but I´ll flag it at the next meeting. :)


Jack Sun 30 Oct 2022 10:12PM

Hi @Kaliope thanks for posting about this! would it be possible to post the details about the vision weekend (and the kickoff) on Discord as well, or did we purposely decide to keep this only on FB and talk? Happy to post details there about it but I cant see them as a non FB user 😆


Jack Sun 30 Oct 2022 10:06PM

Hi boardies, who I can contact about my membership? I technically joined a month ago but never got confirmation... Thanks!


B r i Thu 27 Oct 2022 4:41PM

Boardi link is not available for me :/